(intro) Hello, everyone, it’s Molly here for another video, and if the lighting looks different it’s because it is basically my ring light is doing something funky and there’s decent natural daylight out right now so I don’t know how it’s going to look. Let me know if you like it better, if you don’t like it at all I don’t really have the option right now so I kind of opened my blinds a bit and I have like a window and either side of me so hopefully the lighting’s alright and if not, sorry not much I could do, and this is where my blind viewers are winning because it doesn’t matter for them yeah, blind girl perk, or blind person perk so as you can see from the title its another story time video, and this is my figure skating disaster. So I started figure skating when I was really really little I started learning how to skate just taking the typical skating lessons and then I actually got into figure skating lessons, and I was probably about eight years old, grade 3 when we had a big figure skating show so the company I did figure skating for rented out this big arena, sold tickets, filled the whole place full of of people there to watch our show and we had practiced this bird routine for months. It was, I think there was, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 of us, so we were all around eight years old and we were all birds in like these glittery adorable bird costumes with like feathers on our helmets and everything, and we had these wings it was like this glittery sequin fabric that attached from our wrists down to our hip and it was an adorable costume and all the other girls were, there was like two of every color and then I was the number 7 like the odd color out, so all of the others were either deep navy blue, a dark like blood red, like a dark red, or a deep chocolate brown, and then there’s me bright yellow, like highlighter yellow so I am clearly sticking out like a sore thumb in my bright yellow costume and I should let you know that we had like my mom got all of our family to get tickets we don’t really have family here in Canada, but I used to have a grandmother that lived in canada and an aunt so they bought tickets and we had like my O&M instructor- my orientation and mobility instructor bought a ticket, my like vision itinerant bought a ticket, my EA bought a ticket, like we had the- the whole crew was there to watch me in the show and I was like the elegant bird in the group all the other parents, whenever we were practicing, they would be like “that kid is like the elegant bird” -like, of course, this is just so typical Molly, I’m like overdramatic and you know I grew up taking 10 years of acting classes, so I was just like all the other little kids were just like flapping their arms like this to be a bird and then I’m like gracefully just like skating along with my graceful wings and I was just being so like hamming up this bird act that I was really this little skating bird, and so we’re on the ice and and it, like- eyes are on me I’m the bright yellow bird with the weird wings that look totally different to everybody else’s like crazy flapping wings, and our routine goes well everything goes smoothly, and then we’re all stating off in a line and I was the end of the line. I think I was like the last one in the way that they did this was, three-fourths of the ice were open and that’s where like the show was happening and then they had a giant dark curtain that fell, and the last fourth of the ice was behind the curtain so that’s where all of us would stand when we were getting ready to go out onto the ice and that’s where we would come off and then skate to the backstage area where all the change rooms were and so the way it was lit is like there was spotlights on the figure skaters when we’d be skating, but everything else aside from the spotlights that were on us was totally dark, and given I have retinitis pigmentosa, the first sign of RP is night blindness, so I have never in my life ever ever ever been able to see in the dark or dim lighting or at nighttime or anything like that, so I could see that there was a spotlight but other than that it was pitch-black to me so I’m like skating off in my nice little birdie wings behind everybody else and then the next thing I know, I’m the only one on the ice, and all the other birdies like flew behind the curtain, and I’m like at this- like totally lost, like I’m at the curtain and I’m feeling the curtain and I’m like trying to find where the opening up the curtain is and I can’t find it so then I turn around I start skating back the other way. I don’t know why. So I started skating back and I’m literally like skating in circles, this little bright yellow bird alone on the ice the music’s not playing anymore and it’s just me and everybody’s just like watching me and, um, poor- like- oh my god I feel this is such a blind Molly moment, just like the blind little Molly birdie, sadly, eight years old like skating alone, lost on the ice. It was a very sad moment, and they ended up having to send one of the older male skaters, he was probably like 16 or 18 and he skated out and picked me up under my little birdie wings and flew me all around the ice and they were like making a show of it to like make it look like it was like “this was meant to happen” and so he’s like flying me around the ice and then skates me off backstage and then- and that was it. All ended ok, but it was definitely an embarrassing blind girl moment, and I just feel so sad for poor little birdie Molly, just, just lost alone skating on the ice so, please, if you have any blind girl, or blind boy, moments like that, please comment down below, share your funny moments and stories I hope you guys enjoyed this one. I know it was quick and short, which you probably like, um and yeah, I hope you enjoyed it subscribe if you haven’t already thumbs it up if you enjoyed it and want to see more storytime videos and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye.


