Explore Biltmore’s Backyard by Horseback

Explore Biltmore’s Backyard by Horseback

We are at the Deerpark Carriage and Trail Barn and this is where we do our trail riding and our carriage rides. You’re gonna ride Rascal. We’re gonna ride some of our trails through
the woods, we have over 80 miles of horseback riding trails. Lots of beautiful oak trees out here, they were all planted as the house was being built. Well they say seeing the Biltmore Estate is probably best on the back of a horse, and I’ll have to agree. The crew knows what they’re doing, the horses know what they’re doing.

One thought on “Explore Biltmore’s Backyard by Horseback

  1. Rascal looks like a great horse!!! I have ridden horses for many years and would love to ride horses at the estate!!! Thanks for this great new video of Biltmore Estate!!!

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