Extreme Olympic Ice Skating Challenge

Can we figure skate
at an Olympic level? Let’s talk about that.( music playing )Good mythical morning! And happy X-X-I-I-I
Winter Olympic Games. And speaking
of “I-I-I,” ay-yi-yi am I excited
for today’s episode! Ay-yi-yi,
I’m also so excited. Okay, we’re gonna be
playing a brand-new game to see if we could tell
the difference between an Olympic term
and a Coachella band. And in just a bit,
we’ll be flipping
the most iconic beauty trends of all-time
on their heads. But, first, in the spirit
of the Olympics, Rhett and I will be
competing on the global stage – known as YouTube…
– Yeah. …as we lace up
our ice skates and do our best
to learn the moves it takes most Olympians
decades to perfect. And, for the record,
I wanted to do the biathlon, but no one would
give me a rifle. I thinks that’s
for the best. It’s time for… Here’s how this is gonna work,
Stevie will give us the official name of
a figure skating move and then give us
the step-by-step instructions in order to perform it. We’ll each give it a go and then we will
watch the replay in order to
score each other. Right, and whoever has
the highest score at the end, will win a very special,
very secret… Mm-hmm. …ice skating-related
prize. Get ready to lick
my skates, Link! Not before you
lick mine, Rhett.Ah!Welcome to
the Ice Zone. I am fire… and smoke. And I am water and ice. Together we are
the song of ice and fire. Or just steam. As you can see,
we are harnessed. Harness, activate. Ooh! – So magical.
– Harness, deactivate. Ooh! That will aide in our jumping ’cause we really
can’t jump anymore. In theory. Let’s do it! Stevie:
Okay, guys, are you ready
for your first move?
Yes.This is called…And here we go.That doesn’t sound
painful at all. “Split falling leaf.”“Skate backward
in a counter clockwise arc.
Flex your knees
and leap off the outside edge
of your right skate.
Extend your arms away
from your sides
and execute a half-turn
in the air.
Extend your left leg in front
and land on your left toe,
then immediately stride forward
with your right foot.”
What? Remember, you gotta split
the leaf before you fall. I feel prepared. This seems very
intuitive to me. Well, fine, you go first. Oh, really? Okay. Backwards, counter clockwise. Talking to yourself
is not part of ice skating. Okay, and then… ( gasps ) I believe that was perfect. ( laughter ) Okay, um… I think I’m gonna
start out here. Oh, goodness, okay. Here we go. Do, do, do, do, whoo! ( groans ) Whoo! Left foot forward, down, and now I’m skating,
now I’m skating. Now I’m skating… It seemed a lot longer
than mine. – That was it.
– Let’s go see how we did. Let’s see Rhett’s version
of split falling leaf. Rhett:
I think it was perfect.
– Link:Uh…
( Rhett laughs )Rhett:
Hey, that’s pretty…
Can you play it in real-time,
not slow-motion?
( laughs )I like your eye line.Okay, let’s see Link’s.( music playing )– Link:Whoa!
( Rhett laughs )( Rhett stammering )What?You look like somebody– like
a bad “Spiderman” audition.
( laughing )
It’s like what is…?
Oh, my goodness.
Rhett:And what is all
the readjustments about?
– That’s all part of it.
– Okay. Split falling leaf. Let’s see how
this is actually supposed to be done.( music playing )Okay…Oh, it’s a split.
( laughs )
– Link:Oh, split.
– Rhett:Ah, I get it.Split! Let me just point out
what I do have,
is I have the arms going out
just like her
’cause I listened to that.
And I get like a half-split,
but I just didn’t quite
get my legs out enough.
But mine’s like
a really lame version
of essentially the same thing.
Yours is just like, you need
to be dodging something,
like, there needs to be
something thrown in there.
I just look like a sad piñata.
I’m gonna give you a two, Link.
I’m gonna give you a good six,
that’s graceful, man.
Whoa, that’s too
generous, man. You don’t
have to do that. I don’t wanna take that big
of a lead to start. All right,
I’ll give you a two. Rhett:
( laughs ) No…
A four, all right,
I’ll give you a four.
Okay.Ouch!All right, we’re strapped
back in, ready to go. Stevie:
Your next move is…– Of course.
– I’ve heard about this
on the Olympics.Okay, here are
the instructions.
Never really paid attention.“Start with a forward
outside three-turn.”
Okay, yes.“Swing the free leg
forward and around
with a wide scooping motionand prepare to jump.While in the air, pull your
arms tightly to your chest
and cross your left foot
over your right.
Rotate two times
and land on your right foot.
