Drinking & Skating w/ Dustin Dollin – Epicly Later’d – VICE

Drinking & Skating w/ Dustin Dollin – Epicly Later’d – VICE

going too fast. (SINGING) Little red corvette. See if you can hear me. PATRICK O’DELL: Yeah
I can hear you. DUSTIN DOLLIN: Can
you hear me? Is that way better? Can you hear me now? Aren’t you the fucking filmer? I’m just a puppet. PATRICK O’DELL: Hi. Welcome to the very first
episode of the Epicly Later’d skateboard show. Today as our first guest we
have Dustin Dollin who’s visiting from Australia. And I’m really excited because
Dustin is just like an awesome skater and he’s an
insane person. DUSTIN DOLLIN: This
way or that way? PATRICK O’DELL: He’s completely
fearless and for years has just been doing stuff
that I think has pushed progression in skateboarding
ahead. Always getting tricks done. Always landing everything. We’re just hoping to follow him
around, go gear shopping, skateboarding. I don’t know. We’ll see what we get into. This is sort of a day in the
life of Dustin Dollin. DUSTIN DOLLIN: The fucking– it’s so hard to find a button-up
with like one pocket with a good print on
it these days. They’re all like polyester
fuckin’ fag seventies shit. And they have that dude
downstairs, the crazy dude that’s been here forever. Do you have these in a small? MALE SPEAKER 2: In a small? DUSTIN DOLLIN: No, it’s just
what’s on the shelf, right? I like this kind of shit. [INAUDIBLE]. Just like the old Gothic
wallpaper kind of shirt. MALE SPEAKER 2: Too Gothic? DUSTIN DOLLIN: Yep. MALE SPEAKER 2: Here you go! DUSTIN DOLLIN: It’s
a bit hot though. MALE SPEAKER 2: Right. It’s supposed to be hot. Like in rock-n-roll it’s hot. If it’s not hot, what’s
the point? Like if your pants don’t
hurt, why wear them? We carry this thing, that’s
Dustin Dollin. I even know your
last name now. DUSTIN DOLLIN: Oh really. MALE SPEAKER 2: You’re famous. Yeah. Upstairs you’re famous. He’s famous. He’s really famous. DUSTIN DOLLIN: No. MALE SPEAKER 2: Yes! DUSTIN DOLLIN: I’m not. MALE SPEAKER 2: Humbly famous. DUSTIN DOLLIN: Ah, [INAUDIBLE]
mob blocks. These are mob blocks. Trying to get shit done with
these is virtually impossible. [BELCHING] It’s so funny letting
a [INAUDIBLE]. Hated and proud and then
like cover it up with my chick socks. SHANNON MARTINEZ: I got nothing
to say right now. I’m jealous. I don’t have any shoes. DUSTIN DOLLIN: I feel so
much better actually having some gear on. It’s been so long. It’s been skate dude on tour for
fucking months and months. Thank you. CHAD MUSKA: I know one good
story about Dustin. When we first met, the first
time I went to Australia, it was me and Ronnie Creager. We went on– it was a
Blind Shorties tour. And we went to every fuckin’
place in Australia, Justin was probably like 11 or 12 years
old or something. And he showed up at every spot
that went to, no matter if we were on the other side– we were
in Tasmania, to Perth, to Adelaide, and he showed up at
every demo and he was the hyperest little shit
in the world. And he was kickflip indy
grabbing everything in sight and he was just like, ah, hey
mate, hey check this kickflip indy, aye, aye, aye. And he was kickflipping
everything. He was just this hyper
little fucking rat. And then I just remember like
a couple of years after that just seeing him and damn,
he really fuckin’ MALE SPEAKER: Yeah. CHAD MUSKA: Came through. You know? But I think like he’s one of the
sickest skaters ever right now, for sure, man. PATRICK O’DELL: To me, something
that’s interesting about Dustin Dollin is that a
lot of pro skaters when they turn old enough to start
drinking they start drinking, they start doing drugs, they
just vanish off the face of the earth as far as
skateboarding coverage goes. DUSTIN DOLLIN: I’m gonna
get run over by cars. PATRICK O’DELL: Dustin has never
slowed down partying and he’s never slowed down
skateboarding. And I know that might be a bad
message because trust me, nobody else has been able to
pull this off and I’ve seen pros come and go for 10 years. He’s always the first one awake
in the morning and the last one asleep. [CAR HORN] DUSTIN DOLLIN: Fuck off! Fuckin’ hell! What the fuck’s wrong
with these people? PATRICK O’DELL: He just seems
to have this lust for life that a lot of people
