Ducks and Geese on the Ranch

Ducks and Geese on the Ranch

Hi I’m Mike, on the ranch we have cows,
and calves of course. Chickens and horses, lots of barn cats and
even a few pigs. But a couple of critters that roam the grounds
may just surprise you, cause just like everything around here, they have a job to do as well. Today, we introduce you to the waterfowl on
our Wyoming life. If you ever watch the webcam from the ranch,
which anyone can do, right on our website,, you may have seen a few
new faces out in the pasture this spring. With the pond being so full of water, a trio
of our geese have been making the trek nightly to head out to swim. From the webcam you might know them as 2 white
dots and one black dot, but in reality they are the geese of the ranch and they have been
calling this home longer than most of the cows. Welcome back to our Wyoming life and thanks
for stopping by. Please subscribe and keep exploring the ranch
life and escape the ordinary. Its funny for me how accustomed you can get
to life and what is going on around you. How I get comments and emails on a daily basis
about how wonderful this life is and there are days when I go out and its just work. I see job after job, broken fencelines, equipment
that needs repair or upkeep and its easy to get that tunnel vision. I don’t know how many times I have walked
by these guys here on the ranch and never paid them a bit of attention. Of course they have been a long time, and
probably will be for much longer and its easy to look past what you see everyday. So I figured today we could give them some
of the recognition they deserve, talk about why they are here, and what purpose they serve. Now it is Tuesday and that means this a project
list video, so we do have a project to do as well, and we can take care of that while
we talk. See, its not just these geese here on the
ranch. These 3 are what I like to call survivors. They have lived here for over 10 years now. They have made it through the coldest of winters,
they have gotten lost and wandered down the highway, they have been attacked by everything
from stray dogs to bobcats but here they are, and hopefully they will soon be able to pass
some of their survival tips down to a new generation. A generation of ducks that have only recently
arrived on the ranch and some ducks that still have yet to learn some manners. Erin wanted geese and ducks from the moment
we came to the ranch. In fact, I don’t think she really cared
about the cows as much as she did just wanting to have ducks and geese around. Which in the beginning seemed like a useless
endeavor. Ducks and Geese are loud, they can also be
aggressive, territorial and messy, but I knew that they weren’t going to go away, so I
better find a way to make peace with them. Speaking of messy, the new ducks here on the
ranch have made a huge mess. When they first came to the ranch, they arrived
with the chickens and they all lived together for a while. But at some point in a ducks, or a gooses
development, they discover water and how much fun it can be
and how you can make a mess with it. Really, ducks and geese are just messy drinkers
and they use water to help them eat, mixing food and water together to soften it and make
it easy to manage. As a result their water gets dirty very quickly
and should be changed out twice a day. Last night, these little ones had a hay day
and not only mixed water and food but also mixed water with everything, and their own
private water park and now we get to clean it up and clean them up. And they get a bath. This is these guys first encounter with standing
water. Soon they will be out with their friends. Floating in the pond. There are a few questions we get when it comes
to ducks and geese and the first one is always why
The first reason we had ducks and geese was purely for entertainment, Erins entertainment. Ducks and geese we have found have more personality
than most backyard type animals, and they are definitely have more personality than
a chicken. Have you ever tried to have a conversation
with the chicken? Talk about one sided but Ducks and geese have
qualities that make them almost a joy to be around. Geese mate for life, and like ducks they imprint
and bond with each other and even people for life. They always seem to be talking about something,
and boy are they gossipy. Ducks and geese are also great for weed and
pest control, ducks will eat up slugs and geese, although they wont touch bugs love
weeds. They are relatively easy to keep, they are
hearty and strong, rarely get sick and don’t require a lot of food in the spring and summer
as they are constantly out scavenging. One great thing about the geese and ducks
on the ranch is that they protect the chickens. They tend to be more territorial and protective. They have been known to chase away dogs, fox
and weasels. And then there are the eggs. Although our geese only lay a few eggs per
year they can be worth quite a bit. Some folks like to buy them to eat, but we
usually end up selling them to egg artisans, who carve the egg shells into beautiful and
ornate pieces. Ducks do lay year round, just like chickens
and their egg production is actually more reliable than chickens. The eggs are slightly larger and are mostly
used in baking as with more egg white, they create a much more fluffy batter for cakes
and other baked goods. Also duck eggs can be a substitute for those
allergic to eggs. Eggs are one of the most common allergy causing
foods for children and although most kids out grow it, it still can affect adults. Because of a differing protein in duck eggs
some have found that eating duck eggs is perfectly fine, although we do tell folks to check with
their doctor first, as some egg allergies can cause anaphylaxis shock. As Erin continues on with taking care of an
item on the project list for us we can talk about our ducks and geese. Those 2 white dots and one black dot are our
full grown geese. They are just over 10 years old and they are
all joined at the hip. There was 4 of them, but one went missing
a few years ago, so since then they have been the 3 amigos, the two white dots being white
Chinese geese and the black dot a Toulouse. The ducks that will be joining them and are
soon going to out number them are a variety of runner ducks, Black Swedish ducks and Cayugas. And we have no doubt they will all get along. Ducks and geese tend to bond pretty well and
we have never had a goose or a duck fly the coop. These geese and ducks can fly, but they never
do, at least not for any long distances. It’s a rare sight to see them fly at all,
let alone more than a few feet if you startle them. Without a good tailwind, they won’t go to
far, farthest I have ever seen them fly is about a quarter mile, then they came walking
back. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. So for now geese and ducks are a way of life
on the ranch and a friendly and entertaining addition. One that lets us know when people pull in
the driveway, as well as all the latest gossip from around the ranch. I hope you have enjoyed meeting the geese,
and the new ducks and seeing how much of a mess they can be. Soon they will get moved to the chicken house
for another week or so in captivity then it will be off to adventure on the ranch. Ducks and geese do much better while domesticated
if they have the run of the place, they seem to be in better moods, more friendly and well,
just happier. Be sure to subscribe as we have a lot more
coming soon, we are branding this weekend, weather permitting, we do have some rain on
the way, but we are hoping that will blow over and give us a chance to get it done and
livestream it all for you to watch, comment and participate in the entire process. Also this weekend is fathers day and Mackenzie
has a video that she has been working on to release on Sunday. I have word that a lot of our subscribers
to get the herd report have been helping her out so I am sure that will be a lot of fun. Until then, have a great week and thanks for
joining us, in our Wyoming life.

