Epic or Fail LIVE!

– Sometimes I come out here and I show you
“Epic or Fail” videos. Usually they’re pretty good and
they end really, really great, and sometimes they end with
somebody’s pants splitting open. [audience laughter]
You people are too smart to try anything like that,
right? Wrong.
[audience laughter] There are some people
in the audience today. They claim they can do
some epic things, so we thought
we’d have some fun and play a live version
of “Epic or Fail.” While they sign necessary
release forms, everyone grab your paddles,
they’re under your seats. I’ll play along.
I have not seen any of these. You will also, tWitch,
play along? Alexis Redeker,
where are you, Alexis? – Whoo! – All right. [upbeat music]
[cheers and applause] – Hi! – Hi!
– Oh, my gosh. – Well, look what a coincidence you’d wear those today
when I call you down. [audience laughter] Good thing we’re playing
this game today. – Oh, my God, I’m so excited!
– All right, I’m excited too. How old are you, Alexis?
– I’m 14. – 14, and it appears
you’re gonna do something– Is that to do with
what you’re doing? – Just a little bit.
– A little bit? – Yeah.
– All right, so what is it that you’re gonna do? – I’m gonna do the limbo
on skates. – The limbo on skates.
– Yes. – So what are
you limboing under? – A limbo bar.
– Okay. And the limbo bar is here?
Someone has one? – Yes.
– Okay, I haven’t seen– There’s a– Well, that’s too low.
That’s way too low. You’re going to go over that,
aren’t you? – No.
– You’re going under? – Yeah.
– Alexis, good luck. – [laughs]
[audience laughter] [audience laughter] [cheers and applause] – Wait, hold on!
[cheers and applause] Alexis! I guess we’re gonna
vote right now. Do we think that Alexis
is gonna make it? I’m gonna say yes. [all cheering] One person says no. [audience laughter] And it appears to be her friend. [audience laughter] Or ex-friend. All right, Alexis. [drumroll] audience: Oh! [cheering] [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]
[bell dings] [cheers and applause] Alexis!
[cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] Roller skate over there. Don’t you feel bad
about yourself? [audience laughter] She’s your friend?
Do you know her? Oh, you don’t know her, you just happened to be seated
next to here? And you’re the only person
in the audience that didn’t believe in her! [audience laughter] Shame on you. [audience laughter] Now I’m looking
for Damon Fraser. Where are you, Damon? [upbeat music] – Hi, Damon!
– Hi. My family’s watched you
since, uh– My family’s watched you
since day one. I’m so excited to be here.
– Oh, thank you so much, Damon. Where do you live?
– Grand Prairie, Alberta. – All right, and you have not
put on any roller skates. What kind of talent
are you doing today? – I walk up stairs
on my hands. – Okay, and so, uh– Well, we know who’s gonna
not think you can do it. [audience laughter] The old naysayer there. [audience laughter] Naysayer Nancy, I call her. [audience laughter] All right, so,
I’m gonna say you can, because I believe in you. And oh–tWitch says no. [audience laughter] All right, Damon,
most of us believe in you. There’s a couple of people–
Tom also says no. Oh, okay, people really–
okay, prove us wrong, Damon. [cheers and applause]
[upbeat music] [cheers and applause]
[music continues] [cheers and applause]
[music continues] [loud cheers and applause] [bell dings]
[cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] Way to go, Damon!
That’s amazing! That’s amazing. It’s too bad you’re not in good
shape, though, because– [audience laughter] Josh Horton.
Where are you, Josh? [upbeat music]
[cheers and applause] Hello, Josh!
– Hi, how are you? – Where do you live?
– I’m from Dallas. — You’re from Dallas,
and what kind of– You’re just dressed
like a normal guy, coming to see a show. – Yep.
– What is your talent? – I am going to shoot ping pong
balls out of my mouth into cups. – All right.
[audience laughter] And that started out of– Are you an only child, or– [audience laughter] – Basically.
– Okay, all right. You know how that just happens. You decide to try to spit ping
pong balls out of your mouth, ’cause they’re so clean. [audience laughter] Do you need–
what do you need? – I need some ping pong balls
and a cup. – Oh, I assume we have them. – Yep.
– All right. [cheers and applause]
– So I’m gonna do– I’m gonna take two shots, one starting there
and into that cup, and then I’m going to balance
the cup on my head for the second shot. – Oh, wow. – All right. [laughs]
[audience laughter] Look.
It just seems too hard, Josh. It just seems impossible,
but let’s watch. – All right.
Here we go. [drumroll] [audience cheers] [drumroll] [cheers and applause] – Wow!
[cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] Josh!
[cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] [bell dings]
[cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] I was–that’s what I meant
to say, that, right there. Chris Ruggiero,
Ruggerio, where are you? [upbeat music]
[cheers and applause] – Hi!
– Oh! – Hello, Chris.
– Hi! – Hi, where do you live?
– I’m from Pennsylvania. – From Pennsylvania.
Just the entire state. – Yeah, I do the whole thing.
– All right. And what is your talent? – What I’m going to do
is juggle fire, but I’m going to balance on top
of a ball while I’m doing it. – You’re–you’re gonna–
I’m sorry? [audience laughter] – I’m gonna juggle fire, and– – Just loose fire? Just–okay.
– Yeah. – And I’m going to balance
on top of a ball while I’m doing it. – All right.
– So– – If only you could spit
ping pong balls into a cup, I would be impressed. [audience laughter]
While all that’s going on. But let’s see that. I’m gonna say that sounds like
you might do that. Let’s see it. All right, what do we need? – So we’re gonna need some–
– A ball? – A ball and some fire.
– Okay, all right. – We’ve got it.
– There’s a ball, and there’s– Good thing we have
all this backstage. [dramatic music] audience: Oh! [cheers and applause] Wow!
[cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] Congratulations!
That is amazing! You were all epic to me, and you’re all gonna get
a 55″ TCL Roku television for being here. [cheers and applause]
We’ll be back!

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