Do NOT buy these skates!

[Security:] Shut it down please [Matt Mickey:] Shut it down? [Security:] Yeah shut it down. Like turn it off please ♪ 5, 4, 3, 2, Lets roll! This is how we roll, this is how we roll, this is how we roll. What’s up Planet Roller Skaters! Indy Jamma Jones here today I’m hanging out with Matt Mickey from Intuition Skate Shop and We are walking into Walmart right now where we are going to try to buy some roller skates straight off the shelf Head to Venice and see if we can make them work. So, uh, let’s do it. A kid just asked if I was a Youtuber when he saw the camera. I guess I am! There’s no denying it anymore. Pretty cool place All right. So it turns out Walmart doesn’t have rollerskates. They have these like you Guys could probably just watch the commercial for these right before my episode came on. They show these on my channel all the time so uh– [Security:] Shut it down please [Matt Mickey:] Shut it down? [Security:]Yeah shut it down. Like turn it off please [Indy:] What’s up? Well, that was an epic fail Not only they not have rollerskates. But because I’m obviously a youtuber with this camera now they told us to shut it off They were kind of scary too. [laughing] They were very intimidating And like they were like dressed normal they didn’t even look like security people. They were like plain clothes Walmart guards hanging out watching for youtubers causing a ruckus can’t be filming in Walmart. So we’re gonna go to Big 5. [Matt Mickey:] Yup! The hunt is on. [Indy:] All right, so we’re at Big 5 now, we don’t have Big 5’s in Texas in Texas we have like Academy sporting goods store But the big five here on the west coast is kind of your your general sporting goods store So we’re gonna go see what they have. But this time we’re getting smarter and using an iPhone, so we’re not so obvious Let’s go. [Jazzy Lo-fi music plays in backround] [Indy:] Chicago skates. I see people with these all the time So we’re gonna see if we can make them work [Indy:] Oh yeah, this will fit. Alright let’s get them! [Indy:] Alright so we’re gonna get the Chicago skate– 50 bucks. Let’s do it! Have my Chicago skates here First impressions, the boot actually doesn’t look so bad. It might actually work for a minute But the wheels and the plate and the toe stop are like complete plastic these wheels are like a hard plastic. They’re not normal urethane. So I feel like they’re gonna be pretty rough and let’s see… They spin! So that’s good, got a little bit roll going on there Alright put em on. Give it a try! [Indy:] It said on the box of these were 50 bucks, I think I actually paid 38 for them in the end So this is definitely the cheapest skate or the lowest price skate I’ve ever worn I’m really curious to see if I’m even gonna be able to go down the street. The wheels are definitely gonna be hard So that’s gonna be a struggle– taking hard wheels on rough concrete You know be a little difficult sometimes– but I’m gonna make it work because you want to know what? Here’s the thing I was the kid that if my parents bought me $40 Chicago skates I was so pumped and I was gonna skate them until they fell apart and I would make it work no matter what– so that’s the attitude I’m going into this vid- It’s like– I’m so lucky should get these roller skates. My parents are the best/ I’ve been saving up to get some rollers skates and I’m just so stinkin’ excited to do this right now. So that’s the attitude going in with. Yeah? Okay, here we go. Wish me luck! [hard wheels against pavement] [Indy:] Woah Okay, so I can’t really push all the wheels cuz every time I try to push– any time I try to like stride, my skate slips out from under me because the wheels aren’t gripping. They’re just like it’s plastic. So I’m gonna try not to fall when I do this… The other thing I notice is that the trucks are really squirrely they’re like pulling my feet weird waves and I can’t really control it This is Christmas morning and I just got these I would be pretty pumped right now Here’s the thing that I’m scared about right now is whenever I turn my foot my boot is actually touching the wheel So like that’s gonna kill me in the bowl if I tried to carve, and I get stuck right there– no good… Honestly, I’m scared to drop into the bowl because the wheel is touching the boot Which means I can’t carve so I’m not gonna do that right now, especially during a busy session. You’d just be wasting everybody’s time [Indy:]Dude I slipped! For real. Dragging the toe stop doesn’t even help me stop, I just keep going [ Intense music] That was sketchy. I feel like if I tried to do that real hard, I would just slip right out Okay, so here’s my conclusion from skating down to Venice hanging out for a bit and then skating back is If you get these skates for Christmas, They’re enough to roll down your street and to get the feeling you’ll feel the breeze in your hair You’ll get the sparkle in your eye But if you skate and you get good and you know how to stop and you know how to turn These skates are not going to last you very long and there becomes a real question of safety. I’m slipping a lot because the wheels and the toe stop aren’t really urethane and The trucks are already really loose and I feel like I’m finding the plastic This is what the state looks like after skating for about half an hour or less probably Toe stop is hard plastic. It’s already grinding off but this didn’t even help me stop. So that’s pretty useless You can see the wheels. It feels like the ground now because there’s all these dents in them and they’re starting to chunk. But hey, they still spin that’s surprising. I thought they wouldn’t spin Yeah, this is super loose. Look at that that’s wobbling all around in there. And even though it’s it’s like tight. It’s held on– That’s that’s too much too much wobble. So these were about $40 So the next step up a $99 Candy Girl skate or the Impala skates. And if you can save up or if you can invest in those, I think that’s a much better option. They’re gonna last you longer Even just replacing the wheels and the toe stop on this would put you at that same price As just getting a better skate, even when we just went down to Venice I had three or four people say “those are the skates I started on” they’re like, “oh my friend have those skates!” “Can you believe she was ramp skating in them” and it’s possible so people do it, you know if this is all you have Go for it like skate your heart out B I would wear your pads and stuff and be prepared because they are a little sketchy The thing that they said was those were my first pair of skates there was a starter pair they were enough to get the inspiration to invest in a better pair and when you do You’re gonna really notice. So these are definitely a toy skate. I recommend not getting them. I recommend getting ones that are a step up [Music plays]

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