DIY Night Routine Life Hacks! 30 DIY Hacks – DIY Makeup, Healthy Recipes & Room Decor

DIY Night Routine Life Hacks! 30 DIY Hacks – DIY Makeup, Healthy Recipes & Room Decor

In today’s video I’m going to take you through
my evening routine plus I’ll show you more than 30 epic life hacks and DIYs that will
blow your mind! Check them out! Hey guys! Today I’m sharing with you my hands down most
requested video ever, which is the night routine. And I’m not just going to show you what I
typically do in the evenings and before going to bed, I also included more than 30 amazing
life hacks and DIYs that will change your life for sure. So make sure you’re subscribed to my channel
and let’s get started. Here I am – on my way home, burning my fingers
with the cup of tea I just picked up. Luckily there’s a great hack to save us! – Let’s make a mug cozy! Cut the top part of your sock like this and
simply slide it on your cup. This won’t just protect your fingers from
burning, it will also keep your coffee, tea or hot chocolate warm for much longer. On top of that mug cozies look so pretty and
feel super snugly. They make any hot drink 100% more cozy and
enjoyable, trust me. OK let’s continue our way home! Oh, just got to take care of that shoelace
first. There we go, come on now, it’s getting late. Argh, stupid shoe-laces! They just won’t cooperate today. This hack is pretty straightforward and I’ve
been using it for years. All you have to do is to tie them twice. Here’s how I tie my shoes normally, making
a lovely bow. Now take the two loops and tie them again. Voila! The shoelaces will never get untied by themselves
again, guaranteed! Finally I am home! Well almost… I just have to find the right annoying key
to unlock the door. Instead of losing precious time testing all
100 keys to see which is the right one, try this hack! Take a bunch of nail polish in different colors. Apply one or two layers of nail polish on
the wider part – that’s where you hold the key. Here I chose pink. If you want to make your colored keys extra
special you can also apply a layer of glitter polish on top. I’m using a chunky silver glitter polish to
give some sparkle to the key! Try to use very different, contrasting colors
for different keys so that it is easier to distinguish them. It looks especially gorgeous if you apply
the glitter over a darker color, because of the contrast it just pops so much more! Here I went for orange and I also applied
a layer of confetti polish on top. This hack is so useful because now you can
distinguish your keys straight away. But besides being super practical I think
the keys also look absolutely stunning. Especially the glittery and confetti ones
are so pretty! I can’t believe I lived so many years with
boring keys, when it’s so easy to DIY the most beautiful keys in the world. This DIY life hack is pure genius – you
need to try it out! The first thing that I do as soon as I get
home is put on comfy clothes! Literally the second I step through that door
it’s like jeans off, everything else can wait. Today I’m wearing a soft cotton shirt and
some sweat pant overalls! Super snugly. For my dinner I decided to put together a
delicious kale salad. Kale is very tasty and extremely healthy but
if you don’t prep it the right way it can be stringy and hard to chew. The trick is to use a bit of oil and massage
it. Just scrunch and squeeze your kale 3 or 4
times and it will get all soft, juicy and yummy! Let’s also add some cherry tomatoes – I
showed you this hack with plates in my morning routine and as you can see it doesn’t only
work with grapes. It’s a great way to cut your tomatoes as well! Just one swipe and you have perfect tomato
halves. Next time you are buying avocados make sure
to check under the stem. If that part looks dark and browny – stay
away from it! If the part under the stem is bright and green
you know the avocado is creamy and green on the inside as well! How many times have you bought a nicely looking
avocado, but when you cut it you found that it’s all brown and slimy? I’ve been there a few times but it’s not happening
again! I like to season my salad with lemon juice. Always roll the lemon before cutting it. Now you can simply squeeze it or even better
– check out this epic life hack. Stick the sprayer into your lemon and you
are ready to season your salad. This hack is just so cool and it really works
amazing. You can use it on your salad, fruit or you
can even spray some lemon into a glass of water to give it a better taste! You can have your lemon spray ready in the
fridge and it will last you for quite a few days! Time to dig into this yummy salad! I normally eat a bigger cooked meal for lunch,
while for dinner I really love making something lighter. To be honest I’m eating all the time throughout
the day. Literally every two hours I get myself a snack
like a fruit, handful of nuts or a cereal bar. OK, next hack is quite hilarious but very
helpful when an eyelash or something falls into your eye and you can’t get it out. Just take a bucket full of water and dip
your face in. Blink a few times and voila! The eyelash that was stuck in my eye got flushed
