Donkey with Horn – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Donkey with Horn – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Once upon a time there was a village which had a lot of greenery and happiness. People of the village stayed happily together. But one day a donkey with horns came there, whom so ever the donkey hits, that person also gets horns. Motu uncle this cannot be a true story, how is this possible? This is the truth, it’s not a story, and only you can help us. You all are welcome into Singa village. Oh my lord! Why have you brought us here? Send us back fast. Can’t believe it’s true, it looks like a dream. Hey run, Honkey is coming, run!! Hey see that, a donkey with horns. Run! If this donkey hits us then even we will have horns. Kukka bro, there must be some way to get rid of this horn. There is one way, if you drink the water falling from the water fall from the mountain. Then you can become normal immediately. If you know this, then why don’t you go there? We want to go there but, but the water is held by a one horn monster. If somebody can defeat that monster and bring water from that river then the entire village would be cured. It is said that the monster can only be finished by these horns. You can finish him with Ghasitaram and Chingam’s sirs horns, you may succeed this way. Ok, we all will go there, right Patlu? There is no other way, we have to go, come on friends lets go. Chotu, you stay here, we will come back fast. Ok uncle all the best. Oh my lord!! Help!! Don’t scream, that monster Zumba will come to know we are here. I have come to know that you guys are very brave, therefore I welcome you all to this mountain. Oh thank you, thank you Zumba brother, allow me to introduce myself, I am Motu. This is Dr. Jhatka, this is Ghasitaram, this is Chingam, and myself Patlu, nice meeting you. Hey Zumba, I am Inspector Chingum, it’s impossible to escape from Chingam’s clutches. Come on make everyone normal. Zumba brother, please remove my horns. Stay away!! How do you feel? Are you enjoying here? Hey Monster brother, don’t do this, we are here to extend our hand of friendship to you. I am not a monster, I am a human like you. When I was born, I had horns on my head, all the village people made fun of me, I left the village and came here. Here I met this donkey with horns. And if he hits anybody then that person gets horns. I call him Honkey with love, I made friends with him. Then I made him hit the people of the village with his horns, and now they all have horns. Now nobody laughs at me. I laugh at them, In a few minutes, you all will also become like me. Honkey friend, attack! Zumba brother, let’s sit and talk. Don’t talk just run! Patlu, do something, my mind does not work on empty stomach. Idea!! This donkey wants to hit us with his horns, let me do so, come on lets go down. Hey Patlu, what are you saying? Even we will get horns then. That is the plan, Zumba will be finished only if he is hit with the horns, we all four will attack with our horns. Somebody’s horn will go and hit him. Yes this is a good idea, come on lets go down. This idea is not great, but we have no choice. Hey donkey!! We all are ready to face you. What happened Honkey? Now when we are standing in front of you, then you are acting pricey. It’s useless, looks like he understood our plan. Have to think of something else. Idea! If we shift the huge stone kept in front of the waterfall then the donkey will come and hit us with the horn. And if he does not hit us then the water from the waterfall will start flowing, then all will be cured. Honkey attack! You are welcomed into horn world. Why are you all laughing? Because now we all will hit you with our horns and teach you a lesson. You all can’t do that. My horn, my horn has disappeared, no! Now nobody will be scared of me, they will finish me. They all are waiting for you, they all will keep you like a friend. All this problem was due to horn, now it is gone. Thank you, you all made me human again. Thank you for thank you, but first we have to shift that stone. The water from the waterfall has come, brothers come fast. Thank you Motu Patlu, come down. Hey, Chotu, where is Chotu? Uncle, this story was great fun, right? Yes it was fun, but clothes got wet, come on lets dry them.

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