DINOSAUR EGG hidden in our backyard!! Adley and Dad after work routine

– Do you guys think
Adley can jump over me? (drum bangs) (laughter) That was so scary!
(Adley babbles, giggles) – I’m on my belly!
– [Dad] You are! – (Adley yells) – Hi, everybody! – Hi, everybody! – Did you have a good day? – Yeah. – What’d you do? – I played with Nana, family. – Awww. Oh, and we filmed a Princess
Adley video this morning! – Yeah! – Was that fun? – No, Nick filmed it! – Yeah, Nick filmed it. It’ll be out soon, so we’ll
link it in this video. (kiss) I just wanna love you
’cause I missed you all day! – I got– – So here’s my question. – I gotta fix my shoe. – Guys, look, her shoes match her pajamas. Hiya! Pretty cool, huh? And she has this cute little hood, hiya! Okay, so here’s my
question, are you ready? – I don’t wanna right now. – You don’t want a question? – I don’t want my hood up! – Okay, oh, it’s really bright, ugh. Hello? – Hello? – If we could do anything
that you wanna do for the vlog, what do
you wanna do right now? – I’m gonna go outside and play! – Go outside to play? It’s still sunny, should we? – Yeah! – What do you wanna do outside? – Let’s go for a walk! – A walk? – Yeah. – Maybe the horses are there! I don’t know if the horses are there, let’s not bring carrots. Let’s just go investigate
first and see if they’re there. What do you wanna ride? A one-wheel, or a scooter, or your bike? – I like to ride my scooter! – [Dad] All right, let’s do it. – Daddy, I got my scooter! – [Dad] Good job! I’m gonna skateboard. (Adley and dad scream) Watch out! Think I can do a trick, first try? – Yeah! – [Cameraman] First try, no warmup. – [Dad] I did it! – Ooh. – Good job, you haven’t
scootered all winter, huh? This is your first time. This was a good idea! (dad and Adley scream) Don’t crash! Do you guys remember
when we used to go see the horsies all the time? It was Adley’s favorite thing. – Daddy, wait for me! – [Dad] I’m waiting, come on! – Whoa! – [Dad] Oh yeah! – Go on this bump! – [Dad] No, not on the bump, whoa! I’m goin’ on the bump, whoa! I did it! – Yeah! – Ooh, one foot! I love you! That was a cool trick, huh? Look how fast her legs are! Oh, no, I forgot, they built a fence! In the middle of the
winter, they built a fence. And we’re like, no, the horsies! I don’t think they can come over ’cause there’s a horse fence,
and then a people fence. We’ve been separated. – ♪ You gotta keep em separated ♪ – [Dad] No more horsies. – Look at that big water puddle. – [Dad] Don’t step in it! Oh, Adley, your scooter! Your scooter’s going in, Adley! I got it! – I got it! – [Dad] Adley, I got an idea. Should I try and jump from our house, over to the neighbor’s
house, over the grass? – Yeah! – [Dad] You wanna vlog it? – Yep! – [Dad] Okay. – [Adley] My hands are cold, guys. – Oh, your hands are cold? (laughs) Okay, I’m gonna
jump back, get ready! – [Adley] Get ready! – [Dad] Here, look this
way, are you ready? – [Adley] Okay! – Okay, you ready? – [Adley] Yep! – [Dad] Did you get it? – [Adley] Yep! – Good job, high five! – Now let’s go to the skate park. – [Dad] Oh, we’re gonna
go to the skate park now? – I need to get my skateboard. – I think you pushed some buttons, crazy. Think how cool that’s gonna be, Adley’s gonna be my filmer. When we wanna go skate,
she can just come and film. Actually, sike, Adley’s
not gonna be filming me. I’m gonna be filming Adley, ’cause you’re an awesome skateboarder! Are you gonna be good at skateboarding? – Yep. – [Dad] Hi, doggies! Are you guys excited for summer? – [Adley] Daddy, guess what? – Her first time in the backyard! Oh, no, it’s wet. – We can still skateboard. – [Dad] You’re a true skateboarder, you’re gonna skateboard even in the wet? – Yup! – [Dad] Okay, let’s go. – Will you help me? – [Dad] Yeah, I’ll help you. – I’ll do the slide! – (laughs) Let’s do it right here. Okay, come on! – Watch, dad, I can’t
even get up (screams). – (laughs) Spread out your feet, good job, put them on the screws, okay, here we go. Good job! (exciting electronic music) – Whoa! Woo-hoo! Good job! – Your turn, dad! – My turn? Pause, don’t need to leave a comment. Adley’s definitely gonna wear a helmet all summer while she skateboards, always. That was just kinda in the moment, I was holding onto her,
wouldn’t have let her fall, so don’t worry about it, love her guts, she’ll wear a helmet. She has the cute little
