Fairy Tales – Puss In Boots | Little Red Riding Hood | Compilation

Puss in Boots father is dad and all he has left is the Mel and ass and puss I know those mean brothers of mine will take the mill in the ass and leave just push for me they will be able to earn a livelihood but what am I going to do puss can look after himself by catching rats and mice but how will I survive puss was very sad to see his master so depressed I’m went and gently rub Jack’s cheek with his paw do not despair do you master I know you think I am good for nothing but I promise I will change your fortune but for that I need something you have to buy me a pair of boots and I want that old bag lying in your room now Jack had very little money but he also knew the post was a very loyal cat and was willing to give him a chance oh well it’s not like you have much to lose anyway we shall go tomorrow and buy you the booths with the little money that I have master I promise you will not regret your decision Jack bought posts a pair of very smart leather boots of buffed leather post tried them on and indeed they fit very well and may post look very dashing now master see how I will change your fortune you placed your trust in me and I will not let you down horse took the old bag lying in Jack’s room put two carrots in it and made his way to the Warrens nearby as he had expected soon too curious rabbits came sniffing up to the bag was immediately pounced on them put them in the bag and type the strings of the bag he then started for the palace and asked to be presented to the king greetings to your majesty my master the Marquis of Carabas sends you his respects and a gift of these rabbits oh these look like juicy little fellows take them to the cook and ask him to prepare them for the evening meal and convey my thanks to your master sir the Marquis of Carabas Your Majesty her yes yes the Marquis of Carabas can’t say I’ve heard of him though the cooks cooked a delicious mail which the King and his beautiful daughter enjoyed after a few days horse again came to the palace this time with two big partridges so young fellow how would you master my master is well your majesty he sends his good wishes in presently another present a well well and what has he sent now Your Majesty please accept these partridges which my master the Marquis of Carabas has sent with his respects oh nice plump ones I say they should make a good meal thank your master once again and I should look forward to meeting him sometime the king and his daughter enjoyed the partridges and spoke about the generosity of the Marquis of Carabas post would also take back a rabbit or a partridge or two for Jack besides what he took for the king thus Jack and post lived life comfortably in their small heart and Jack was never hungry anymore as time passed hush made several trips to the palace with fine game for the King always telling the king that it was from his master the nobleman at the palace were also all speaking about the Marquis of Carabas who none had seen or heard of but everyone was curious about I think it is now time for the King to meet my master how is that going to happen my master has no fine clothes nor a carriage to take him to Palace have to think of some plan the next day when posts that off to catch some rabbits he saw some people talking excitedly by the road leading to the river curious he walked up to the crowd to find out what was happening and heard the people saying that the King and his beautiful daughter would be passing by the next day a brilliant idea came into pusses mind and he rushed home master master hold on hold on what’s the matter Master it is time to introduce you to the king horse are you out of your mind I think you need to rush the bit no no master this is the opportunity for us tomorrow the king is passing this way with his daughter and this is the opportunity for us I really don’t know what you’re talking about but I think you want us both to be killed by the king Master just listen to me please trust me and just do as I tell you to Jack was not completely convinced and was not too keen to go before the king puss has been very loyal to me and given me no reason to doubt him he’s kept me well fed with all the rabbits and partridges that he catches for me maybe I should trust them as he seemed so confident of himself oh well I’ll go along with you but I just hope you know what you’re doing and don’t land me in yourself in trouble don’t you worry master your fortune is going to change your days in this miserable hut are soon going to be over the next day host took jack to the river beside which the king was supposed to pass when he saw from afar the Kings carriage approaching he went to Jack quick master take off your clothes and get into the water what the are you out of your mind please do as I tell you master there is no time to be lost I just hope you know what you’re doing post quickly hit Jack’s old and tattered clothes went back to where Jack was standing in the cold water as the Kings carriage came near first started shouting out help help Oh someone please help the King looked out of the carriage window in recognize cross Oh Your Majesty my master