right away. But sadly – so did my makeup!!! And since I’m going to the gym later, I’m
going to show you my best DIY waterproof makeup hacks. First off, use a waterproof concealer only
where you need it instead of applying foundation allover the face. Foundation can start melting when you’re sweating,
but the waterproof concealer will stay put for sure! A great hack to make your eyeshadow waterproof is by using eyedrops! Drip a drop of that liquid on the brush to
make it damp. Load the brush with eyeshadow and apply on
the lids as usual. The eyeshadow will have a much better payoff
plus it will get kind of a tattoo effect, making it way more long lasting. Check out how well this hack works with a
blue eyeshadow. Look at this difference, it’s insane! If you don’t have a waterproof mascara, don’t
stress out. Apply your normal mascara as you usually would. Then take a hairspray, close your eyes – that’s
very important and lightly spray towards your lashes. Alternatively you can spray some hair spray
on a brow brush and simply coat your lashes with it. You can also use it to put your brows in place
like that. Now let’s make our own DIY waterproof liner! Take your waterproof eyeshadow primer and
put a drop of product on the back of your hand or into a little pot. Grab food coloring and mix it with the primer. I love this hack because it allows you to
create an eyeliner in any possible color – I went for blue. Take an eyeliner brush and get that cat eye
done! Food coloring is seriously such an epic ingredient
for DIY Makeup, because it is so potent and waterproof. Check out this crazy awesome eyeliner! I Love it! Lastly we’re going to make a DIY lip and cheek
stain. Mix some face primer with – surprise, surprise
– a drop of red food coloring. Dip your finger into that mixture and apply
it on the lips. You’ll get an instant waterproof lip tattoo. Do the same on the cheeks to give them a nice
rosy flush. Just blend well and we’re off to the gym! I don’t usually wear makeup when I work out,
but these tips are great for whenever you want your makeup to be extra long lasting. Whether you’re having a sports day at school,
pool party or if you just live in a warmer, humid climate. OK, what?! Tell me that didn’t just happen?! Great just great! Why me!? I hate everything! OK, calm down. All we need is some WD 40! If you get a gum stuck on your shoe all you
got to do is spray it with some WD 40 and it will get right off. No need to stress out because there’s a life
hack to all the problems! Lately I’ve been trying to work out at least
5 days per week and I’ve actually really started to enjoy it. I like to do 30 to 40 minute HIIT workouts
first thing in the morning, while in the afternoon I prefer going for a walk, hiking or cycling. But today I decided to hit the gym and I actually
really liked it! I’m totally not a professional here so I just
tried all the different machines and it resulted in a nice combination of cardio and abs workout,
which I guess is great. It’s recommended to be active at least half
an hour each day – whether this means playing and running with your dog, skating, surfing,
whatever you love. The important thing is that you are enjoying
it! That’s why I decided to jump into the pool
as well. I did a little bit of swimming back and forth
but I am not a good swimmer as you can tell! So I rather took advantage of the fact that
I was alone in the pool and had some fun. If you are trying to get more active and fit,
you have to find something that you love doing. Working out doesn’t only mean running on a
treadmill. Go to the pool with your friends, play football,
go dancing! Just get out and have fun. You’ll will feel so much better plus it’s
super healthy for you! Time to head home! Oh, it got a bit chilly outside, let’s zip
up this jacket! Ugh, seems like today it’s just not my day! Luckily WD 40 is here to save us again. If your zipper is getting stuck and is not
running smoothly, spray a bit of WD 40. There we go – the zipper works as new! Thanks to the nail polish hack I showed you
earlier, now I know straight away which key opens my front door! The first thing I do when I get back home
is head into the kitchen to get a snack. Ouch, that hurt! If your slippers are too slippery like mine,
a great hack is to apply a bit of hot glue on the soles. This will give your slippers a good grip. That’s better, I really don’t want to risk
breaking a leg! Now it’s time for food! I made these healthy bounty bars the day before
and here’s how. In a bowl put a cup of coconut cream, a cup
of shredded coconut and 2 to 3 tablespoons of honey. Mix well until all the ingredients are nicely
combined and you get an even coconut-y paste. Place the mixture on a parchment lined baking
tray and spread it allover until you have an even thin layer. Now it’s time to cut that goodness into smaller
pieces and feel free to make your bounties as big or as little as you like. When you’re done cutting, place the baking
tray into the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes so that the bars harden. Meanwhile, we can melt some chocolate using