don’t have. DUSTIN DOLLIN: When you like
walk past the bar and they’re playing a song that you really
like you just got to go in and have a drink. KEVIN “SPANKY” LONG: Dustin’s
like the king of pressuring people who don’t drink. He seriously has a hard time
breathing when he’s around people who we know
that don’t drink. DUSTIN DOLLIN: One time me and
Spanky were in Brooklyn and we’re just like walking down
the street talking to each like, man, I got to
take it easy. I got to slow down on having
drinks like this week. And then we walk past a bar and
Morrissey was playing out of it and we just had to
go in and have a drink. Times like that, you know? KEVIN “SPANKY” LONG: I guess
he probably taught me a new way to drink or like– DUSTIN DOLLIN: Afternoon
mimosa, huh? FEMALE SPEAKER: Why not? DUSTIN DOLLIN: Yeah. Why not. FEMALE SPEAKER: I’m
gonna find me some nice big, giant mojito. DUSTIN DOLLIN: Oh, yeah. She’s like mimosa
and a mojito. I need some washing man. It said same day on the
laundromat and then the next day you have to pick it up. I don’t know, it’s fucked. You know what else I hate? Is in the elevators, they have
the button that closes the door quicker but it never
fucking closes it quicker. Never. Guys that wear their sunglasses
on their head, that’s pretty heinous,
especially at night. That’s bad. People wear strange
gear in New York. I seen girls like wearing
most old grandmother fucking shit ever. Like the prettiest girls just
like ruining their shit by wearing these big flowery
grandmother dresses. It’s stupid. Lot of girls cover up their tits
here like they don’t like showing any of them. I think it’s because they’re
all models and they’re all skinny and they all
got little tits. I hate lots of things though. I’m sure a lot of people
just hate me. Fuck ’em. Two for one. I guess I can get my– [BELCHING] Get another one for free. PATRICK O’DELL: When did
you first meet Dustin? SHANNON MARTINEZ: Almost seven
years ago at a bar in Melbourne, in Australia. We pretty much met because he
ran after me and pulled down my skirt in front of all the
Baker crew and through a drink on my face and I liked it
so that’s how we met. PATRICK O’DELL: And you guys
started dating right away? SHANNON MARTINEZ: Yep. I moved to Sydney after pretty
much knowing him for a day. So I moved into state
to live with him for awhile during the Olympics. And then I made him come
back down to Melbourne. And he’s been there
ever since. DUSTIN DOLLIN: I’m always
here just drinking. I don’t know where all you kids
are every other fucking time where I was hanging out
at Tompkins having beers. I didn’t think anyone even
liked me in New York. Professional pile of shit. PATRICK O’DELL: Did he make some
kind of deal with you, like if you put up with him? SHANNON MARTINEZ: For five
years he’d marry me? Yeah! PATRICK O’DELL: What
did he say? How did he put it to you? SHANNON MARTINEZ: I actually
read it in a magazine. I never heard of the deal. He made up the deal in a
magazine and then I read it and he told me that’s what was
going to happen so I don’t know if that’s like a prize
or punishment or what. PATRICK O’DELL: How much
shit do you think you have to put up with? SHANNON MARTINEZ: More
than anyone else. PATRICK O’DELL: Do you think
maybe it’s almost a relief when he goes on tour? SHANNON MARTINEZ: Definitely. It’s the only reason why
we’re together still. We usually see each other
between eight– around eight months a year. And if we didn’t have the
breaks, we’d kill each other. Because he’s way
too torturous. 24 hours a day? There’s no way. No way. DUSTIN DOLLIN: Now
what do we do? Let’s go get a beer. Trying not to throw up, man. I need to go somewhere
private to throw up. I got to go throw up. [GAGGING] [VOMITING] Kids running over to take
pictures of me throwing up. That’s great. PATRICK O’DELL: What do you
think of Dustin Dollin? TIM O’CONNOR: I like
that dude, yep. Plus he doesn’t really give a
flying fuck about anything. A lot of people say they don’t
give a fuck but he most definitely doesn’t, for sure. DUSTIN DOLLIN: We’re doing a
documentary on me drinking. It’s going very well. FEMALE SPEAKER: It’s
going to be great. MALE SPEAKER: Dustin, nice
meeting you, man. DUSTIN DOLLIN: You too, man. See ya. Tell them what the fuck you’re