100 thoughts on “Ducks and Geese on the Ranch

  1. I so miss being on the farm…so watching your videos makes me feel as tho I'm still there and for that Mike and Erin Ty🤗

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    We enjoy your videos as we both grew up on the farm with Many different animals. But sadly we are only on a small property with no place for to many animals. A few small house dogs and a miniature horse in the shed.
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    Keeps us from missing the farm 😂

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  8. Man, Mike….I try to stay positive and supportive with my comments but, geese just don't 'fit in' here. They may have their 'pluses' but, when they caused bruises on my GrandKids they ended up as delicious 'table fare'. I'll tolerate the same duck messes any day. JMHO. Sorry.~~Eli.

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  11. I have had both chickens and ducks and I like them both. Had one chicken that would follow me round the yard had a roster that my father would rock to sleep every night had a duck that I would take on walks and she would even come into the house (if the back door was open) and come looking for us.

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    Maybe the black dot will find a mate out of the new batch.
    Thanks for the tutorial Mike.
    Jo Jo in VT

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  22. I love watching your videos and your story inspires me and reassures me that I'll be able to get into agriculture, cattle in particular. I'll have to try and swing by the farm store sometime since I'll be road tripping through Gillette on my way from Iowa to Montana this summer. Keep us the good work!

  23. Anyone who has had Honkers know they get a little Cranky especially when they have young! I still remember the day I tried Hard Boiled Goose Eggs. It was not real fresh, so when it exploded it was all over the stove, floor, wall, and ceiling!

  24. In the late forties early fifties we live on a farm in Mi. and had a duck which we called donald. He was a mallard and us kids raised him. In the morning when we walked out to catch the school bus donald would follow and watch us get on the bus and turn around and go back to the house. Our mother knew the school bus was coming because donald would walk out to wait and greet us getting off the bus. He followed us around all over the farm.

  25. Everything you said was spot on Mike. When we had ducks and geese, the geese acted like gaurd dogs, they were always up for company and made sure to let you know if someone or something was there. On time our 2 geese saved a duck from being attacked by a Bald Eagle, when I went outside the Eagle was on top of a duck and while that was happening one goose was acting like a siren being as loud as possible, and the the other was biting the eagle from the back, and that's when I scared the Eagle of, and all of this happened while our gard dogs (Great Purinees) were lock up. In the end the Eagle ventured of with no duck or goose roast, the duck survived suffering minior back injuries, and the geese saved the day making noise to get me outside!!!! If it was for our geese I would have never know it happend and chances are the Eagle would have dinner. Also about the duck eggs, I'm allergic to eggs yet I'm fine with duck. Fantastic video

  26. Hi again! Yay almost branding! Looking forward to your coverage Mike. Ducks and geese are a hoot! Good you've handled the young ones cause they can be biteeee as you found out only when they're older the bites mean business and hurt. They make good supervisors to everything and really can scare people away if they start chasing them lol! Thx as always Mike…

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  39. Our ducks on our farm, Cedar Canyon Farm, have eggs hatching. Only 3 now. They are Mallard ducks. I'm hatching them out in an incubator bc snakes were starting to eat her eggs from her nest. We lost a few to a snake but we took care of the snake! Good luck with your ducks. God bless, Scooter🛵

  40. Great video once again! When I lived in the Middle East, several of my Arab friends used geese as alarms. They started with dogs but the dogs were fed meatballs with nasty things in the middle by robbers and were mobilized. The geese raise such a ruckus they are much preferred for alarm animals. There eggs are rich and the meat a little greasy, but they do taste good as well.

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