To complete your landing,
put the free leg back
and throw your arms out.”Oh, gosh. Link, you go first. Here goes nothing. ( exhales )
He’s making his approach. Trying to remember
what she said. Whoa! Down, dog! There we go. Ooh! – Put a little extra spin on it.
– Rhett: Wow. I’ve never seen an ice skater
in the air for that long, so, I mean… points to you. – Okay, and I’m gonna…
– Give it a shot, Rhett. All right. Here we go. Ha…! Short and sweet. Didn’t sound like a cow. Let’s see how we did. Okay… the double salchow. Let’s see how I did. – Link:Wow.
– Rhett:That’s beautiful.I mean, look at that!Link:
You look surprised
at the end like,
“I just did that!”Rhett:
But look how beautiful it is.
And landed on the right foot.
Landed on your heel? Wow.
Rhett:And look how happy I am
that I got it so right.
All right, Link,
let’s see what you did.( music playing )Okay, whoa, whoa.Link:
I counted two extra spins.
Yeah, a quadruple salchow
for extra credit, man.Quadruple.Rhett:
And then– okay.
Let’s see how
it’s supposed to be done. You’re not very fluid. Link:
There she is.
Link, what I will say is that
you did at least spin
in the right direction
and you landed
on the correct foot.
So for that,
I’m gonna give you a 3.5.
– Link:Dang, man.
– Rhett:Points off
for jerkiness
and two extra rotations.Link:
I’m impressed by your grace.
And for that, I’m gonna
start out with a six on this,
but then I’m taking away
one point
because you look
so surprised.
You gotta look confident
when you’re landing it,
so I’m giving you a five.Ah!– Stevie:Are you ready
for your next jump?

– Yes.Okay, this is called…“Double flip double loop”?Correct.“Start with a three-turn
on the right foot
with your right arm
and shoulder in front.
Extend your left leg back
with your toe pointing down
and place your left toe
into the ice.
Push off the toe
and the ice
to launch in the air.Once you’re in the air,pull your feet and legs
and complete two rotations.Land on your right foot,bend your knee and prepare to
take off for the double loop.”
We’re gonna take off again?“Jump back into the air,pull your feet and legs
and do two more rotations.Land on your right footand finish by punching
one hand in front
and the other to the side.Got that part. I’m just skipping
to the end of this book. ( whooshing sounds ) Okay, here we go. ( exhales, then whispering ) Up… and down! And then, oh… Then…
( punching sounds ) Nailed it. All right. Here I go. Okay. ( whooshing sounds ) And jump! Turn and turn. And down and down. And then one big one,
one big one. Turn and turn, and hands and down. And punch and punch, and left leg up. Boom, boom! Boom, boom, boom, he says. Why does it take you
so long? Slow-mo, man. What is happening over there? The magic needs
to be slowed down for the people
to appreciate. You would move like 90 feet
across the ice in the time it took you
between those two jumps. All right,
let’s check it out. Double flip
double loop. – There’s a lot to this.
– Whoo! Okay, let me see Rhett’s.( music playing )Yep, still looking surprised.Rhett:
There’s the double, and then…
and then again.
– Link:Same thing again.– Rhett:And then the punches.
– Link:Ooh, the punches.Link:
Whoa. Got a little “Street
Fighter” there at the end.
And, you see, the first time
I just held my hand up
and the second time
I just held one finger up.
See, and then the punch.Link:The “Double Dragon”
thing at the end
was uncalled for.Rhett:That was a nice touch,
don’t you think?
Check me out.( music playing )We go one, and I’m up,
and then I’m out,
and I’m down,
and then blam
I’m coming up again,
and getting ready.
Rhett:And then you’re spinning
the other way.
Yes, spinning the other way.
That is not…
And then corkscrew,
and then down.
And then… I punched.
Well, and then the legs.– Link:All right, yep.
– Rhett:Oh, lot of punching,lot of punching.
If you’ll notice,it’s one punch forward,
one punch to the left
and then the leg back,
which you did none of.
Let’s see the template.( music playing )Oh, two, and then, see that?
See the thing at the end?
Okay, but he’s going in the
same direction on both jumps.
Well, that’s his problem.
I’m taking a full point
and a half off
for going the opposite
but I’m giving you
a full point back.
Okay, eight and a half
plus one is nine and a half.
For the proper punching
and leg pointing at the end,
I’m gonna say this
is your best so far,
I’m gonna give you a full four.( both laugh )Link:
A full four?
I think you’ve got a future
in figure skating, Rhett. It’s ’cause– you know?
