Did Polish Cavalry charge at Tanks in WWII?

Thank you to the realistic free-to-play online game war thunder for sponsoring this simple history episode Start your own career as an ace tanker of world war ii by using the link in the description below and get a free premium Vehicle and three days of premium time as a bonus Did polish cavalry charge at tanks in world war ii during the invasion of Poland in 1939 It is said that Polish cavalry units charged at the German tanks with sabers and Lance’s in a desperate and foolhardy attempt to take on the metal beasts This is in fact a myth The myth goes back to September 1st 1939 during the Battle of Kranti on the first day of the invasion During this time Polish cavalry which made up 10% of its army who would use their horses for? Mobility on the battlefield to get from A to B quickly to reinforce infantry and then dismount to fight on foot near croy ante Pomeranian in northern Poland the 18th Pomeranian ilan Regiment under Colonel moustache was ordered to repel the Germans from a key railroad junction in the to hola’ Forests at all costs covering the retreat of Polish units in the area the tankettes and infantry at his disposal were left in reserve to hold their existing positions in The evening with two lancer squadrons colonel moustache saw german infantry in the clearing and decided that a surprise cavalry charge could be used All of a sudden the Polish cavalry emerged from the woods and charged with sabers and Lance’s towards the unprepared German infantry successfully dispersing them however Once the Polish cavalry occupied the clearing German armored cars moved onto their position and opened fire on the horsemen causing devastating Casualties and causing those that could to gallop for cover And will gain use Swiss jack commander of the 1st squadron who had led the charge Was killed in the fire as was Colonel moustache who tried to save him a third of the Polish horsemen were killed or wounded This would be known as the charge at CROI yachty The next day two Italian war correspondents witnessed the corpses of the mowed down Polish cavalry German tanks were now present in the area They wrote an article about how the brave Polish cavalry had charged at German tanks This myth was soon used by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union for propaganda purposes to portray their polish Enemy as using outdated tactics and its commanders as foolishly wasting the lives of their men They also used the charge as a way to show the might of their own weapons For example, the German press suggested that the Polish cavalry believed the German tanks were dummy tanks or were lightly armored the Polish army while lacking in tanks had the WZ 35 anti-tank rifle which was capable of penetrating the armor of German Panzers ones and twos As well as this the German and Soviet armies used cavalry to a large extent as well Following the charge at Crotty there were further Polish cavalry charges during the Polish September campaign and beyond With a last polish cavalry charge of world war ii during the Battle of shun Feld in 1945 Jump in the turret of a Panzer tank in war thunder war Thunder is a free-to-play military online game available on PC PlayStation 4 and Xbox one We play it on PC as the user names simple history The game has a choice of over 1,000 realistic tanks aircrafts and ships Which you can use to fight in epic battles with tens of thousands of players from all over the world use the link in the description below to register and get a free premium tank our aircraft and three days of premium account time as a bonus

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