  1. You were at my school in Russell recently, you probably saw me 😃. All jokes aside you are an amazing speaker and i hope your channel works out. Have you ever heard about Ted Talks? if not you should check it out, I think it would be a great place to share your story.

  2. Hey Molly you were at my school in Russell recently and I just wanted to say that your speech was very inspirational and that made me rethink some things so thank you for coming to the school and hope that your tour goes well😊

  3. Hey Molly! I just saw you at ND outside of Ottawa! I just wanted to let you know that student council got GREAT feedback after your speech on Wednesday! Love your videos, have a great day!

  4. As a visually impaired performer who is also affected by Retinitis Pigmentosa, I totally understand. As someone who has experienced many similar stories, I was laughing, hysterically! 😂 Thank you for posting this.

  5. Okay, so I was about eight or nine and my theater arts teacher decided to have my class do a dance for our yearly showcase. So we were about seven or eight little visually impaired kids dancing to the YMCA song, and the crowd seemed to be enjoying us. Now, I was the only completely blind dancer. So about halfway through the song, I don't remember exactly how it happened, but somehow I end up dancing with my back to the audience while everyone else is facing forward. And this goes on for a while until one of the girls finally spins me around. And the worst part is, I didn't even realize what was wrong until she spun me around and then I just started blushing and I was so embarrassed!!!!!!! TO this day, my best friend who also happend to be the girl who turned me around won't let me live that down. But it's all cool now. Sometimes those blind girl moments can't be helped. Although that could be a reason why I don't much enjoy dancing now, lol. It can be disorienting. Anyway, great video

  6. So I had went to youth slam held by the Nfb when I was in seventh grade. My o and m instructor signed the paper work and everything. ButI wasn't ready. I had practiced all the skills I needed to be successful, but I hadn't don them alone. So I really wasn't ready. I got lost so many times, and at that time I didn't have a watch or cellphone zhat was accessible enough to tell the time with, so I was constantly late. Those things combined meant that I was always getting yelled at. It all culminated in a stunt where my mentor left me in like a lobby area. I Wandered around for a long time, and eventually decided that I needed to advocate. So There were some scientists having a conference at a table in thcenter. I went up there and Äked where the geology room was, and I thoroughly confused them. Then my mentor came back and took me back to the room. She said she was trying to teach me a lesson. To be perfectly honest, I am not sure she was gone the whole time. To be truthful, I just realized what that lesson was, I needed to advocate more.

  7. Actually the lighting looks great! I like your stories, long and short. I only vaguely knew of RP, prior to finding your videos. I bet the organizers of your event felt really bad about not setting that one up better! Your mom must have wanted to run out on the ice and save you! Again, tfs!

  8. Why does this video have so little views? The lighting looks good even of this was 5 months ago. We all have these moment and we do learn to laugh them off but we all know they still haunt us today 😂

  9. Hi Molly, David from Australia here, your scenario brings me back to my high school senior sky trip back in 2002 , I have too may mishaps for this space so will choose the most embarrassing one for you , I was coming down the motion in my fluro orange bib with big letters saying "bind skier"on it – thank god my school organised one lol, I must have come off course because the next thing I know, I'm coming down at a hundred mile an hour crashing though a roped off area and straight into a primary school group ski lesson with about 20 young kids from early primary school age, all trying to ski madly out of my way to avoid being knocked over! lol thank god the instructor released was had happened and helped back to my area. one of my best holidays ever, and would love to have the opportunity to sky again, I had a ball. ( borderline leagley blind since birth, I use a white cane for all mobility outside the home or work. ) but i'm fearlessly independent- sometimes to my own detriment. lol great Chanel Molly, keep up your great work!