Hello Kitty helmet. She has the cute little
Hello Kitty helmet. Anyways, back to the vlog. Let’s see if I can do a trick. Whoa! – (laughs) It fell in the water! – Sorry, vlog. – Vlog, are you okay? – [Dad] I think they’re okay,
they’re just a little blurry. I think it’s fixed. Okay, what do you wanna do now? – I want to skateboard one more time! – [Dad] Let’s go! – Okay, watch this, guys,
it can go by itself. – [Dad] Oh, don’t get in the water! Phew, that was a close one. – Whee! Come back here, skateboard! Watch this. – [Dad] No, not in the water! No, (screams) Oh, boy. – I did it. Another round! Hey, which one is mine? Oh, here it is. – [Dad] No, oh boy, now it’s stuck. I’ve got an idea. You have to jump on it, and ride it out. Ready? You gotta jump on it. (yells) You almost got wet! – Daddy, let’s skateboard now. – [Dad] Okay, we gotta dry it off. You don’t want it to be
slippery, if it’s wet, it’s slippery, and you’ll
fall, like dad did. – You hurt on your belly. (Adley babbles and screams) – This skate park is gonna be so much fun! I’m so excited to use this
skate park all summer. Okay, what do you do? – I find the screws! – Are you on the screws? – Yep! – Balance, whoa, good job! – I’m doing it! – You are doin’ it! What, you did a trick?! What the heck?! No tricks ’till you’re older, you crazy! – Mark, I did a trick! – [Dad] Here, I’ll help you out, grab it! (Adley yells) Climb! (Adley laughs) Climb! Good job, what should we do now? – Let’s go on the trampoline! – What? – I’m gonna jump over you, whoa! I’m gonna jump over you again! – No, crack the egg! – Crack the egg? All right, let’s see if
we can crack this egg. Adley, this is a pretty fun vlog, just hangin’ out, playin’. Adley’s idea to hang out
outside was the best idea ever. (Adley yells) I’m gonna crack ya! (Adley laughs) (dad and Adley laugh) Whoa, I did a cartwheel over you! Whoop, ow my wrist! I forgot my wrist still hurts. Do you guys think Adley can jump over me? (laughs) That was so scary! – Hiya! – Whoa! Be careful! (laughs) That was so scary. – Let’s play Dead Man. – Dead Man? – Yeah! – Okay. – Dead man, dead man, come
alive when I count to five. One, two, five! (dad yells) Come alive! (Adley screams) (gentle music) – Three, four, five! – Gotcha! – What should we do now? – Let’s go to the splash pad! And we can film a video
where we throw rocks. – If you want some rock-throwing, you came to the right place. – But, mom you c– – [Dad] Whoa, whoa, whoa, I’m not mom! – Dad, you can’t pick rocks right here. – [Dad] Yeah, not those
ones, just these ones. – The floor’s lava. – [Dad] Oh, no, the rock floor’s lava? – But only we can step on the big ones. – [Dad] Oh, gotcha. – (yells) I’m almost in the lava! – [Dad] Careful. That one’s for me, and that one’s for you. – Just one more! – [Dad] Ooh, that’s a good one. Where are we gonna throw ’em, over there? – Mommy said we can’t throw
them in the black one. – [Dad] Oh, not in the black
ones, just in the white ones? – Yeah. – [Dad] Good job, you’re such a good girl! Thanks for listening. This one? – Wait, I wanna get a big one for you. Whee. – [Dad] What one are you
gonna get, a big one? – Oh, my. – [Dad] That’s a big one! – Oh, this is so, so big! Here, dad. – [Dad] Whoa, yikes! That’s a big one! – It looks like an egg. – [Dad] A dinosaur egg! Hey, let’s throw ’em, come on. – I know, I only have to get one more. – [Dad] We have lots! – There’s a rock! – [Dad] No, that one’s too big. Okay, let’s do it, whoa! What’s this one? – A baby dinosaur egg, like tiny. – [Dad] (laughs) And what’s this one? – And a big daddy one! – [Dad] A big daddy dinosaur egg? – And the mommy. – [Dad] And the mommy dinosaur egg? What one do you wanna throw? – The daddy egg! He’s gonna crack out, maybe. – [Dad] No! What if there was a dinosaur inside? – Yeah, a real dinosaur. – [Dad] Okay, let’s go. I’ll throw the mommy one,
and you throw the daddy one. – But, we’re gonna do one of a time. – [Dad] Okay, one at a time. – Oops! – [Dad] (laughs) we’ll have to go get it. – Okay, let’s throw the kid egg. – Let’s see. Oops! (laughs) Okay, you film, I wanna throw one. Throw the mommy dinosaur egg, ready? – [Adley] I’m gonna throw, I gotta do it. – Okay, good luck, whoa! Okay, I’ll get them out of the black. Hey, no rocks in the black! Adley almost broke the
