Eddie Izzard has panic attack while flying a plane! PT-2

Eddie Izzard has panic attack while flying a plane!  PT-2

83 thoughts on “Eddie Izzard has panic attack while flying a plane! PT-2

  1. I grew up in a french Canadian town, and went to a french grade school… and I don't speak french as well as Eddie.

  2. 16:53 "I don't have a problem with it but if you have a problem with it go see a psychiatrist they can help you with your problem."

  3. Well, you say that, but it's my understanding that many millennias ago, gender preferences weren't regimented at all. But if you ask me, I'd say why are you asking me, I'm not the Grand Regimentor.

  4. Kevin! Love, love, love this!
    Eddie is as good as I remember – maybe even better!
    He's our British Robin Williams with his own unique delivery.
    Thanks, Kevin, and Eddie! <3

  5. I can totally relate to Eddie greeting people like that lol it gives you a feeling of brightening someone day. I'm from Texas and went to New Jersey ounce and I made the mistake of holding a door open for a lady and I didn't think I would ever in the store lmao at that moment everybody suddenly wanted in lol

  6. Great episode. Eddie was amazing. This certainly fell into the always leave them wanting more category. Eddie was a perfect catch!

  7. Next General Election in the uk will be December 2019. Not 2021. Eddie needs to spend more time in the UK. It’s been obvious since Theresa May resigned in June as Prime Minister, there would be an early election, though I don’t know when this was recorded. So I’ll give Eddie the benefit of the doubt. Alas, he needs to become an MP before becoming a Prime Minister, but our country really needs a leader like him.

  8. Kevin Nealon: so what's up about you being trans? Eddie Izzard: I'm also an interesting human being regardless of my gender. Kevin Nealon: so what's up with your rubber boobies?

  9. Hey Kevin it be great to see if you can get some diverse people Eddie Murphy,Chris Tucker, Arnold Schwarzenegger,Jim Breuer,

  10. I love Eddie, I think he's brilliant….. But I don't like when he dresses up as a woman, not even a little tiny bit.

  11. There are people wishing for excitement and adventure in their lives and then there are Eddie Izzards who seize the day, shoulder to the wind, understand we all start at scratch and have to keep at things to get good at them. I highly recommend his memoir, "Believe Me". Such an inspiring human being. Thanks, Kevin!

  12. As you can tell, Los Angels loves Eddie. Why the hell not? He's brilliant, handsome & funny AF. He's practically a Californian.

  13. Great video. I like that Eddie talks about the freedom to say hello and the extra energy he gets coming out. However, what is Eddie coming out about? In part 1 he said he likes girls?

  14. Eddie is one of the most fascinating and charismatic people I've seen and heard in a long time. I'm very enamored and impressed with Eddie.

  15. Really happy to get to know Eddie. Didn’t know much about him. Enjoyed him. But poor Kevin being attacked by that umbrella😂. Looked like a hard hike. Good going, Kevin!

  16. There are two “America’s”. There’s the liberal cities that are melting pots of races, cultures, religions, identities, and ideas. And then there is the rest of the country where some people live their entire lives without ever leaving their county, or meeting anyone outside their circle. It’s no wonder this country is so divided, we live worlds apart.

  17. CDH with someone disposing of their trash in a trash bin located at the top of the hill of the Hollowwood sign. 4:23 there's a plus. The general public and celebrity mix well on the one trail. I don't know about the landscape. 17:29 What did that say?

  18. I just don't understand why you seem to always go to this park. I get that its location is convenient, but like…you're in California. Get some trekking poles and a proper hiking backpack and get the hell out of LA and into nature. It would make your series far more interesting

  19. I can see Kevin training for 10K's – probably with eleven different watches for
    "Splits." The Dude's a Gamer – unstoppable.

  20. id love to invite eddie to dinner..we might get on, i call all lizards steve or mr stevens and totally agree with the choice of cake or death..lolol. you are amazing x

  21. If only more people where able to grab onto the attitude you have eddie. You truly are an amazing individual. Nothing but positive and luv coming from you i hope it comes back to you 10 fold.

  22. Eddie, I have a trans daughter, when she was young you were her first idol…Let us dress you, I am a hairstylist and she works for Sephora. We adore everything about you. She is a beautiful man, exactly like you….

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