  10. This reminds me very much of my own visually impaired this adventure. I was performing at a concert in my high school auditorium. They were a giant spot lights on the stage which made it impossible for me to see anything else. When my chorus group with finish thing instead of following my fellow course numbers I turned and went the opposite direction toward the backstage thinking to avoid The inconvenience and difficulty of going down the stairs off stage which did not have a really. Instead I ended up lost in the dark recesses behind the bleachers with no light and no web feet where we going. I like you without able to find the folder the curtain which led to the backstage area. Luckily for me there happened to be another girl going that way who couldn't use the stairs because she recently had surgery so she help me find the curtain and let me through the nearby door to the backstage area. However when I did not know until I ended up tripping over them was that they were instruments left behind by the orchestra in the area that we had to walk through. I didn't proceeded to Oso tactfully ask her her name only to find out that she was somewhat I've known for the entirety of my high school and most of my middle school years. Oh the joys only way we visually impaired folks get to enjoy

  11. I'm not blin,d but i use to be in color guard in 8th grade and we had parades we would go to and preform but you got dressed at the place u were preforming at on a blue tarp and so u would wear your PE clothes and put your uniform on top of it. I didnt no at that time but know im pretty sure that i ended up having brain fog and instead of leaving my PE clothes on i pulled my PE shorts off, and keep in mind it was not just color guard that was there it was also the band so everyone saw what happened. And so some of the color guard girls came running over to me to ask what i was doing and i was still having brain fog so i was very confused. It ended up being fine except for i got bullied a little bit for it which sucked but it was whatever.

  12. Ok, I'm not blind, but I've been very nearsighted most of my life, from the age of 7. Halloween was an adventure from that age forward, for this reason: the costumes in the 1960s were packaged with plastic masks included, and sold as Cinderella, Casper the Ghost, Superman, or whatever. The masks were held on the head by elastic straps and they made your face sweat like a waterfall. I couldn't wear my big, bulky glasses under one of those masks that covered the face so tightly, nor could I wear glasses outside the mask because they slipped off; so I had to trek through my neighborhood trick-or-treating without my glasses. My lovely friends would go off and leave me. I'd be yelling to them, "Come back! I can't see!" stumbling over curbs & falling into holes and drainage ditches. The neighbors would be wondering, "What's wrong with that clumsy kid there? She fell and spilled all her candy." Really pathetic. 🙂

  13. Once I had a dance recital and we were all preset on the stage and so other people had already got to their positions and it was bitch black so I was carefully trying to step over everyone then all the sudden the music and the lights come on and everyone starting dancing with out me so I’m just trying to catch up with everyone 😂😂😂

  14. Hey Molly I got left on a stage when I was 5 or 6 years old we had a school production thing that wasn't on school property and I didn't have a cane back then as it took my parents to come to terms with my blindness. Anyway I got help on to the stage but not off and I have zero depth perception even finding the steps was a challenge as you can probably imagine. Once I found the steps I saw a gap between the first step going down and the stage and freaked out as I didn't know I wide the gap was and I was going to fall straight through. I probably should have mentioned that we were all in costume and I was a bee. So being the last one on stage just stearing at the steps not sure about anything like size etc I stood there for ages and no one from my class not even the teachers came to help. Finally my eldest sister came and rescued me by guiding me down.

    And I have so many other blind moments like tha I could share with you as well but for time sake I won't 😊

  15. Hey molly. I think this was my favorite blind molly moment. I could just picture you in the bird costume dancing around lost and the guy picking you up. It was nice to gear. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Lols! You didn’t link this in your new video but I found it! I’m not blind, but I have severe neurological disability and spinal and joint problems with a heart condition and digestive disorder. I’m a power wheelchair user who is house bound 90% of the time and I wand to say thank you for what you do to improve accessibility in the world. There will always be things that our disability prevents us from doing, but we are still people who are striving to live the best lives we can in spite of those things that take a part of our ability from us. Thank you. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🌈💖

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