Dongwan is an experienced RC car driver! [Battle Trip/2018.09.30]

After we finish our breakfast, let’s go swimming to digest our breakfast. Look. It’s windy. Look at that. (The wind in Jeju-do is no joke) You know, real surfers still surf even when it rains. – The sea is calm. / – You have a place in mind, right? – Of course. / – Okay, let’s go. Let’s eat a bit more and go. (They can’t stop eating) I guess it was really good. You kept eating even after the shoot, right? – Yes, we did. / – My gosh. – It looks delicious. / – You’re eating it with gusto. – They won over Baekho. / – No, no. – You zoned out. / – No. – I saw you gaping at the clip. / – He’s having fun. Have you been there, Baekho? – No, I haven’t been to Seogwipo. / – Is that so? Locals from Jeju-do say that… – They go over to Seogwipo. / – That’s right. “I don’t go over there much.” They literally have to go over to get there. That’s true. – You can get everything from there. / – Exactly. (What will happen to their water activity?) (Wan Jun Tour, Play Day) (Swimming in a naturally-formed swimming pool) (Where’s the spot Dongwan chose for swimming?) (It takes 30 minutes by car to the coast) I should look for some tourist attractions. Hwangwooji Coast is a gem. We can snorkel there? This is nice. Snorkeling in Hwangwooji Coast. I didn’t think of that. (Hwangwooji Coast, a hidden region in Seogwipo) (This unique vacation spot in Jeju-do has been trending) – What’s that? / – Isn’t that amazing? – That looks… / – Just like the cage culture… The swimming pool is like the cage. Since tides come in and out, there are a lot of tropical fish in the water. People go there to snorkel… – And catch fish too. / – I never knew that existed. Gosh, what is this? – Dongwan, you know… / – My goodness. How could there be a typhoon all of a sudden? (He embraces Jin as he’s sorry) Hey, Jeju-do is famous for its rain. – Hey, you know what? Dongwan. / – What? – Swimming is most fun in the rain. / – You bet. – Let’s go. / – Feel the wind. It’s great. Run! (Fine, let’s get going) – Swimming is fun when it rains. / – That’s true. It makes you lose control. You know, when it rains and is windy… Swimming is the most fun. It’s the best. I like it. Watch out. (As they head down, bad feelings loom over them) I think it’s closed because it’s pouring today. (Feeling nervous and worried) (What is this? Are we the only ones here?) – I bet no one is there. / – Exactly. No, there are some people. (They spot people who they assume swam there) (They’re nearing the sea as they go down) – I can see the ocean. / – My gosh. – Look at the waves. / – Amazing. – The scenery looks awesome. / – This is unbelievable. (How does the pool look on Hwangwooji Coast?) – Why? / – My gosh. – Those waves. / – Gosh. (It’s closed due to the storm and the weather) – This is driving me crazy. / – That place is great. We should’ve gone on a sunny day. I’m really going to go back one day. – Goodness. You can’t go in there. / – Gosh. – You could die. / – Right. You must’ve been disappointed. – We were so disappointed. / – I can imagine. I’ve never seen something like this in person. But I understand that it’s a nice place. You can go there next time. – That’s called Seonnyeotang. / – “Fairies’ Pond.” (Checking the weather is a must before traveling) It’s really summer now. – Gosh. / – This is amazing. (They engrave the view of the ocean in their eyes) The rain is very cooling. By the way, this place looks awesome. It’s like a scene from a movie. (White waves continuously roll in) It’s nice. The waves. It’d be nice to come here when the weather’s nice. (Dongwan is feeling sad) It looks really nice. Let’s go somewhere else. – Yes. / – Let’s go. But it feels cool. (They’ll return here again one day) – 10 places to go on a rainy day. / – Okay. LAN center. It says right here. He’s looking for a hot LAN center. (Dongwan is looking things up) (Jun Jin gets rained on) I got water slapped. Here! – Okay. Go. / – Let’s go. – Bye. / – We could’ve spent 3 hours here. (See you again when it’s sunny) It’s cool here though. (They set off to the next destination) – What’s the next place? / – I’ll visit here next time. (What’s the alternative Dongwan found?) – Did you change it suddenly? / – Yes, we had to. – But that’s what makes it fun. / – Right. – Because it rained too much. / – The weather… (From the coast) (They drive 50 minutes to Namwon) In Jeju-do, it suddenly stops raining. – It becomes sunny. / – That’s right. – That’s right. / – It suddenly snows. The weather is strange there. There are so many places to go in Jeju-do, even when it rains. Really? Isn’t there a place called Eongtto Falls? – You can see it in the rain. / – Yes, Eongtto Falls is… – More beautiful when it rains. / – Right. The waterfall is so cool. Where are we going now? It’s a circuit cafe. – Have you been here before? / – A cafe? It’s not an ordinary cafe though. – This is… / – Okay. A Jeju-do cafe. What? I know that. – What they have here are… / – Okay. I used to collect RC cars before. You can play with RC cars if you order coffee. – For free? / – Yes. We went to an RC car cafe. – I’ve never been. / – You shouldn’t fall for it. I never knew there was an RC cafe. – That’s what I love. / – If you order beverages… You can experience RC cars for free. (There is an outdoor RC car race track) – There are