a microwave or a double boiler! You can use any chocolate of choice, but if
you want to make your bars healthier, I suggest choosing dark chocolate. Mine is 86% kakao and I love it! Time to take our coconut bars out of the freezer! Grab the first piece and dip it in the melted
chocolate. Roll it back and forth and then place it on
a piece of parchment paper to harden. Do this with all the coconut bars. Roll them in the melted chocolate and leave
to set. You can store your healthy bounty bars in
the fridge or at room temperature and they will last you many days. Besides these delicious coconut bars I’m also
going to have a glass of rice milk. But you know when you open a fresh pack of
milk or juice and you want to pour it into a glass, more often than not milk will end
up everywhere else, just not in the glass. But there’s actually a super easy trick to
avoid all this mess. All you have to do is turn the milk or juice
around and pour it backwards like that. This way there will always be the opening
for the air to go in the bottle, while you’re smoothly pouring the milk out. That’s better, no mess at all! My bars look kinda boring… these glittery
stars will make all the difference! You won’t believe how easy they are to make. Place a toothpick onto a parchment paper. Take a glue gun and draw a star or any other
shape on one side of the toothpick. Fill the inside with hot glue as well. Next you need to take some glitter and while
the glue is still hot cover it entirely with sparkly glitter. Wait for the glue to cool down and harden
and your cake decor is all done! How gorgeous! I also had to make one using blue glitter,
because you know – glittery DIYs just make me happy. I love how easy and quick these cake decorations are to make! You can be creative and make so many different
shapes like, hearts for the valentines, numbers, letters… whatever you desire! They look so great on cupcakes, cakes or on
any type of food really. I would totally stick these into the mash
potatoes as well! We know that presentation is important so
why not. Anyhow, the bounty bars taste so delicious
plus they are completely guilt-free! I have a very sweet tooth – I need to have
something sweet every day. But I try to keep my snacks as healthy as
possible so these coconut bars are just spot on! Quick and easy to make, super tasty and good
for you! Alright, my tummy is happy now it’s time to
have a bath! I made this epic DIY bath bomb myself and
it works so well – makes your bath all colorful, glittery and bubbly. In a big bowl put 1 cup of baking soda, half
a cup of corn starch, half a cup of citric acid and half a cup of Epsom salt. Mix these ingredients together until they
are evenly combined. Add 3 table spoons of any oil of your choice,
I am using almond oil and mix again. Next distribute the mixture into separate
bowls. I’m making four different colors so I have
4 bowls. To color up your bath bomb mixtures, take
a teaspoon of water and mix in some food coloring. My first color is green. Little by little start pouring that green
water into the bowl, constantly stirring, because you don’t want it to fizz away too
much at this point. We’re saving all the baubles for our bath,
right! Here comes the best part – adding glitter! Oh yeah! You can skip it but you know – me and glitter
are practically BFFs so I definitely need it! Here I’m making the orange mixture. Mixing the orange food coloring with some
water and there it goes into the bowl. Let’s add some glitter and my orange mixture
is all ready! I also made a pink and blue bath bomb mixtures. All of these are looking fantastic so it’s
time to grab a mold. I have a heart and a bauble shaped molds and
first I’m going to use the bauble! Fill both mold halves with your colorful mixtures. I decided to go for layers of colors but you
can also pour them in randomly! Pat the mixture down really well with a spoon
or fingers. Quickly press both halves together and there
you have a gorgeous bath bomb! How beautiful it turned out with all the different
colors and sparkly glitter. I also made a heart shaped one, which looks
just as epic! Leave them to set for a day or two and then
you can take them out of the molds. You can also use silicon cupcake molds to
make your bath fizzes. Just fill them with your bath bomb mixture
and leave them to set for a day. Then you can simply pop them out of the mold
and you’re ready to enjoy the fizziest and most beautiful bath ever! Let’s pop them into a glass of water to see
how they work! Wow, so cool right! Look at all these baubles and glitter popping
on to the water surface! I absolutely love how these bath bombs turned
out! Store bought bath bombs can be so expensive
while you can make your own for way cheaper, especially if you buy the ingredients in bulk! Alright, let’s now get a real bath! My bauble bath bomb actually split in half
but that’s not a problem at all. It actually looks even better because now
we have two fizzy bombs in the tub. See how out of this world amazing it looks
