Driving a Cart – The Victorian Way

Driving a Cart – The Victorian Way

In 1841 the third Lord Braybrooke and his
wife lived at Audley End House with his eight children and their servants including their
governess Miss Dormer. This governess cart was used by Miss Dormer to ride around the
grounds while keeping a careful eye on the children. Now in 1881 there are no young charges
to watch over and Lady Braybrooke’s personal maid Miss Emily Justice can take full advantage
of this small, light cart to run errands. Good afternoon, I’ve off to Walden to buy
some silk for Lady Braybrooke’s new hat. Thank you Edgar. I like to find any excuse
to drive out in this cart which is pulled along by Milo here.
He pulls from the chest plate, through these long leather straps, and the tugs here keep
the cart nice and balanced. He also wears blinkers to keep his attention on the road
ahead. You can always tell if someone knows how to
drive by the way they hold their reigns. Accomplished drivers like myself hold their reigns in one
hand. They then use the other hand to steer or signal to other carriages. To get him to
walk on you simply give the horse a vocal cue. Milo walk on!
To steer you use your right hand. To turn left you pull up on the left reign, and to
turn right you pull down on the right. To stop you also give a vocal cue and pull back
evenly on both reigns. And woah. I’m very fortunate to, upon occasion, to
get away from the confines of the house. Any frustrations from a mornings work can easily
be blown away by a trip out in the governess cart.

42 thoughts on “Driving a Cart – The Victorian Way

  1. I've never been to the UK and when ever I watch something like this it makes me home sick. Makes me wish my ansestors didn't venture to Colonial America for business opportunities and end up staying.

  2. Oh, she's doing the journey from Audley End to Saffron Walden … used to walk it regularly (from railway station to town) about 40 mins. Though the big house is a lot closer to town .. maybe 20 mins walk each way?

  3. I love your little pony. he's adorable. But I'm sorry, i will have to say, blinkers are kind of horrible. Horses often ran into things, or into ponds. We've discussed this issue at our stables, and most riders and instructors agree. Beside, horses look out to the side, they can't see in-front of them. I'm very glad you haven't used any bearing reins or anything like that though. Grass reins, I understand, but I cannot tolerate bearing reins.

  4. Nice to see more characters from Audley End House. Would we also get to see the butler show us around the house and how he manage stuff for the lord?

  5. i was just wondering, is the actor left handed? i noticed that she held the reins in her left hand. or maybe it's something that all drivers are supposed to do? i know squat about horses.
    also, what is the whip (or whatever it's called) in her right hand used for? she didn't use it in the video, so i was just curious.

  6. As I have some minor hearing difficulties, I love the closed captioning. It seem to have been done by a human rather than voice recognition software. It actually makes sense! instead of being a garble of nonsense. Thank you!

  7. Interesting the way she said "walk on" was the same way that my horse riding teachers here in Australia say it

  8. That would have been quite the privilege then. Something many of us now take for granted and even curse! Makes me appreciative for what I have🙂

  9. Oh I wish we could go by little pony cart like this today! I can't drive a car but I have had riding lessons. I would have loved to learn how to drive a charming little pony like Milo, and get about in a smart cart for errands. Leaving these ponies and carts behind ISN'T progress!

  10. Loved this! So much more informative than the "grooming a horse" video, which skipped pretty much all actual teaching opportunity. The side-saddle video, if the follow-up video is counted, was also quite excellent. Thank you.

  11. I Love How She Says ' She Likes To Find Any Excuse To Go For A Ride On The Cart.' Haha. This Was Very Educational, I Love The Learning From This Channel.

  12. We had a governess cart for my cob, they're actually pretty dangerous as you can only get in & out at the back. So the driver is completely stuck if the pony bolts (my Dad had this happen to him, my pony somehow threw his bridle off. Luckily he trotted straight home without incident), you also need a groom to hold the shafts at the front down when getting in & out to stop it tipping backwards. I'm glad we didn't have that cart for long!

  13. My Nana used to tell me the story of when she was about16 and her dad told her to stay in the cart but the horse was spooked and nanna had to grab the reins and wrestled the horse back under control and trotted it back to the store. She said her dad was so proud of her. There is much more to the story but I always loved hearing her tell it. Especially the bit where her dad turns to the dude next to him and says "see no reason why a lady can't drive."

  14. Too true. And now in 2018 as a young lady I too enjoy the countryside by jumping astride my Kawasaki and blowing away the frustrations with a nice ride.

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