ESO Mount Guide – All you need to know about Mounts / Horses in the Elder Scrolls Online

ESO Mount Guide – All you need to know about Mounts / Horses in the Elder Scrolls Online

Hello everyone and welcome to my Mount Guide for the Elder Scrolls Online My name is Tianlein and today we talk in depth about where you can get your first Mount how can you upgrade it and many more things If you want to buy your first Mount you have to go to a stable You will find in almost every bigger city
in Tamriel a stable but i will show you know the stable locations in the starter cities In Davons Watch in Stonefalls you can find the stable outside of the city direct to right of the wayshrine In Vukhel Guard in Auridon you will find the stable next to the Vulkhel Guard Wayshrine And in Daggerfall in Glenumbra you can find even two stables One is near the trademans square and the other one next to the fightes guild It is important to know that all Mounts are
equal The only difference between them is the look and there is no mount availabe which is stronger or faster than the other mounts Mounts are account wide available so you
have to do only once your investement for your first horse At the stable we have to talk to the stable
master At the top right you can choose the tab buy Here we can now decide which of the 4 different horses we want to purchase Since they are all same beside of the look
you can buy the Sorrel Horse for 10 000 Gold To actitvate your horse you have to go your Collections Menu and there to Mounts Here you will always find all your collected Mounts and you can switch between them Also you have here the option to rename your Mounts if you like too Of course you can buy a mount with crowns too Ingame you can preview the mount with your character and decide if thats the right mount for you Sometimes you will find in the crown store mounts which are only a available for a limited amount of time As mentioned before all these different mounts are purley cosmetic so there is not really a reason purchase more mounts beside of your wish to have different looking mounts You can find your purchased crown store mounts also in your collections menu If you want to summon your mount you have to press the H button on your keyboard for the Xbox Controller you have to hold the Map button and for the ps4 controller you have to hold down the touch pad You use the same buttons to dismiss your mount Of course it is important to upgrade your
Mount This upgrades are only per character and not account wide Again we have to talk to the stablemaster
but this time we choose at the top right the tab Riding Trainer You will find here three options With Speed you can increase your mount movement speed up to 60% With more Stamina your mount can sprint longer and can take more hits before you become dismounted Carry Capacity Upgrades will increase your Inventory up to 60 slots You can upgrade your mount every 20 hours and each upgrade costs 250gold You can any time take a look at your character overview to check your mount upgrades and the mount upgrade timer On Pc you can use Addons to give you more reminders to upgrade your horse I use Wykkyd Toolbar which shows me here on top of my screen my mount timer beside of several other useful information I will place the link for this Addon in the
description After you raised your Riding Skills to at
least to 20 you will get a visiual upgrade on your mount Speed give you your mount some armor Stamina will give your mount some armor around the legs and Carry Capacity will provide your mount with some saddle bags If you dont want to see this mount upgrades you can disable them in your settings menu under Gameplay you will find the option to hide the mount stamina speed or carry capacity upgrade If you dont want to invest so much time and or the 45000 gold you can any time purchase mount upgrades at the crown store For 1000 crowns you can buy a crown lesson in Riding Capacity, Riding Speed or Riding Stamina After you bought for 1000 crowns a lesson you are looking for you will receive a book with 10 charges These books are bound to your account so you cant trade them to other players but you can place them your bank if you want to use them for your other characters Hopefully i could answer all your questions related to Mounts in the Elder Scrolls Online It would be great if you subscribe, like or
leave me a comment Have a nice day and until next time Tschüss!

30 thoughts on “ESO Mount Guide – All you need to know about Mounts / Horses in the Elder Scrolls Online

  1. Outstanding summary! You answered a question I had about mount speed. I was thinking that some mounts were faster than others. You saved me quite a bit of gold. ^^

  2. I recommend your channel to all of my fellow ESO players, especially people just getting started! Keep up the great work!!! πŸ˜€

  3. Hehe I listened like 10 times but I still didnt figure out What the Carry capicity upgrade does… Can you reply with text on this comment?

  4. Just got the imperial horse, but it doesn't have the saddle blanket like it did in the preview.
    Is this something that is unlocked later?

    Very informative video btw, just wondering if I'm missing something here.

  5. With the upcoming Dragon Bones Update (PC/Mac: February 12 & PlayStation 4/Xbox One: February 27) you can earn the Sorrel Horse Mount for free with the new Level Up Advisor System. Here you can learn more about the Level Up Advisor:

  6. I wonder why many Wiki's say Broun painted horse is better because it has +10 carrying capacity?
    From your guide I understand that all it does is giving +10 starting space so it can be upgraded only 50 times compared to regular 60. Or am I missing something here?

  7. Or just get to level 10 and unlock the Sorrel horse for free πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Rest of video is good tho and I know it was due to an update. Thanks for video

  8. Just the fact that you show the controls for pc, Xbox, and PlayStation made me subscribe, such a thoughtful channel

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