Exploring Malaga, Spain 2/2 (WWE!, Horse Riding, Scenic Lift)

Exploring Malaga, Spain 2/2 (WWE!, Horse Riding, Scenic Lift)

Hello and Good day. This is travel vlog from Spain in the town of Malaga. In Malaga, there’s a little place called Fuengirola. Here I am, actually first time in my life, in Taco Bell. They asked my name. I tried to say Janne but they wrote NAMNE. Yeah. That’s a pretty nice wall decoration in that building. Here we, me and my sisters and cousins are heading to watch wrestling. (dog barking and me acting scared) (laughing) Yes! Here we are to see actual real wrestling. These guys came from U.S.A. to do this in here. It’s massive happening in here. It’s my first time to see real, what’s it called, (WWE) wrestling so it’s a nice experience. Here I’m taking picture of a friend of mine who bought this shirt from the lobby there. It’s supposed to be some wrestling guys logo or something. I don’t know anything about these wrestlers their names and I suppose they have posted stories. Look at these entrances!! It’s ridiculously amazing! This whole crowd when these guys fought, they were so wild yelling and children always running almost in the ring but it’s really amazing show and what athletes these guys are. Also, this entrance, all these people knew that when this one guy comes, they all turn their phone lights on and look at this amount of light here. They are rooting for him. These are really nice traditions that I really didn’t know anything about until now. Some of them were pretty fanatical but that makes it more interesting. Aaahhh! Dramatic entrances. Actually this GoPro 6 was pretty good. Even though we were this far, I could zoom pretty close to those guys. I actually saw better, of course, from here than it looks in the camera. I didn’t film, actually, very much of this fight but I show you a little clip in here. I’m sure you, especially people from the U.S.A. know and have seen these fights before from TV. Here’s a little taste. (BOOOOO!) I jumped this camera from that far. Whoa! Look at that. If I tried that, I would die actually. (crowd cheering, booing, awwwwing and applauding). This show was pretty funny actually, once in a while. A little now and then it was almost comedy all the time. So very entertaining. And the light show! The light show was amazing! Just look at the amount of lights and screens and everything that was perfectly arranged, I mean. Ahh, my sister bought some popcorn. I’m starting to quit this wrestling video soon so we are going to take a train and walk to our house that we rented, the whole family, siblings and everyone, because of my mothers’ birthday. So we all were living in that house so it was amazing. I’ll show that house very soon in this video. (conversations in Finnish) (traffic noises) Thank you. (traffic and beeping noises) (announcement in train station) (conversations in Finnish) He he. (conversations in Finnish) Awww. The town is closing so … I can’t remember what time the clock was this evening maybe 8 or less. These horses were everywhere. Where there was open spaces, there were horses. It was pretty nice. I actually ride horse in this videos with you. Hello. (conversations in Finnish) When I came here in holiday, I thought that this was holiday also from exercising but nooooo. We have to climb (something fell in here) (conversations in Finnish) (conversations in Finnish) I, accidentally one night, walked into wrong house; not inside, but I went through the gate and their yard, then I noticed “this doesn’t look familiar” then i sneaked back out from their yard. Weird. Also, sorry about the mic problems. because I hold the mic wrongly. Wrongly? Is that a word? So it rubs the mic. I hold it wrongly. Wrongly? Well, this was pretty nice! Looks like some rich peoples house or some drug lords house. It was pretty cool to spend time in here. Would be amazing to have this house to myself. There were pretty, pretty, pretty flowers. There’s a gnome. One of you guys asked to film gnomes if I find them. There were, actually, at least three of them there. And what? Shells? Okay. Pretty nice; nice, nice. A little fountain but just look at that house! It’s amazing! Let’s go to the upstairs, the balcony, soon. I don’t know how much this would cost, like a few million? If I would make that to myself. Also, we always for some reason, keep this door locked. Always have to go around back yard and these stairs through kitchen. (Finnish) Right side is the living room, which I think I forgot to film Here we eat usually here outside … well always and here’s the kitchen and there’s my sister. Right side was the living room, which I didn’t film, like I said. Nice stairs. Let’s check out the upstairs. This is, by the way, the GoPro 6, like I said before. Uhh, no I didn’t. Perhaps in some other film, but what do you think about the quality of this camera? I don’t think it bends too much; of course it bends when you’re getting close to some object but overall, the picture is pretty good don’t you think? Now the balcony. Ahhh, relaxing Spain. I could film like a King this week; live like a King; eat like a King. Nice … but from that balcony, you can see, actually, the sea. and traditional climbing over things. I could have gone just downstairs to ask the key to the balcony but noooo, I have to climb. Well almost you can see the sea a little bit from there but please thumb up like I thumb up there. Yes. These are some nice serpentine roads. Some taxi drivers are nuts to drive so fast on those. We actually got lost when we rented a car. We didn’t find this horse riding place where we were heading so we went to wrong place and this guy had this dog. He liked us. He helped us to this place because we didn’t find it ourselves. These kind of things I actually find many times in Finland; these sewing machines. And another sister. Riding, yes. I’ve