under water! Wow it’s like a magical rainbow galaxy explosion! Completely mesmerizing. I seriously can’t get enough watching this,
it’s my favorite part of getting a bath honestly!I just want to quickly show you the heart bath
bomb as well. This one sank to the bottom and formed an
awesome volcano effect, making the most gorgeous baubles on the water surface. Wow, can’t get over how fascinating this is!! OK, my bath is all ready and silky smooth! To make it fun I decided to throw in a bunch
of toys! This is a major throwback! You know all the slime bath challenges and
ice bath challenges that have been going on lately… well this is a kids bath challenge! I must say it’s really fun, I should do that
more often! Oh this frog didn’t want to turn into a prince,
how rude! All jokes aside, while having a bath I like
to lit some candles. And these ones I actually made myself. Here’s how you can make your own! First we’re going to make our DIY glass stain
or paint! All you need is to mix all purpose glue with
some food coloring of choice! How simple right?! Stir these two ingredients well to get an
even colored mixture. Optionally you can also add some glitter and
since my paint is blue I decided to add a lot of blue glitter. Mix well to evenly distribute it throughout
the mixture and our glass paint is ready! I want to have a heart shape opening on my
candles so I am sticking on a heart sticker. If you want to color your entire candle, you
can of course skip this step. I am so happy that I learned a way to make
my own glass stain for so cheap! Glass paints in stores are super expensive! Where I live, they cost almost 10 dollars
for one single color! But we ain’t paying that much no, no! You can use these paints to paint any glass
decor pieces, like vase, jars, whatever you want. My candle is completely covered in blue so
I can peel off that heart sticker, like that! If the edges are not perfect, don’t stress
girl! You can clean them up with a q-tip soaked
in acetone. I also want to make a red candle, so here
I’m mixing glue with red food coloring, and pink glitter! At first your paint looks opaque, but when
it dries it actually becomes more like a stain. Here are my finished candles and I think they
look so beautiful! They provide such a cozy dimmed colored light
when they are lit. I also love how the glitter reflects the flame,
making it all sparkly and gorgeous! These candles are a perfect decoration, whether
you place them in your bathroom, living room or your night stand. While I’m in the tub I like to just relax and brainstorm some video ideas or read a book. Keeping it in line with the kids bath challenge
I decide to read a little kids story today! Also how flipping cool are these bookmarks! To make your own you need a binder clip and
some googly eyes! Apply two blobs of glue on the clip. While the glue is still hot place one googly
eye on each of the glue drops and you are done! These may just be the easiest and most epic
DIY bookmarks I’ve ever seen. They are perfect for school or reading and
will put you in a good mood whenever you see them! Reading kids’ books is such an epic way to
relax and unwind. Suddenly you forget about all your everyday
problems and you step into this lovely fantasy world. After taking a bath or a shower it’s time
to put on the coziest pajamas ever! Today I went for some over-knee socks, the
softest pajama jumper and matching shorts. To take the makeup off I’m using my DIY makeup
remover pads. Grab any kind of a jar. Fill it with cotton pads. Then take your favorite makeup remover or
micellar water and pour it into the jar, so that the cotton pads get nicely soaked. Put the lid on and you have your DIY makeup
remover pads ready. I think this hack is genius as it saves you
so much time every day, when you’re taking your makeup off. I got a very sensitive skin and store bought
makeup wipes or pads really make it irritated. So this DIY is perfect for me as I can use
my favorite makeup remover to create the DIY pads, and I know my skin will love them. After taking my makeup off I wash my face
with an oil based cleanser. Keeping my skincare routine as simple as possible
has really done wonders for my skin! Lastly, I slap on my favorite moisturizer
and I’m off! I decided to make myself some herbal tea and
let’s just talk about how flipping adorable is this panda mug! And you know what’s the best part? You can make one too! Take a plain white mug and sketch your design
on using a pencil. If you’re good at free hand drawing then feel
free to skip this step. Now take a black porcelain marker and simply
color the ears, and the eyes in black. I like to leave two white dots in each eye
to make the panda look even cuter and more anime inspired. Let’s give this baby some rosy cheeks using
a light pink marker. We should not forget about the cute little
nose and mouth either. Lastly I’m drawing a small red heart in the
bottom corner because I just love this mug so much! How easy it is to transform an inexpensive
plain mug into something so cute and unique! You can draw so many different designs for
yourself or give them as presents to your friends and family. It literally took me 5 minutes to make one
