100 thoughts on “ERASED TOKYO SKATE LIFE

  1. You should do mercy drops on fridays so ppl who haven’t gotten paid get a chance to buy the mercchhhh

  2. 有明スポーツセンター裏は『スケボー禁止』の看板あるよ

  3. Where is that spot under the bridge? I’m travelling to Tokyo soon and want to know where that spot is badly

  4. The intro was probably the smoothest thing I’ve seen, good shit bro , Really feels like a movie when you watch ❤️

  5. you should invest into gaming organization with the name ERASED is dope asf and has meaning behind try csgo or COD

  6. But like what the fuck happened to his board?? Did he get a new one??? Did he go after it???? I NEED TO KNOW

  7. Qotd:Who's your favourite skater? Maootd:I like Sabre Norris. She rips. 1st reply gets a follow on Instagram.

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