camera, sorry, guys. – Sorry guys, look at me! – [Dad] You’re crazy! I’m gonna turn on the water,
and then we’ll squirt you! – No! That has a thing on it. – [Dad] Yeah, it’s winter so
you can’t turn on the water. In the summer, we’ll push this button, and then what happens? – The water comes out! (screams) – (laughs) All right, are we done? Should we go back inside? – Let’s still play. Let’s go jump on the trampoline more. – [Dad] Yo, do you wanna end the vlog? Hey! – What? – [Dad] I’m gonna make you end it! – No, stop! – [Dad] End it, you have to end the vlog! (Adley laughs and screams) You have to end the vlog! (Adley screams) You have to end it, I’m
not gonna let you escape! – Close your eyes. – [Dad] No, you’re gonna end the vlog. – No, close your eyes! – Closing ’em. – Okay, say me end the vlog! – Hey, end the vlog! What are you doin’? (laughs) Tricked ya! (laughs) – Close your eyes again. – [Dad] Okay. (Adley yells) Can I open them? – Nope! – [Dad] Can I open them? – No! Now you can! – Hey, get back here, you
gotta end the vlog, hey! Whoa! (dad growls) – Thanks for watching, bye! – [Dad] Bye! – You really thought we
were gonna end a vlog without Niko and Jenny? No way! Where’s mom? (mom growls and laughs) – Get you, I’m gonna get
you! (mom and baby scream) – [Dad] He loves that. Where’s mom? – [Adley] Daddy, help! – Watch this. (mom growls and laughs) (baby screams) – You’re so funny! – [Dad] Niko, come over here
and end the vlog, come on! – I got it! – Come end the vlog! No, no, it’s Niko’s turn. End the vlog, no, no! The real end of the vlog! Okay, you can do it. Come on now, you really
thought we’d end the vlog without taking a pizza
Friday at the Space Station? No way, let’s go. Pasta on pizza was introduced
to me by these gentlemen. These are the founders of
pizza Friday right here, in charge of all this pizza. – [Brandon] The founding fathers. – [Dad] And you’ll notice we’re having a little Brawl Stars
tournament after pizza Friday. – Oh, I’ve never played
it, so I lose. (laughs) – [Dad] You’ll get good at it, boys. Now, there’s gonna be a pizza
Friday friendly tournament – If it was eating pizza,
I would win hands down. – [Dad] You wanna have
a eating pizza contest? – [Male] It probably wouldn’t be good. – You got something to
say, say it to my face! – [Dad] Hey, quit working
hard and come play! Marcus is the only one working. – Oh, I thought Nick was up here. (laughs) – I have a feeling
you’re not playing right. – Here’s how it’s going down,
everyone against everyone, last one standing gets two points, the second to last one
standing gets one point, after, I don’t know, six or 10 games, we’ll see who has the most points, and they get the money that
was on the pizza table. Let’s go. – Want in? (background voices drown out other sounds) – [Dad] Mom, we’re gonna
need you to film over here, are you appin’ as well? Coloring? – I’m coloring. – [Dad] That is mom’s participating, she’s using her coloring app! (cheers) Can you just film one round for us? (group cheering and
talking amongst themselves) – Oh, he’s (mumbles) too? – I’m hunting Brandon. (yelling and cheering) – Are you serious, dude? Oh, my gosh, Brandon! – Got em! – I was so close! – [Dad] What’s up, Spence? – Spencey, I believe. – [Dad] What’s good, boy? – Oh, there’s someone’s– – No! (yells) – [Dad] Careful, Spencey– (cheers) – [Dad] This is the man that defeated me. – No! Jacks was my thing the whole game. – Go, go, go, go, go, go, go. – Jacks (yells) – Come on! – Look at those. – Alex versus Brandon, you saw it. (cheers) – Come on, come on, come on! (cheers) – I was so close, Brian. – And the winner is Brandon! (cheers) In second place, we have Alex! (cheers) And in third place, Spencer! Add that to your collection
by your other 100 dollar bill. (cheers) – Winner! (cheers) All right, back to work. Officially the end of the vlog now. Yo, so this vlog started
out sunny, and playing in the backyard, and look how it ended. Look at those giant
snowflakes, that’s insane! It’s like angels are throwing
giant snowballs down on us. Look at those big black
snowflakes, oh my gosh! I know I’ve ended the
vlog like four times, but I had to show you the snow. I live in Utah, I’ve
never seen snow this big. Look at the flake size,
those are big flakes! (electronic music) – We’re gonna throw the daddy egg. (dinosaur growls) (laughs)

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