and it turned out amazing! My new favorite mug for sure! Ah, the best part of day is to cozy up on
a bed, with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. I’m adding some honey to make my tea sweeter. Did you know that if you’re stirring your
drink in circles you’re actually doing it wrong? You should stir it back and forth like that. This way the ingredients incorporate way quicker
and better. If you are impatient like me and drink your
tea, coffee or chocolate way to hot, here’s a solution to your burned tongue. Dip your tongue in some sugar and it will
relieve the pain instantly. Mm feels so nice and tastes great to! In the evenings I really like having that
ultimate me time. Sometimes I’ll edit and work on my videos,
but if not this usually means browsing the internet, watching YouTube videos and chatting
with you in the comments, while drinking my tea or chocolate. If I’m not too tired from the long day I like
to grab some nail polish and paint my nails. Today I decided to go for a beautiful frosty
blue design, perfect for this time of the year! Start by applying a base coat to all the nails
to keep them healthy and pretty. Take a creamy light blue shade and apply one
or two coats – whatever you need to get a fully opaque result. Most of the time I just keep my nails in one
solid shade, but today I decided to make them a bit more special. Dip a striper or a small paint brush in a shimmery
darker blue shade. Apply this color mostly on the tip of the
nails, making short strokes. When there’s only little color left on the
brush move up. This way you create a gradient where the color
is concentrated on the tips and fades into the light blue going up. You can even dip the brush into the shimmery
polish again and apply it only on the nail tips to really get it really opaque there. Now it’s time to take some chunky silver glitter
and apply that allover the nail. This step will really bring the design together
and make your nails look so cool and frosty. Last but not least apply a layer of a fast
drying top coat to seal the design and add that lovely shine! That’s it – the nails were so quick and
simple to make but they look gorgeous! I really like how bold and sparkly they are
– absolutely perfect for the season. You can make a design like this in any color
– all you need is a light shade, shimmery darker shade and some chunky glitter! I got to try the pink combination, I bet it
would look fantastic! OK, the nails are all done looking rather
amazing so it’s time to get ready for bed. I head to the bathroom to brush my teeth. After that I take my DIY lash serum, which
makes your lashes grow so much fuller, I’m not even kidding, it’s a magic product! To make it you have to fill half of the bottle
with castor oil, then add some vitamin B – I’m using a syringe to do that. Lastly add some almond oil into the bottle
as well and you get an awesome eyelash serum! I’ve been using this serum every night for
a month and I’m already seeing a big difference! Lashes start growing much thicker and fuller. I’ve never tried lash extensions and I find
false lashes hard to apply and pretty uncomfortable. I much prefer natural remedies like this. You can also use this serum for your eyebrows
and even the hairline! Works wonders! Before I go to bed I switch on this gorgeous
flower lamp, which surprise – surprise, I made myself. You need a cheap lamp shade, artificial flowers
and glue. This DIY is super straightforward – simply
apply a drop of glue on a lamp shade and stick on a flower. Continue doing this until you cover the entire
surface and that’s pretty much it! Why would you pay a lot of money for a fancy
lamp when you can DIY your own for cheap and it turns out that pretty?! I only paid 4 dollars for my plain lamp and
we made it look so gorgeous. Plus no store bought lamp could ever be so
special, unique and dear to your heart than something that you made with your own hands. This is why i like DIYing – It gives so
much more meaning to objects. Before falling asleep I always check my social
media and give comments and likes to all these amazing edits you guys are making! You are so talented it blows my mind! If you’re like me and sometimes have trouble
falling asleep. Try this hack: blink very fast for about 30
seconds. Tired eyes make you feel really sleepy so
by the time these 30 seconds are over you’ll already sleep like a baby. End your day with a smile, a happy thought
and a grateful heart. So I hope you guys enjoyed my night routine, which you were requesting so much for over a year. I know it took me a bit long to make it, but
only because I worked extra hard on it. So give the video a big thumbs up if you liked
it and tell me in the comments what video do you want me to film next. Thank you so much for watching guys, I’m sending
you a big virtual hug and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye! Before you fall asleep tonight think of all
the good things that happened today and keep a smile for tomorrow. Sweet dreams my loves! Bloopers

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