English for beginners – Hiking and camping

Exercise 15. Hiking and camping. Tara and
Matt look different today. What’s going on, Tara? Tara and Matt are going hiking. They
will walk in the woods during the day, make a camp for the night and come home the next
day. If you are going hiking or camping, there are many things you should have. One of the
most important is a map and a compass so that you do not get lost. Something else you need
is a whistle, so that people can hear you if you do get lost. You also need the right
clothing. Look at what Matt and Tara are wearing. They have hiking boots, and sweaters and hats
to keep off the sun and rain. That’s a very stylish hat, Matt. Enjoy your hike! Here we
see Tara and Matt on the trail. A trail is a path that you follow in the woods. This
trail will take them to their campsite where they are going to stay for the night. Tara
will be glad when she gets there because her rucksack is starting to feel heavy. That’s
her rucksack there on her back. It’s got some food, a water bottle, a first aid kit, spare
socks and things she will need for the night. She also has an insect repellent because there
are many bugs in the woods. A bug is any kind of insect – for example this is a bug. Tara
does not like mosquitoes, and she hates spiders. Tara and Matt are feeling a bit lost, so they
have stopped to check their position on the map. They use the compass to make sure that
the map is pointing in the right direction, and find the hills on the map and they compare
them with the hills they can see around them. It’s not far to the campground now. Now Tara
and Matt are at the campsite. They have made a campfire and are sitting on logs while they
roast marshmallows on sticks over the fire. They have eaten supper and are very tired
from all that walking. Tonight they will sleep under the stars. Look at Tara – she is already
in the tent in her comfortable sleeping bag. Matt is also getting very sleepy. Look at
him yawning. It’s bedtime. Unlike Tara, Mat will sleep in his hammock between two
trees. A hammock is very comfortable, but you have to be careful not to fall out of
it. Sleep well Matt and Tara – you have another long walk tomorrow!

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