had come to bathe in the river and some robbers have made off with his clothes he will surely drown or freeze to death if he is not saved the King immediately ordered his attendants to bring Jack out of the water and sent a groom to the palace to bring a fine suit for Jack the groom soon returned with a purple and gold suit befitting a royal person Jack who was a handsome lad looked like a prince in the new clothes finally we meet the Marquis of carabar must say he is a handsome fellow the King invited Jack to sit with him in the royal carriage where his daughter was also seated Jack who was a shy boy was hesitant to do so oh do come and join us we shall be very pleased with your company the princess is sweet and beckoning smile may Jack immediately fall in love with her and he went and sat down beside her when / saw his master seated with the princess he went and told the coachman the direction to follow and ran ahead as fast as he could he reached a field of corn where Reapers were busy at work and told them the King’s carriage is making its way here if anyone asks you must say these fields belong to the Marquis of Carabas if anyone dares disobey me he will be chopped to pieces the workers were terrified at pusses threats and promised to obey him since it was a lovely day the king told his coachman to go slowly so that he can enjoy the view my my what a beautiful sight these fields of corn are who do they belong to I wonder as instructed by post the workers all answered that the fields belong to the Marquis of Carabas post went further ahead and instructed the shepherds and farm workers to also say everything belonged to the Marquis of Carabas what a fine herd of cattle who do they belong to your majesty these belong to the Marquis of Carabas see and these fields of gold and we also belong to the Marquis of Carabas yes your majesty they all belong to our noble and kind master the Marquis of Carabas the king was very pleased to know that not only was his visitor handsome and charming but was extremely wealthy as well of course Jack had no idea how puss was doing all this but he had fallen so much in love with the beautiful princess he could think of nothing else in the meanwhile horse had rushed ahead to the castle of the very very mean ogre who not only under beautiful castle but also all the fields and cattle the puss had told everyone to say belong to the Marquis of Carabas clean sir ah Puss in Boots now that’s a sight I’ve never seen before what are you doing here I have heard so much about you sir that I thought I must see you ah well now the ochre was a very conceited and proud fellow and loved it when anyone praised him everyone seems to be talking of your great skills I have heard that you can change yourself to anything I find that so hard to believe not hard at all not hard at all just watch this suddenly instead of the ogre there is a big ferocious lion sitting in front of puss puss lift up with a start and darted outside the window clinging on for dear life hahaha frightened you didn’t die now come on here you believe in my powers now whew that was a mighty scare you gave me okay okay get your breath back post looks intently at the ogre now what you still doubt my powers on an announcer not at all then what is the matter I don’t mean to offend you sir but I was just wondering about something what is it out with it sir you are already so huge so it wouldn’t have been difficult for you to change into a big lion but are you powerful enough to change into something tiny like maybe a rat or a mouse I see you are still not convinced about my powers well here goes so saying the ogre turned into a mouse no sooner had he done this postseason he pounced on him and quickly gobbled him up well mighty over that is the end of you as soon as post ate up the ogre the whole castle seemed to come to life all the people who the wicked ogre had cast under his spell would turn back to humans there was joy everywhere and everyone hugged posts for freeing them from the cruel ogre oh we don’t know how to thank you we owe our lives to you well I do need something from you all soon the king of the land is coming this way and you all need to hail the Marquis of karabakh as he is your new master don’t worry he is not at all like the demon who you were under your new master is a very kind and noble soul anything anything for the new master good now I want you all to gather in the hall to welcome your new master who will be arriving with the king himself when the Kings sold the castle from afar he wondered who the owner could be and as they came near he saw her standing by the gates bowing low to the king welcome your majesty to the castle of my master the Marquis of Carabas my my this is one fine castle even more beautiful than my own palace I’m sure it must be beautiful and within also do come in your majesty and see for yourself Jack was totally confused not knowing what was happening he looked at posts who winked at him Jack then realized that it was passed to it somehow done or less and gave a grateful smile to puss the king was very impressed on seeing the castle from within as well as all the ladies and gentlemen you are indeed