[ENG SUB] [Episode] This is 한성 (Hansung) of 화랑’ (Hwa Rang’) (a.k.a. BTS V ^ㅁ^)

[ENG SUB] [Episode] This is 한성 (Hansung) of 화랑’ (Hwa Rang’) (a.k.a. BTS V ^ㅁ^)

I’ve come to ride a horse. I’ve come to ride a horse but… the horse could bite the camera, it really likes the camera. Taehyung is waiting for his horse friend, who he is riding together today with. This side, this side… The other side. Yes. With the help of the coach, he got on the horse I’m now practicing horse-riding. This is my 3rd time. I think it’s very fun The horse… the horse is very big. but I’m going to ride with the horse, like this, I feel so good. I will work hard. Hansung eat like its tasty. 1,2,3, 1,2,3, cue! Thank you for the trouble/ you’ve worked hard. Today, like this… Second, second Today, I got support from the fans like this, made me able to raise up my shoulders with pride Thank you for doing so much good. I’ll work hard! Outdoor shooting… At least the weather is good, so it’s fine. We on a hot day, filmed/shot a lot I suffered a lot from sweat But it went well. We…we as hwarang, now we are… now.. scenes… outside scenes… there are many of them, we filmed a lot outside. You worked hard. I had a lot of fun shooting/filming with the hyungs. And now the poster shooting has been fun. I think it will come out fun to some extent. I receive a lot of lovely things from my hyungs. You receive a lot. I don’t know if your somewhat teasing/playing with me. I’m Hansung Give a lot of love, Next time, give me a lot of love. We will now… coolly try hard, broadcast… watch us. What are you saying? (talking about himself) This is quite difficult. Since I worked hard, please watch a lot Thank you! Bye! Bye I will attend the conference! Because it’s my first conference, I’m very nervous, absolutely without a nervous appearance, I will show a profressional appearance, because I’m BTS’ V! I will show you once! Thank you! In this drama, the sun-like smile from maknae hansung Please look once Please show us the sun-like smile. And in this drama, you are the maknae right? There’s a pose that I always request to maknae’s… a flower pose. One more time for the centre please. Show the left side once also. From BTS, you have become an actor, what kind of acting will you show us? I anticipate it. You may leave, thank you. Maknae Kim Taehyung… Yes, hello, playing Hansung’s role in Hwarang, I am Kim Taehyung. Hansung is… a pure, bright and full of curiosity kid/’friend’. He’s the type to focus on that one thing, when he falls into something/ gets distracted. So I think he is similar to me. Hansung has, later on, somewhat has sadness behind him, so please pay a lot of attention, watch him comfortably. Thank you. And with our members, we have a group chat room, there… Whether that’s dawn, daylight or early in the morning, through Kakao talk, ah… So through a message, ‘are you doing well’, ‘work hard’ or ‘fighting’ They sent me a lot of messages like that. Yes, your mic works well, thank you. On a summer’s day, that time we were shooting in a room, but there was lights all over the room, so that room was very hot In that room there was supposed to be a group fight It was all supposed to be action but everyone was so hot It was too hot to do the action, we were sweating a lot We can’t show sweat during shooting and so we kept on getting changed/modifications and used mini fans It was an episode in a sweltering summer’s day. It’s his birthday. So we have prepared a surprise cake. Thank you Thank you Thank you for coming today. Yes, hello, playing Hansung’s role in Hwarang, I’m Kim Taehyung. 19th of December will be the first episode/broadcast, I hope that many of you watch it. We worked even harder, even harder and I also have an OST. I hope you listen to it a lot. Listen to it a lot, a lot. Thank you!

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  1. I'm currently on hiatus/a break for 1 month till 10th June due to important A Level exams, so please forgive me for not uploading in so long. I may be able to sub during the week beginning 29th may to 4th June as it is holidays but I'm most likely revising during them. Please subscribe anyway for future eng subbed bts videos 🙂

  2. I'm on episode 5 and I cried so much i started watching it because of V and for some reason I thought it would be a comedy. But episode two got me bawling my eyes out!!

  3. I love Tae and I’m not trying to be mean at all but was I the only one yelling at him to put his heels down more in the stirrups at the beginning, or for him to leave his hands down while posting the trot, and I have no clue who taught him that dismount but I was like oh god the whole time he was riding without his hands. Again not trying to be mean it’s more for his safety so he stays on.

    Edit: I know I’m so late to commenting😂😂😂

  4. Hes so cute wearing breeches and boots. Lol who else in the army is an equestrian?! He did great for his third time!

  5. Can ya'll imagine the rest of bts trying to learn how to ride horses, and taehyung is just riding around them giving pointers?

  6. casually slides in I’m not even half way done with the video but whatever.

    I am an Equestrian myself and own a horse(who’s a dog in very large horse form) and oh my word I wanna coach Tae freaking bad!!!!

  7. Coming to watch again since jungkook & hoseok were watching in the 2017 memories 🤧 this seems like just yesterday but it's a year ago

  8. I saw a few little mistakes in position and stride when he rode but it’s not his fault, it’s something the instructors should pick up on and he overall did a great job

  9. Me, as a person who's been riding since they were very young, I was both wheezing and congratulating him. He's really good for a beginner. Definitely got a way to go tho aha, but he's not really interested in the sport so uhh, probs not happening.

  10. I’m deceased. Tae and my horse are my favourite things omg. He looked so chill on the horse like woah, he’s definitely a natural

  11. You can see photos of Love yourself: Answer, E version on his phone 5:00!!!

    Me acabo de dar cuenta que en el minuto 5:00 más o menos sale en la pantalla del móvil la foto del concepto de Love Yourself: Answer de la versión E, que estan todos en cajas y atados. Ya lo sabían desde entonces!!!

  12. I was so happy when I saw him riding a horse because have ridden one and I was totally fangirling😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  13. 0:50 I love how he’s straight up grabbing his ass
    He’s doing what he all want to do
    And I respect him for that 👏🏼

  14. I’m actually an equestrian and he’s extremely good for a beginner (he’s got a pretty good seat, decent position on the horse)

  15. Idk if it's his first time riding or anything but he seems like he was pretty new to this and can I just say how good of a rider he is, he keeps his posture and props to the horse too they picked a good one for him

  16. Ya he's a good rider, I just think he's a bit strong on the reins, don't get me wrong he's amazing, I just have a riding degree in cross country..

  17. I ride my horses all the time but V can still post netter than me. (Post is the thing you do while the horse trots.)

  18. Poor horse, it's too skinny to support Tae 🤦‍♀️😭 or someone else, he's really too skinny

  19. As an equestrian… all I can say is… yoU’RE DOING GREAT SWEETIE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  20. I really like V, but I must say that it hurts to look how he’s riding the horse because i ride since i was a little kid and… hmmmm… It’s not good haha 😂 But I understand that he’s not the professional rider ❤️

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