Ep. 112: Strawberry | Utah RV travel camping

Ep. 112: Strawberry | Utah RV travel camping

Well now, this is a hell of a way to
start off a trip. So thank God for State Trailer Supply! If
you folks are in the Salt Lake City area and you need anything for your RV, any kind
of part, State Trailer almost is guaranteed to have it. They had the
exact replacement that I needed. As a matter of fact, not only did they have
that, they had an entire aisle of nothing but vents and vent covers! There had to have
been 30 different choices. They closed at 7, I got there at 6:40. We’re going to be
ready to go in the morning. So after getting that roof vent lid fixed,
we headed out here to the Strawberry area in northern Utah. This is a very
popular area surrounding Strawberry Reservoir. We’re actually up on Forest
Road 150, also known as Mud Creek Road, for a beautiful boondocking spot here
with our friends Dan and Beth, who just picked up this absolutely adorable
new travel trailer. They just picked it up Thursday night, so this is kind of
their shakedown cruise. Also we’re going to be joined by friends Dale and Pat who are coming up here for dinner, so let me first show you around camp a little
bit. The Mud Creek Road getting up to our
camp can be a bit rough and rutted in places. Confident towing and high ground
clearance are both a must. There’s a large boondocking area at the base of
the Mud Creek Road that’s easily accessible by any rig, but the Strawberry
area is a very popular area on weekends and the base of the road is a bit too
busy for our taste. The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest
maintains a massive campground at Strawberry Bay with 25 double campsites
and a whopping 321 single sites, 26 of which have full hookups. Rates for the
single sights range from $23 to $36 per day and are reservable on Recreation.gov. There’s a dump station near the entrance to Strawberry Bay with potable
water for a $10 fee. The Strawberry Bay Recreation Complex
also includes a large marina with boat ramp, a small inn, and a store and
restaurant complete with gas pumps, boat rentals and fishing supplies. We were
intending to do some kayaking and fishing this weekend on Strawberry
Reservoir, but with stormy weather closing in we opted instead to just let
our dogs swim for a bit. Formed when the Strawberry Dam was constructed in 1913,
and enlarged to over 17,000 acres by the Soldier Creek Dam in 1972, Strawberry
Reservoir would normally be part of the Colorado River drainage. Some of the
water stored in the reservoir is still released to the Strawberry River to
provide fishery flows, but most of the stored water is diverted through the
Wasatch Mountains beneath where we’re camped to Utah’s population center along
the Wasatch Front. Strawberry Reservoir offers excellent boating, waterskiing, and
canoeing and kayaking. Utah’s most popular fishery, anglers fish for rainbow
trout, cutthroat trout, and kokanee salmon. Other popular activities in the
Strawberry area include hiking, biking and horseback riding. The Strawberry OHV
trail system offers 75 miles of trails. We made the right decision against
heading out onto the water today. Utah summers are typically hot and dry,
but we’ve encountered all manner of weather on this trip: sunshine, clouds,
thunder, rain… and yes, even small hail. Still, we have no intention of letting
the weather put a damper on our camping weekend. So that’s going to do it for our quick
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37 thoughts on “Ep. 112: Strawberry | Utah RV travel camping

  1. A great video, as usual. And really gave attention to the green beauty of Utah, that isn’t rock formations and canyons. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that). 😉

  2. I look forward to your video all week! It truly gets me over the hump! And I can imagine I'm there where it's cool…And green…and shady!

  3. lovin it, you are giving us so many ideas of where we want to go. i very much appreciate you sharing these videos.

  4. I used to go boating with my grandparents at Strawberry lake back in the 1960's. I have not been there since, so it is on my travel list, thanks to this great video.

  5. We are trying to plan a boondocking trip to Snake River or Green River Wyoming. Do you have any tips or site suggestions for that area? We have a St. Bernard and Aussie Shepherd and a 9 yr old autistic son who loves camping, fishing and the outdoors. We just bought a new 2019 Forest River Heritage Glen Hyper-Lyte bunk house BHHL-24 ft. and love it. Just spent the weekend camping at Guernsey Reservoir. We like dry camping mostly.

  6. Mark and Grand Adventure, As usual, another top shelf video. After several hours in Metro Denver traffic I look forward to your Wednesday debuts… I'm certain watching these videos lowers my blood pressure by double digits …so THANK YOU !!

  7. Watch your great videos on my phone.. I think I'm going to get my laptop fixed so i can enjoy them even more. My father can't get around very well but i just took him to strawberry reservoir thanks to you !

  8. Absolutely love the aspen trees. Thanks for sharing. Also thank you so much for adding the ohv information

  9. Hi, Mark. I stayed at the CG on Strawberry earlier this summer. I was headed to the San Rafael Swell and this was a beautiful location, especially
    after spending 2 weeks at Hill AFB Fam Camp. LOL

  10. Loved watching the Vizsla, who reminds me so much of my own! Glad that they finally got him to swim. Also, I appreciate that you know how to pronounce “potable” unlike many Youtubers. 😉

  11. Mark my wife and I love the outdoors and also have kids that live in WY.
    Your video makes us want to start asap but still trying to decide if we want to tow a camper or just drive.
    We are both one year out from full retirement and want to pull the plug and camp at least 50% of the year .

    Any suggestions ?

  12. It's almost like being there. Your videos provide a great escape from the inferno of South Texas heat and humidity. Thanks!

  13. Marc! That looks like something that would happen to us🤣
    Utah has something for everyone. Very excited to get there one of these days! Beautiful:-) Another home run video.

  14. Thanks again Marc. We are escaping a Texas heat and heading to northern New Mexico and southern Colorado next week. We will be seeing some country we have seen before and some we haven’t, thanks to your videos. Thanks. Safe travels. Question. I am a new drone flyer (Mavic 2 Pro) and have never done any editing. Any tips on an editor I should try? Yours is great.

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