Equitation Tips – How to free school your horse

Equitation Tips – How to free school your horse

Hi there today I’m going to show you how to set up the Distances in your jumping chute so that you can free jump your horse and your own arena, so let’s get started Name is Laura welcome to another video if it’s your first time here. Hey, how’s it going? And if you’d like to improve your riding and training, but generally like other horse related stuff Then you should subscribe to this channel hit the bell icon, so you don’t miss anything So I’ve been free schooling free jumping horses once a week, and it is so much fun I did a live video on it showing some video and it turned out really crappy. So I redid it. I used an enclosed area we use the Arena at Fraser Field farms. Thanks Robyn shoutout to Robyn and Really easy to do you just have to have some jump rails Some jump standards and what we used from the dollar store is Caution tape it’s that wide yellow tape that we just wrapped around the jumps, so here you can see the before video So this is the arena. It’s your regular dome type arena regular dressage ring size 20 meters by 40 meters so 66 feet by 132 feet really easy, and you don’t have to have any special equipment, you can see that. This is the before setup Have you ever used a jump chute put it in the comments below of how you set it up, and what distances you used. so we took the guesswork out of all the measuring as well we Took a measuring tape and measured the distances between the jumps and when you measure the distances between the jumps remember to measure inside-to-inside so we measure the inside of the pole to the inside of the pole here’s where the pole on the ground and that’s Robyn using the pole to measure And you can see here, we did 18 feet this is because in the perfect world that I wanted to work in that I wanted to do a 9 foot rail 18 feet to a jump and then 21 feet to the next jump I was figuring the horses would trot in do he once tried to an easy one stride jump out But the horses had different ideas so that’s 18 foot and then we measured 21 feet to the next Pole And This is the way the jump is set up so they’re coming from the right hand side of the thing near letter H And they’re going towards letter e so you can see right here, and let me just show you So they’re coming from they can see the 9 foot rail to the to this first set of jump standards And that’s where the first jump is going to be and then it’s going to be 18 feet So from the first set of jump standards to the next set of jump standards right here it’s going to be 18 feet and then from 18 feet to the next set of jump standards gonna be 21 feet and in my eye – What I decided what we should do is to have – one stride jumps a little bit of a gymnastic ezpz textbook type of scenario for your for your for your jump So I was thinking that we would have an easy peasy nine-foot rail to the first jump 18 feet to the second jump 21 feet to the third jump So my idea that I thought was gonna happen is that they were gonna trot in do the first jump take an easy one stride Then the second jump take an easy one stride go to the third jump But that’s not quite the way it worked out the distances were wrong the horses were excited They weren’t trotting in they were coming in at forward mostly canter so we had to adjust the Distances and we had to adjust the jumps And we moved it back to a two stride at 30 almost 32 feet And this is the distances Oh 30 30 feet five inches So we decided on doing it at 30 feet five inches And that seemed to work well with the horses that we had and the height of the jumps that we had But weren’t too high so that I wanted to measure it after we did it a couple times Just to make sure we did have to move it a little bit for some of the horses One horse had a little bit bigger stride one Where its head a little bit shorter stride, but this is what we use generally speaking 30 feet five inches For the two stride combination And that might be a bit short for some horses So this is a picture This is the video of when the horses the first horse we walked through we just walk them through and let her have a little Bit of mouthful of grain after we walked her through and this is really important because it Rewards the horse for walking through the chute This is what we like to do is reward the horse for doing what we want them to do And so after we walk through a couple times. We trotted the horse through and she got the idea She knew that she was supposed to go through It see it’s a little tight through there, so let the horse go I stood and videoed Easy one two a little bit tight for her But we wanted for her to Shorten up her stride a little bit and sit back on her hocks and that’s just gonna play through again. So you can really see Encouraged she was to get through there because she knew that she was going to get a bit of a treat when she got to the end Easy peasy right? and then we did it again And here she is coming through again one stride, and then she decided rather than rock back on her hawks at the canter She’d break into the trot and go over the jump at the trot And that’s three foot six so that’s a decent jump, and you can see that. We just put up verticals until the horses got used to jumping and Understanding what it is that we wanted them to do and developing the muscles, but kept it easy for them so that they could Develop the muscles and a positive way and Be encouraged to complete the jump shoot without any stress and once she’s done that What does she do she stops and gets her face into the bucket of green so that she can go around and do it again? Easy right I’m three foot six and a half three bits yeah, three six So that’s a good jump for that little horse And this is the next horse going through this is Toffee going through and again We walk through them through the entire shoot Walking through you see how careful. This horse is walking through and then at the end What do we do we give them a little treat of grain So after we’ve walked them through a couple of times they get the idea They get to go through there and stop and eat grain so then when we get through them and let them go at the beginning Of the shoot they just trot through and go through on their own we don’t have to chase them around with the crop at all you saw that we just walked her through a couple of times and Let her stop and have a mouthful of grain, right So the next time through we put some jumps up let her have a mouthful of grain well Here’s a video of her going through and you can see what she does when she gets to the end Here’s Toffee at the beginning of the chute, and you can see that. She’s ready to go. Oh! She’s just trotting through in hand So same thing we’re just trotting through in hand One time through at the trot and eating! And now so the next time through we set up a couple of jumps. Let it go through on her own So she gets the idea and jumped the jumps and at the end she gets a treat she gets a reward So here comes I think this is toffee yeah, that’s toffee So when we were finished with that horse She was jumping about four foot one. So we raised up two or three times in between and she was going through there No problem at all taking the two strides and jumping and we ended off her at four foot one And I think this is a really good way to develop the horse and get the horses strength training going So this is Honey the horse She comes in lovely canter beautiful jump over the first fence and she kind of Breaks into a trot. I think she’s part draft or so she And that’s a three foot six fence there, so she really easily comes in jumps the jump and No problems with that kind Of she comes again And that’s three two bit six again, she’s easy six for the first one and then three foot six for the second one So you see that you can also do your own? jumping chute It’s really simple to do you can do it and with any of the things that you have in your own place You can just set up a small one with one jump so that you can watch and learn To feel and see how your horse is going through the jumping chute If you got a few jump standards you can train your horse to go through the chute or go over a jump Leave them over give them a treat put them over again give them a treat It’s so much fun. Because you can watch them and see how they move over the jumps Put in the comments below the distances you use and how High you got your horse to jump It doesn’t have to be difficult it can be easy and I know you can do it, too My name is Laura And thanks for watching another video If you want to improve your riding and training generally like other horse related stuff then subscribe to this channel hit the bell icon So you don’t miss anything. Thanks now. See you later now go use this stuff. Go hug your horse

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  1. I did not do any combinations yet just one vertical, and I got it up to 3ft but my horse does get the rail down with his hind toes. He also decided to jump a barrel upward that was like 4 ft. Is there a tip for mesuring distances between poles jumps not using a mesuring tape? I would be interested on a video about that?

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