The one finger,
then the two fingers, you sold me on that.You blew the ending.It’s not your best performance,
I took liberties with–
oh, wow, generous, Link.Ouch!Stevie:
Hey, guys,
so, for this last round,
I’m gonna give you
the name of the move,
but I’m not gonna give youany of the instructions,so you’re gonna have to
guess at what the move is.
You would think that would
be more difficult, except it’s already been
so difficult. Yeah, yeah, the instructions
have not been helping me. ( laughter )Okay,
the name of this move is…
Uh-oh. Where does the hump
come from? Right. My humps are down here. Gotta get ’em up. ( groans ) There’s only so many
different things you can do with
the human body. Or a camel. Ask my uncle.
( laughs ) Okay.
( claps ) ( exhaling ) Up! Oh, something
just ripped. Down! No! There you are. Hey. Hey, man. – Don’t look at me.
– I don’t… – Don’t worry.
– Okay, and then
all the way down. – I don’t think
I’m gonna take any cues…
– Slack, slack, slack, slack. Slack, slack, slack, slack,
slack, slack, slack. Might I ask… Might I ask what the run up
to that jump was? I’m not done! Okay, I’m done. Because I saw you
come out twice before you ever said “up.” And it seemed like
you were flying. The camel wants
what the camel wants. Okay, here we go. ( exhales ) ( groaning ) ( laughter ) Are you all right
over there? I heard something splat. Let’s go see it now. Okay, the camel spin. Camels don’t need
a lot of water. – Rhett:Let’s check me out.
– Link:Mm-hmm.Rhett:
Now, see, that’s how
I interpreted the hump.
Duck and cover.
Yeah, yeah, I’m full.
And then
I come down gracefully.
( laughter )
– Link:You look drunk.Rhett:
And then that, see that?
That’s the best part
is the way you throw your arms
at the end.
That’s it?
Oh, my goodness.I mean, you look like a piñata.Okay, let’s see
if you did any better. Link:
Oh, brother…
What in the world?
This is just me skating.
And I’m about to take off.Boom, and then
I did a little twist
and then…Rhett:
Where’s the hump?
My suit ripped a little.
And then I came down,
and I’m getting them to bring–
( laughing ) Hold on.
Link:That’s when
I saw you, remember?
Rhett:You just look
like somebody who…
And then hold on, wait for it.
Wait for it, see,
the string is a problem,
it’s a limiting factorbecause now we get–
now I’m getting “camel-ized.”
It’s all in the exit.Rhett:
How does this take–
I’ve never seen an ice skating
move take 30 seconds.
– Link:Well…
– Rhett:I mean, this just
doesn’t make any sense
on any level.
The string held me back.Next time
I’m going string-less. Okay, let’s see
the real version.( music playing )Link:
Bundled up.
See? Now…
I mean, I don’t know
where the hump is.
But look– oh, no,
the hump never came.
Where’s the hump part?Link:
What a jerk.
What is he doing?
But, look,in that moment
of his spinning,
look how similar we look.Like, right in
the middle of his spin,
watch, watch, watch.Look how it lines up with me,
look at us,
look at us, look at us,
look at us.
I mean, I can’t even
really tell the difference
when we get going.I will say that neither you nor
him look anything like a camel. I, on the other hand,
got on all fours and exited frame right. Rhett:
You could show this
to anyone on Earth
and say, “What sport is this
man trying to emulate?”,
and no one would
say ice skating.
( Link chuckles )
So let me just say that.But because that’s so
difficult to accomplish…
I look like a dog
walking away on a long leash.
…I’m gonna give you a five.
I’m gonna give you a fivejust because it’s so difficult
to do what you did.
To do so poorly…
Thank you, thank you.Rhett:
…that I’m gonna say
you get reverse points, five.
I mean, you didn’t do anything
like what that jerk did either.
Basically, if I give you
zero points, I win by half a point. But I can’t,
in good conscience, give you zero points, plus, I know you want to follow your dreams
of being a figure skater. – That’s true.
– And I want you
to fulfill that,so I’m gonna give you a four!Rhett:
Congratulations, Rhett,
you win the super
secret prize. I don’t know what it is. Here you go,
’cause everyone knows that “I, Tonya”
is your favorite movie that also
is about figure skating, and it has
Allison Janney in it, and it was in 2017. All that is true, Chase. – Margot…
– Thank you for that, man. – Man, I look good.
– You replaced Margot Robbie. That is always a mistake when you Photoshop
you over her. Yeah, I have to
agree with that. Oh, my goodness. But I do look good,
especially my legs. All right, keep watching
because we’re about to turn the most popular beauty
trends inside out in a big way. Rhett:
These GMM hoodies
will you keep you
looking chill,
but not cold.
Get yours now
at mythical.store.

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