Dexter Goes To College | Robot Chicken | adult swim

Dexter Goes To College | Robot Chicken | adult swim

Man #3:
So, Dexter, tell me why you
think you’re M.I.T. material. Surely you are joking!
I see. Trying to justify
your salary. Well,
I was a boy genius. I built a secret laboratory
at age seven where I created
brilliant inventions. Right, but I don’t see
any extracurriculars here. Um, extracurriculars?
I’m sorry, I’m confused. Like, you know, sports,
clubs, student council, a single kiss
from a girl. I can clone
human beings. I’ve made a time machine
and a time expansion helmet. So no extracurriculars? [ Groans angrily ]
I’ll show you extracurriculars. [ Laughs ] ♪♪ Dexter, Dexter,
guess what?! I got into M. I. T.,
Harvard, and Yale because I’m so
well-rounded! What were the last two? Harvard and Yale! Harvard and Yale.
[ Laughs ]

100 thoughts on “Dexter Goes To College | Robot Chicken | adult swim

  1. … Okay, see a lot of people talking about how Colleges are stupid and wrong for not letting gifted people in without extra curricular but uh… Dexter kinda illustrates why they're right to not let him in, by being a dangerous sociopath. Like, the whole point of extra curriculars is to prove you're capable of functioning as a human being. No one gives the slightest shit how smart you are, if you can't communicate or be relied on.

  2. My favourite part is when Dexter nonchalantly pushes the bottled MIT off the workbench. Some amazing satirical commentary, all completely in character.

  3. It's not even a joke. It's easier to get into Harvard and Yale if you were the bottom percentile than if you were the top percentile. For some reason they really want poor and stupid people to graduate, probably because it's easier to manipulate them in the workspace.

  4. Is this like the only Robot Chicken skit that doesn’t have cursing and could actually be considered not for just adults? 😂

  5. Really never understood extra curricular stuff was seen as being so important. If I'm smart enough to goddamn be here, and actually excel here, then who gives a fuck if I joined a few clubs or not? Intelligence should be ALL that matters.

  6. These schools use this extracurricular crap because East Asians and South Asians started kicking white kids' asses in academics.

  7. LMAO OMG!… I love how, even Adult Swim has caught on to the Politics of Communit y Colleges & Universities! Knowing that it's all about the pieces of paper & getting kiss ed by a girl😂😂😂😔No wonder the Nerds haven't taken over yet!

  8. Collage is really just a waste of time for someone as smart as he is, why does he need to learn anything from collage, nothing but a bad influence

  9. i find it funny how you nerd argue that extracurricular aren't important. it's not the point. the point is smart isn't enough of one trait to be successful. you have to also be sociable and learn how to navigate the world around you. there are other intelligence rather then just bookworm.

  10. Huh. You know dexter did go to college at one point in the series and burned out since he wasn't able to balance out the study/party times.

  11. well building robots, a full laboratory, and having an IQ similar to Albert Einstein at birth would get him into any college with full scholarship

  12. Colleges have become clubs and the interviewers are bouncers out front under the directive to let in only the most "rounded" applicants. This way new college hopefuls have a greater desire to get in when they look at all the potential easy sex and "life experience" available behind the door and velvet ropes. Being intelligent is nice but ironically, University isn't as cool a part of culture when it's just for smart people.
    The modern appeal of college/business model:
    more fun + more "experiences" + less student responsibility = more students believing it is necessary/more $$$ for Universities (which is currently largely funded by the tax payers). Thus, the more "fun" college stays, the less likely they will ever lose demand for their limited quantity of available spots and tuition is justifiably raised higher until the colleges expand and the cash flow repeats.
    Modern Education (if Non-STEM): conformity by Degrees…

    Have a great day!

  13. we're definitely one step closer to a Jimmy Nuetron sketch on Robot Chicken where the real reason his cranium is large is because of a brain tumor he has.

  14. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I strongly disagree with a lot of the comments here. I don't believe that studying and getting good grades should be enough for these ivy leagues (although dexter should have gotten in undoubtedly).

  15. so much for Dexter being some genius, he should've known that they couldn't/wouldn't take him because of the extra curriculum

  16. Hate this idea of extra curricular activities for certain college just put what required for the field for eg sport u do need some background in it so on so forth

  17. Proof that college is a joke. Why let in the geniuses when you could let in the more "well rounded" people to make it look like you've got a "diverse" student population.

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