wearing I mean while you’re getting it on your ears. SHANNON MARTINEZ: Huh? Are you wasted right now
after like five beers? DUSTIN DOLLIN: Three Jagers. Can I get a tattoo? FEMALE SPEAKER: Which
you want? DUSTIN DOLLIN: A skull and
crossbones in my earlobe. SHANNON MARTINEZ: No. You don’t do it there? FEMALE SPEAKER: I’ve never
tattooed there before. Inside the ear is like way
different than below here. I’m game if you are. DUSTIN DOLLIN: Isn’t there a gay
side and a non-gay side? FEMALE SPEAKER: You know what? I wish I knew the
answer to that. SHANNON MARTINEZ: The
left, apparently. DUSTIN DOLLIN: The
left is non-gay? SHANNON MARTINEZ: Yeah,
apparently. FEMALE SPEAKER: The left
side is non-gay? DUSTIN DOLLIN: Well I want to
get it on the gay side. I can’t get it right. The pen’s not thin enough but
I guess that’s how thick tattoos are. MALE SPEAKER: You should
get that one. Rat bone. DUSTIN DOLLIN: It’s got
to be really tiny. MALE SPEAKER: You want
it that small? DUSTIN DOLLIN: I’m gonna
out it in my ear. All these skulls look gay. We need an evil skull. That’s good. Even just that is good. FEMALE SPEAKER: This is going
where inside your ear? DUSTIN DOLLIN: In there. MALE SPEAKER: You’re
gonna go deaf. DUSTIN DOLLIN: Do you
think it’ll work? FEMALE SPEAKER: Yes. DUSTIN DOLLIN: I bet
it won’t hurt. Do you think it’ll hurt? No, I ain’t got no pain there. FEMALE SPEAKER: Really? DUSTIN DOLLIN: It’s all weird. It doesn’t hurt. There’s nothing. All you can hear is the sound. FEMALE SPEAKER: It’s done. DUSTIN DOLLIN: And it’s done. FEMALE SPEAKER: Yeah. You’re totally done. [INAUDIBLE]. JASON DILL: Dustin’s rad, man. He’s just– he’s so psycho. He’ll be like hurt or whatever
and you’ll think like, god dammit he can barely fucking
kickflip and all of a sudden he’ll like, wah! Like fucking kickflip fucking
frontside flips on some big ass thing or into some big huge
thing and you’re just like, holy shit! Yeah, he’s a maniac. PATRICK O’DELL: So you think
with all this drinking and everything you still manage
to skate a lot? SHANNON MARTINEZ: Yeah. DUSTIN DOLLIN: I mean, I’ve had
knee surgery a couple of times, three times and I don’t
know, I haven’t slowed down. Still in all the magazines
like covers coming out. It doesn’t really affect me. PATRICK O’DELL: You seem like
you’re one of the few people that can get away with– like
so many people that get into drinking and all this shit
and then they just vanish from the magazines. DUSTIN DOLLIN: Yeah, well, I
mean a lot of people are have addictive personalities and it
just fucks their life up but I can not drink, I can drink. I’d rather drink because a lot
to do with drinking is it makes me think of new
tricks to do. It makes me like– when I wake
up hungover, I feel like doing something weird. I don’t know. It’s hard to explain. If I don’t get a good night out,
it’s hard for me to have fun the next day on
a skateboard. If I don’t drink and I go
out the next day I’m just like, a zombie. And then if I drink and I’m
kind of still drunk in the morning I feel like jumping
off something. It’s just the way it goes. KEVIN “SPANKY” LONG: He’s
told me this before. He wakes up drunk and
drinks another beer and he skates better. And I’ve seen him go to a rail,
not be able to commit and he’s like, oh no, I’ll come
back with a few Jack and Cokes and I’ll be
able to do it. And I believed him because
I’ve seen it happen. DUSTIN DOLLIN: Just drinking,
being hungover has never stopped me from trying to get
a trick before so I don’t think it’s going to stop
me ever unless– I’ll skate as hard as I can
until my body will let me.

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  1. Was good. Fell in love within himself because of being good. Loved life more than he should. In some way or another, believes that 3 knee surgeries is ok. He should think more about skateboarding than alcohol.

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    Dustin: “Fuck off! Fuckin’ hell, what the fucks the matter with these people?”

    Narrator: He seems to have this lust for life a lot of people don’t have

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    Edited to get the time stamp right

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