various RC cars. / – That’s unusual. – It’s outdoors? / – They have a huge track. They can hold competitions. (There is an outdoor RC car race track) (You can enjoy all this if you order a beverage) Let’s race. – Let’s try it. I want to do it. / – Okay. What will we bet? – Loser buys dinner. / – Pork. – Okay. / – The Jeju Black Pig. Okay. We’d like to order two coffees. How much is it to drive a good one? I want a better model. I’m okay with regular ones. – I’ll drive the best one. / – Okay. Can you use RC cars for an unlimited time? – No. / – There is a time limit. It’s limited to 15 to 20 minutes. So a lot of people can use it. RC cars range from $10 to thousands of dollars. Really? What if you break it? Only experienced people can borrow the expensive ones. – Adults only. / – You have to pay $2. We have that at our dorm. – We do, but it’s different. / – We have all that. You don’t have to go there because you have it in your dorm. (The sudden rainfall) (Results in a sudden competition) I won’t go easy on him. (“I won’t go easy on him,” Jun Jin) (Dongwan is an experienced RC car driver) Aren’t experienced users better at this? Dongwan has been doing it for a long time. It’s not easy. – This match is meaningless then. / – It is. Jun Jin kept cheating. When did I do that? – You’ll see he keeps cheating. / – Let’s take a look. Let’s use our personal cards, not the company card. – Stop with the nonsense. / – Why are you trembling? I need a handicap. Because you’ve done this a lot before. This is my first time. Don’t I get a handicap? No, because this isn’t my RC car. – Come on. / – It’s not my car. Hey, cue sticks are important in billiards. – Having your own RC car is important. / – Not true. – Two laps. / – Dongwan is trying to win. – Of course. / – You’re trying to win. We’ll do 2 laps. But even 1 lap is hard. We’ll go like this. I need to imagine this. Let’s go. Okay, get ready. 2 laps. Alright, 1. (Who will win this race?) – That looks like fun. / – This isn’t my car though. It was difficult because he gave me a really nice car. 2, 3. 2, 3. (Jun Jin’s car) – What are you doing? / – Why isn’t it moving? He’s going easy on him. It was hard. (Dongwan lets Jun Jin go first) – That speed… / – You let him go first. – This… / – The speed… Is different. – It’s hard. / – Dongwan is good. – No! / – Direction is difficult. It’s really hard. It’s confusing. Goodness. Is this how you do it? – Goodness. / – He got out. I’m turning. What? That’s cheating. Like this. Dongwan, what should I do? What should I do? – Gosh. / – Goodness. Dongwan is amazing. I’m not that good. What should I do with it? What are you doing? (It’s a mess) – Jun Jin. / – Go over. – No. / – He’s reckless. (Jun Jin is making his own way) – I went over. / – Hey. That’s cheating. What? – That track is meaningless. / – Exactly. (Where I go is the way) Just go over. He’s creating his own track. You completely jumped the tracks. Hey, you completely jumped the tracks. I’m not doing this on purpose. (Dongwan is totally focused) Dongwan is actually really good. They have to do 2 laps. That’s right. Usually, a race is 2 laps. He caught up. – What? / – Whenever he’s there… – Isn’t that the same spot? / – It is. – Is that a parking lot? / – This is so funny. What? The car is weird. – You’re weird. / – No. Look. – The tire is stuck. / – You have to get it out. You have to go and get it out. (Jun Jin runs over to take the car out) – Take it out and put it on the track. / – Move! (Jun Jin is disrupting Dongwan’s car) Get out! Get out of the way. (If I can’t race, you can’t either) (Jun Jin rescues his car after disrupting Dongwan) – That looks like fun. / – This is exciting. Dongwan is so good. Don’t cheat! He cheats, then pretends nothing happened. – Good job! / – Look at him. (Jun Jin is racing across the tracks again) (What’s wrong?) (I’m going to win!) (He is almost at the finish line) (Again?) – Again? / – Hurry up. – Get it out. / – That serves you right. That serves him right. (He’s running more than the car is racing) You’re moving more than your car. Exactly. – I’m almost finished. / – It’s like a running race. (While Jun Jin is running) (Dongwan speeds up his car) (Everyone is watching to see who the winner is) Stop the car. Again. (Dongwan’s car passes Jun Jin by) He’s blocking. (Dongwan’s car) Nice blocking. – Gosh. / – Goodness. (Dongwan wins by blocking) That was dramatic. How could that happen? Call the referee. – Call the referee. / – You cheated. (RC match is a tie) It’s a tie. It was so funny when your car went across the tracks. (The funny circuit outlaw) (Wan Jun Tour takes a break at the cafe) What will you do now? – Today’s your day. / – Today? Tomorrow is my day. (He’s pressuring Dongwan to find something to do) Even if it rains… – I want to ride something. / – Yes. – Even if it’s muddy. / – I’d rather do that. That’d be fun. Let’s go ride all-terrain vehicles. – I like that. / – Okay. I wanted to ride that. (The sudden rain started) (These two men) (To chase) (And chase) (The place of their final match) (Start) (They arrive after driving for 30 minutes) Let’s have a real match here. What we did earlier… Because you’re experienced, it wasn’t fair. Let’s do this one. – Yes. / – Okay. I really wanted to try this. (What will be their final race?)

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