Don’t swim until you do this! Full body warm up for swimming

Don’t swim until you do this! Full body warm up for swimming

This warm up is very extensive. You probably don’t need to warm up this
much before every practice but you can pick different exercises every time and that way it doesn’t become so monotonous. To start we will do circles with our head
to warm up the neck muscles. Now grab a towel. Hold it with both hands and bring it up and behind you. Do that 10 times. Then do circles with the towel. 10 on each direction. To continue warming up the shoulders and the back muscles; lay face down and lift your arms up in a super man position. Them extend your arms to form a Y position and do the same, then to the side and lift them up and down again. Then put them next to your hips and do the same. Now do as if you were doing snow angels but face down and without the hands touching the floor. Do each movement 10 times. To warm up the scapular muscles that maintain your shoulder in place do this. Keep one hand on the floor and with your knees on the floor too, move your torso up and down using the muscles surrounding the shoulder blade. do that 10 times for each arm. Oh and please ignore that giant bird, it just wanted to say hi and swim a little bit. Now we will do this movement to warm up and stretch dynamically many muscles. Put a foot in front and a hand besides it. You can put your other knee on the floor to stretch the hip flexor. Then extend the other arm to the sky and bring it back down. Do that 10 times on each side. To warm up the core from all sides get on
a push up position and touch one shoulder with the opposite hand for a second and alternate. Make sure to tighten your entire core for
stability. Then stand up and move your torso side to side. Now we will warm up the hip flexors and abductors with these two movements. You can hold on to something for stability. Kick back and forth 10 times with each leg then do it from side to side. To warm up and stretch the glutes grab your knees alternating each leg. To warm up the legs and knees do 5 to 10 squats, 5 to 10 lounges, and 5 to 10 side squats. Finally to feel like a true swimmers do arm circles forwards and backwards. And now you are ready for any swim practice! If you want to watch one of our free swim
workouts click on this playlist and pick the stroke that you want to swim. see you there!
swim fast!

25 thoughts on “Don’t swim until you do this! Full body warm up for swimming

  1. You post the videos at the right time
    In India everytime you post it at 5:30 to 6:00pm
    And my swimming class at 6:00
    You all believe it or not
    But really it's my B-Day
    Thanks a lot

  2. Hi sir can you make a vedio on olympic swimers height vs normal people ..Does short height cause to swim faster ??🤔

  3. I love your vids and where you live looks beautiful! The hills … the fog … the giant bird(!) … what country is this? I'm gonna take a wild guess based on your accent and guess it's Brazil, but idk, I could be way wrong on the accent.

  4. Hello! I swim 50m freestyle in 45 sec and i want to swim in 25 sec . What should i do ? Please give me some tips. Which type of sets should i do ? Give some tips. Please replay my comment

  5. These vids are great. I’m putting together playlists for the school team next season. These will make it easier to delegate to the upperclassmen. I’m into empowering the kids and putting them in leadership roles. On a side note: I started looking into Thailand after the post about a swim camp. I’ve seen mixed info. How family friendly is it? I’m thinking about taking my 8yr old there. We do more of the experiential travel, I.e local towns, hikes, not so much the tourist thing. Our other options this year are Puerto Rico or a bicycle tour of Ireland.

  6. El pájaro jajaja! Me encanta el warm up, pero puede que sea un poquito intenso para nosotros los 40 años de edad y más (y no digo cuánto más jaja)… Pienso adaptarlo. Gracias!

  7. Being a humble lap swimmer, I find improving my technique beneficial, even though I am not looking to swim fast. I appreciate your YouTube videos because they have helped me improve considerably. It doesn't take too long, when you have bad technique, to mess up a shoulder or knee. Thank you! Also, cool bird.

  8. Your videos are great! Perhaps you could make one about how people with injuries (back pain etc) could benefit from swimming and what to be careful of!Keep up the good work!

  9. Hi , thanks for the video .
    My scapular muscle is not flexing like the way you showed .
    Why and what to do to reach to this point ?

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  11. Great warm-up video! I also want to ask if you have any tips regarding "motion sickness" when swimming freestyle. My girlfriend tends to feel nauseous towards the end of practice but it doesn't happen when she swims breaststroke. We've tried earplugs and anti-motion sickness tablets but I was wondering if there's something that could be corrected in her stroke to make the dizziness go away more permanently. I'm also curious if near-sightedness and astigmatism are factors in this. Would appreciate any advice! Thank you.

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