Easy Triathlon Swimming Flip Turns and Tri Suits vs Tri Swimskins

– That is Taren’s version of flip turns. Oh, it’s a birthday. Morning trianiacs, continuing
on with the swimsuit testing today and gonna do
something a little bit different. I’ll explain to you out
there where I can show ya. Red. If all of you have noticed
how when I walk down the edge of the pool like,
that my beard all of a sudden turns orange and the color gets all funky and cartoonish, that’s
camera life problems. We got weird lights coming from up top that are a little bit green. Blue paint in the water
and the contrast ends up effing with the camera, causes Mel and I many problems everyday. Alright, while we’re making
fun of Jeff over there, you’re gonna explain what
we’re doing over here. This is the tri-sui and she’s got sleeves. So what we’re gonna try
to do is we’re gonna start with the swim skin, we’re
gonna take the suit, shove everything down into the swim skin, then I’m gonna hop out
and see if, while I’m wet, I can put this on fairly
quickly in the race. Then, once it’s on, I’m gonna
see how the swim skin goes and how I can swim with
the sleeves coming down and if it’s tight enough. Kinda sticks to one half
a dozen or the other, neither one is an awesome option. If I want to use the sleeve tri-suit, I gotta figure something out. Pat isn’t here today,
we’re just gonna swim like 400 meters and then go for coffee. Hello! Do you want to be the
lucky friend who gets to zip up my dress? One of these hours, I’ll get it on. Alright, hit me. You gotta get it at the top
and then put the zipper down and that locks it. – Is there a little– – Cool. Thank you. Alright, let’s give this a try. Okay, I got sticky. I dunno how much I like this idea. I need a volunteer to do up my dress. Any volunteers to do up my suit? – I’ll come. Alright, suck in your lats. – You guys are pulling from your dive. – Apparently, I’m going
from a cannon ball. 50 barred and then 50 good looking. – Seeing as how everyone’s
gone and it’s still so early because everyone’s taking rest week. Everyone’s taking rest week and I’m right smack dab in the middle
of the taper process. I got lots of time, so let’s
go deal with just about every tri-athlete’s big
Achilles heel: flip turns. Some call ’em tumble turn,
I call ’em flip turns. Tumble turn people are wrong. Okay, I’m gonna show you
how to do flip turns. Big asterisk on that, I’m
not the best at flip turns. So a flip turn starts before
you even get to the wall. Coming into the wall
in the last 10 meters, you’ve got to be thinking
about the timing of your stokes because you don’t want
to be coming to the wall on a stroke or having to
wait a long time between your last stroke and
when you hit the wall. You want your last stroke
to be somewhere around two to three meters away from the wall and when you start coming into the wall, you stop your swim
stroke, let a glide happen and let your arms just
fall down by your hips. They shouldn’t be up by your hands because that’s gonna be more drag that you gotta push down as you’re
doing the flip turn. So as you’re coming into the wall, basically just horizontal
floating on your stomach, you then start the flip turn, you fold your mid-section down,
think about it like this. How’s that, that was pretty good. Think about just folding
your mid-section down like that and rolling. And you want to do it fairly
quickly so that you’ve got a lot of momentum to kick your legs over. And right as you start
folding your mid-section down, give your legs a little
whip kick to get the turn happening and then turn from
your core as fast as you can. It all comes from the core. It’s not really much from the hip. Your arms really shouldn’t
be doing anything. I am awful for that, I’ve got
a chicken wing of a right arm which wants to go like this. Because your arms are down at your hips, as you do the flip turn,
if you just leave ’em there and kinda let ’em dangle
they will then end up over your head when you come back. And you can start
learning how to flip turn by only getting yourself to
the point that you are flipping and facing completely up. So just make it a flip
at the start and push off in like a back stroke position. Then as you start
getting more comfortable, your legs start hitting
the wall more often, you can start adding just a little turn that once your feet hit the wall, you turn your body slightly. Something you should
know about it is it takes a lot of practice to get good at it. It’s kinda like when
you learn how to breathe every three strokes instead of every two. Maybe it took months or a
year to get to the point that that felt comfortable. That’s why flip turns are gonna be like and the harder the swim you’re doing, the harder it’s gonna be
to flip turn, typically. I still have a hard time
flip turning throughout an entire 400 meter set. So yeah, that’s flip turning. I may as well tell you
about what I decided on with the hoop suit instead
of just leaving you dangling in suspense. I think I’m gonna go
with tucking the tri-suit into the swim skin, just making sure that the sleeves are
pulled out the right way and not turned in
because as I was swimming with the sleeves out, this
would flap a little bit and it’s kinda pointless to
have this super duper fancy swim skin reducing my drag
while I’m creating drag there. I’ll just try to get the
hang of putting this on when it’s a little bit
wet before the race. Oh, and by the way, how about you guys finding the Strava group
that I created three days ago before I even announced it on the vlog. You’re into this. I like the hustle, folks. I like it. And now, that’s it because I am smack dab in the middle of taper processing. Taper processing. 1,300 meters, I’m done. That’s it. Kids are, oh it’s a birthday. Alright, I’m competing with them. They’re more fun than I am, see ya.

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