never actually been riding and … What are you chewing? I’ve ridden a little bit … like 20 years ago I was on a horses back and someone was pulling the rope from the horse but now they say I ride alone, here, without any assistance. I didn’t even know. He just showed me keep these strings in your hands That’s it. I guess these horses are trained to walk with others. Pretty big trust. We went up hills and down hills and we went with these horses, which is pretty challenging. to ride and watch out that you don’t fall. Even though, that little hill was a little scary and also it really exercises your hips, butt and thighs. You actually wouldn’t believe how much exercise this is for yourself just sitting here; it’s pretty weird. This was so cool but also my horse kept snacking food. aaaah also hitting stuff always to me. Ugh! Like here again. That happened all the time. Yes again. Ouch. My horse kept snacking these … what he eats … Well he eats everything, I think, and other horses stopped for a snack but these were pretty cool; riding in little rivers. That was hard to explain but it was pretty cool. It felt like I was in a movie or something. This must have been hard exercise for this horse. I felt sorry for that horse because I weight like 120 kg. That’s like 264 pounds. This was a real exercise for this horse. I’m sorry horse. The echo was nice in those tunnels when walking on asphalt. Also I noticed up there, there’s abandoned house. There were about three abandoned houses on this road when I walked here but this holiday wasn’t actually … I didn’t plan to go anywhere to film abandoned places but I did find 1 place that I did 1 episode in this country and this one travel vlog. And I think I do one video of that one castle which is really, really cool. There were also these traditional … Traditional?? No, but American stuff like those Burger King, KFC’s, Taco Bells and my favorite Pizza Hut or was it Pizza Hut? I can’t remember. Also I wanted to show you guys this Spanish shop. So you can see if there’s any differences comparing your shops … Ooooh! Wine section! (slurping and smacking lips). I don’t know much about wines but I know that more down you get … Oh my snacks! I bought three little snacks to plane when I go home; little snacks I’m such a sugar tooth or how do you say it? Sweet tooth. I’m a sweet tooth. Yes. Pepsi; 45 cents. Is it really that cheap? That’s pretty cheap. Oh, cereals; left side. Do you guys have the same kind of cereals as here? Choco Krispies, Nesquik, Crunch, Chocapic, Rice Krispies, Miel Pops, Smacks … All kinds of nuts that I would die for … I mean, not die for but die because of them I meant to say because I’m allergic. Now we went to this Condole (gondola), they’re called condole (gondola), I think, up there to this mountain. I maybe have been once in there. Also, I bought that Slurpee or whatever that is. Down there is an amusement park; a little one a little amusement park but it was closed when I was there so I didn’t have the chance to go there. I would like to have gone there but I really like amusement parks. I like rides. I’m slurping those. Also, I filmed this with my Gimbal. I think it was called Feiyutech, where I attached my GoPro 5. (speaking in Finnish) Yes, like I said, I experiment with this Feiyutech Gimbal that smoothens the picture a little bit. GoPro 6 didn’t work with this so I had to put my GoPro 5 in here and I put the 4k quality so what do you think? This should be pretty sharp picture; not as sharp as GoPro 6 but i use that when I come back from this hill I use GoPro because I think I run out of battery on this one but I think this goes pretty smoothly. Actually pretty nice views in here Also, it was hard to climb, but it was fun to climb; kind of a fun exercise with nice views and (laughs) When I push the button on that Feiyutech, the camera turns to me That’s really cool system; too bad it didn’t work with GoPro 6. Also, I would like to attach the mic to it but I ordered it but it didn’t (nice hike) ever come. And it was actually a miracle that my hat survived this trip. It was in the bag all the time. And here we are near the top. Ahhh just relax and let’s be a little quiet here. Always see that kind of sea level; the horizon. Horizon is calming thing. I have to use sun lotion or what do you call it, so much all the time because I’m kind of a redhead so I burn real easily and I have to put it all the time. In my urban exploration video in here, Spain, I put that so much on my face that it’s left in my nose a little bit so you can see it all the time in my video that little spot of some lotion in my nose. That was really annoying. I always hate if I film episodes and have something stuck in my face like an infant so … Finnish videos that i did, I had a mosquito stuck in my forehead all the time. You can see it in the videos that I post later. It was really annoying. I wish I could edit them out. Well, we are going down now. I think this is filmed with, yeah, with Steve, yes. This is filmed with Steve; GoPro 6. Can you see any difference here? GoPro 6 should have, I mean it has, the stabilizer. I have no idea what I was doing there. So it smoothens the walking also like it doesn’t jump around like my GoPro 4 did In a while, a little bit, 5 did too. This isn’t going down. It’s a dead end. Darn! Accidentally exercising. I’m confused. Oh, there’s where we came from. Okay, this is about this place. I think it’s time to quit. I don’t know how long I make this video but hope you like it … liked it … and hope the quality was okay and hope the sound was okay. So please thumb up and smash the bell button so even though YouTube might unsubscribe you, for no reason at all, then you know better when you have the bell pushed on and the like of course so … Goodbye.

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