DIY Circle Skirt Dress (aka Skater Dress)

DIY Circle Skirt Dress (aka Skater Dress)

[ Intro music ] Hello, and welcome to my new Youtube channel,
where today I will be sharing how to make your very own dress. [ Music plays ] And that’s it! Thank you so much for watching, and if you’d like, then subscribe to my youtube channel. I know only have one video up so far, but if enough people are enjoying them them then I might feel obligated to make a
few more. Have a great day! Bye! [ Outro music ]

100 thoughts on “DIY Circle Skirt Dress (aka Skater Dress)

  1. is this considered making your own pattern from scratch? i have ALWAYS wanted to make my own dress… i am dying to make a square neck, fitted bodice empire waisted babydoll 60/70s dress.

  2. I love this video to the moon and back but, I feel as if you and I have a healthy obsession with tea-related objects!! #KeepBeingYou

    BTW Mute the background music, haters!!

  3. Hi Annika! I know this is an old video, but I've recently started sewing and your channel has been a huge help. I now want to make a dress, but I was wondering if I could attach sleeves to this? I have found a video that shows me how to draft a perfectly fitted sleeve to my measurements (just a basic sleeve really) and I was wondering whether that would fit the armhole of this dress.. I hope you reply:) Anyways thanks for your clear, helpful videos!

  4. I know you probably don't check the comments on this video anymore, but I thought I'd try anyway..would it be possible to make a circle skirt dress like this, only with elastic in the waist? Or would that be a completely different pattern?

  5. I love the fabric you picked. Also, I think this is great for a first video. I see it's been 3 since then, so I'm excited to see your newer videos.

  6. I feel pretty dumb but the part drawing the pattern out confuses me, I don't understand how to figure out where to put certain lines. Can't remember if she has another video explaining patterning so it's time to search!

  7. Soo.. made the dress (my first project ever) 😀 but due to my choice in material I needed to create a lining which ended up being more of an under skirt to give it flare.. (had no idea of what I was doing) and well I failed the bodice.. it kept punching in the middle so had to turn it into a halter neck and well.. let's say I should keep trying. However I did wear it to a wedding.. and no one knew it was home made. Win 😁

  8. Could you make a similar dress but instead use the asymmetrical skirt pattern from your other video? (The circle square video)

  9. okay okay. baby annika.. im going to do this dress as my first ever clothing sewing piece. im excited but nervous! i really wanted to do a small sewing course at tafe but i couldn’t do two courses at once without forking our a bunch of money, and the sewing course was a second thought. so i’m on my own! wish me luck!!

  10. Awe.. baby Annika

    Wait. Baby Annika kinda looks like an old bully that I had but in adult version..

    The bully was pretty :/

  11. I can not believe how amazing this is! I am a beginner sewer and every time I searched for a tutorial on a skater dress it seemed too complicated until I found your video! You explained everything so perfectly and I cannot thank you enough!

  12. I love the choice of music…it is somewhat nastolgic to me……O was happy during the video and I enjoyed watching you make this……keep up the good work…..😘😘😘😘😘

  13. I think it’s safe for me to say that this is one of the most precise, helpful and follow-along-friendly tutorial I have ever come across. I had soo many questions during the process of making (a slightly different version of) this, and almost all of these questions could be answered by rewatching parts of this video 😀

    I am just going to write down some of the problems I encountered, maybe they will help others new to diy-ing (like some of your comments helped me :)):

    – If you use stretchy fabric and don’t plan on adding a zipper or buttons etc.: Use either a stretchy thread to sew around the waistband (when adding skirt and top part) or sew with a zig-zag stitch (it stretches a bit )… my top and skirt fit perfectly, until I put it all together and could no longer get it over my shoulders…^^ (solution of course: I had to add a zipper after all)

    – If you have to make larger darts at the „bottom“ of the top half of the dress (due to bigger bra size), keep in mind that your pattern becomes skewed! Meaning: The first time I cut my pattern out, I didn´t account for this and drew rather precise under-the-shoulder lines. After adding darts, the fabric part that was supposed to be right under my upper arm had moved about 5 cm downwards. So, if you need to add big darts, I suggest not making your armhole that large and rather cutting away at it later.

    – as some already suggested, if you have a bigger bra size, you’ll might have to add side darts as well (yes, possibly multiple :,))

    I wish all of you who want to follow this tutorial good luck! 🙂 This was the first piece of clothing I ever made, and it turned out better than I would have ever dreamed (I can wear it outside…), mostly because of this great video guide… and because it is perfectly fitted to my body, it is the most comfortable thing! So, trying this is really worth it 🙂

  14. I didn't realize that this was your first youtube video until I clicked on it. Crazy idea: would you consider revisiting this dress and, using the pattern making video that just came out, make it again? Kinda like a "see how I've improved" video. Just an idea, but I think it would turn out awesome!

  15. Thank you so much for this. I’m making Halloween costumes for me and my other two bffs and the base of the costume is a plain pink skater dress. We tried to find some online but they were either way too expensive or had a print and was not the right color. So this is perfect.

  16. I love that this was so early on in your youtubing, and that the great algorithm decided today that it wanted me to see it. This is still such a great technique, but as we all have over time….I can tell how much your comfort in front of the camera, video editing, and visual storytelling have improved. Love this tutorial-may have to make one myself eventually. =^.^= (the dress, not the tutorial.)

  17. hi I don't get the part when you trace ur measurements onto the newspaper. how do you know how wide it has to be? do you only measure it from the front?

  18. So, I get this is an old video. But I wanted to share some tips and tweaks that I did to this pattern that worked for me. I am very heavy chested (40DD) but I have a smaller waist and a plump posterior. Not very proportional😅. I essentially did the same things as Annika with making the top. I put darts in the front as she had them, cut out the back pieces the same way too. However, the part where she says to take in the seams connecting the back pieces to the front in until it fits the waistband, simply moving in the seam took too much space away from my armholes. Instead, at that same seam, I put a dart; it brought in the bottom hem so that it would fit along the waistband while giving it a nice smooth finish under the armholes. I did this on both sides and got a great result. Also, when I brought in the skirt; I simply pinched and folded over my extra fabric, then sewed along the top, so that I could keep the wonderful fullness of the circle skirt. I hope I was able to help the well endowed humans a bit! And remember, clothes are meant to cover the body, just because they may not do their job doesn’t mean your body is the problem!

  19. Thank you! You've made me not afraid to try sewing my very first dress.
    I am so excited! The only difference to the dress I will make is it will be hand sewn.👵

  20. Good recovery call in cutting the directional fabric in 4 pieces. Its best to place pattern or draft circle in the center width of 2 fold fabric to maintain the direction of the print instead of at the corner cutting at an angle. I happened upon this after cutting plaid flannel for a pleated skirt which was too bulky, then changed to a gathered skirt which was also still too thick under the waistband. I, then, cut the 3 yard strip into a 2-piece circle to fix my mistake. In cutting cotton flannel in a crosswise grain, it is best to hang the skirt overnight to allow it to drop before hemming as well as use a blind hem …

  21. Wow I was going back to this video for the actual tutorial. I believe I've been watch you since you made this and I never realised how much your content has changed!!!! I love all your work.

  22. Thanks for this easy detailed tutorial! I am going to find some holiday fabric on sale and make a pretty office / party dress for next year 👍😙

  23. just stumbled across this in 2019; this was the first video of yours I watched and subscribed afterwards- how time flies!

  24. i will use this tutorial over and over and over again. i seen this a long long time ago, but still kept looking for other tutorials, but i dont know why, because im back at this one and this explains everything i need to know, accept seam allowance, but i just read ur description box about that. thankfully i think i can figure that out :). thanks again 🙂

  25. You're amazing! I've been watching tutorials for weeks and yours is by far the best! I just made this dress and added sleeves! I love it! Thank you so much

  26. Thank you so much! I was feeling so disheartened after buying my fabric and finding I couldn't follow any instructions, but this is such a great simple video – I can't wait to get started!

  27. Ahhh thank you so much! I want to make Zelda's dress from Skyward Sword, so this is super helpful! ❤️

  28. Gotta say this was so easy to watch and it all made sense and was so clear. I'm gonna give it a go soon.
    Also the music was awesome. I usually find tutorial background music jarring but yours was brill. Gave me end boss realness.
    Well done!

  29. Between this video and a few other nice dress and skirt tutorials, I think I am finally armed with enough information to make a Jaws themed dress! …if I can just find the time…

    But seriously, this video is super helpful, thank you for making it!

  30. 5 1/2 years later, I’m coming back to this video to create a dress for my next cosplay! Very first piece of clothing, first big project of mine since 2012. Thank you, Annika!

  31. Definitely going to try this to make a Loki inspired dress! Will let you know how it comes out.

    (EDIT) I made a practice dress for my sister and it didn't come out well for the top. It was too tight, the armhole was too small and the back barely closed. I even followed all the measurements in the intro. I don't have the lining to make the trace to cut out the shapes so I probably went wrong there. This took me all day and I now have to redo EVERYTHING for the top tomorrow.

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