a fine young man generous and Noble I shall be the happiest man if you would accept my daughter to be your wife Oh what more could jakov asks for his loyal post had made in the owner of a wonderful castle full of treasures and now the king himself was offering him the hand of his daughter in marriage who he had already fallen deeply in love with your majesty it would be an honor to make the beautiful princess my bride I will love her for the rest of my life oh you couldn’t have made me happier I know that after me you will rule the kingdom just me and with great wisdom so Jack and his princess lived happily ever after and puss oh he was petted and pampered had the best of cream and other goodies of course he did not give up his favorite pastime of chasing the rats and mice but only to keep himself entertained and exercises legs a bit once upon a time in a village by the forest will move the beautiful little bit with her mother marathi girl was called Little Red Riding Hood because she always wore a peculiar red velvet hood given to her by her grandmother who lived on the other side of the forest Red Riding Hood loved the granny very much one bright mine a hunter came to the cottage I’m coming straight from your grandma’s cottage she is not then and wants to see you at the earliest possible oh thank you uncle I will tell my mom okay I had to leave by God bye uncle red riding hood immediately runs to her mother who is preparing a cake mother the woodcutter told me then grandma’s fun’s sake I’m running how do you should love immediately to meet your do grandma can I take some cake for her ghost here I will pack some cake and a bottle of butter for cheap Boston Red Riding Hood cheer up give me the basket I’ll welcome to our house as soon as possible dimelo okay mother remember keep to the path through the woods and don’t ever stop you will be in danger if you wonder meet you look back home before dusk good bye bye mother I’ll be safe don’t worry I’ll run all the way to grandmother’s house without stopping good bye bye mother to Grandma’s house to Grandma’s house here I go here I go did I must answer wins the Kings song sync with the butter to make here I through the way swim for what my mother’s when she saw a scrubber lovely strawberries I’m Sue Ellen she bent over the stroller and plots and tasted then nice and light yummy delicious and let me fix she will love them little grey body collect in strong and most track of the time she remembered her mother and her promise Oh have to hurry grandma Little Red Riding Hood won’t talk two ads grandma’s house suddenly a yellow butterfly flutter down through the cribs wow what a beautiful butterfly I’ll patch you I’ll catch you Little Red Riding Hood started to chase the butterfly suddenly she saw some large gloves oh how sweet I will make a beautiful book here with these flowers I’ll happy grandma will be if I pick up a few flowers below and nika brookie in the meantime to wicked eyes were spying on from behind a tree it was a roof which was looking out for his supper wow what a surprise she will make a delicious brunch but I dare not eat her now because some wood cutters are working nearby and let me defend her first unaware of the danger nobody was busy picking flowers for her beloved grandma when she suddenly raised her head she saw the old sly world standing a few yards away oh no don’t be afraid little girl I am your friend where are you going all alone in the woods the friendly way in which the wolfsburg comforted red good I’m going to see my grandmother she’s not well what are you taking so far I’m carrying a kick and a little bottle bottle that my mother said oh I see does your grandmother live far from here no she lives beyond that women you seek when does she live by herself yes which he never opens the door to strangers it’s to be late you better hurry along dear goodbye goodbye Little Red Riding Hood left the place after bidding goodbye to the world whether lucky day I’ll gobble up the grandmother first and then wait for and child the wolf took a shortcut and reach the cottage before Little Red Riding the wolf not on the door who was that the wolf softened his voice and said it’s me grandma rev rising food oh my dear move the latch and the dome will open I am Jim leap and cannot get up the wolf lifted the large the dog is pregnant and without saying a word he went straight to Grandma’s bedroom oh my goodness help help help somebody help me there was known around who could come to her rescue no one is there to help you the wolf leapt onto the breath the wicked wolf google her up in won’t big bright red riding hood will be here any moment before that I will wear her grandma’s dress and camp and lie in bed where the little girl comes I will eat her up to booth will run 10 and spectacles and covered himself with a birds and mentally a little later look at my private road came back and children tap the door grandma can I come in trying to imitate grandma’s wavering little boys he remind open the legend coming in too weak and clot get up why have you kept the doors open green one booth kept quiet road riding bird kept the basket on the table said she did not receive the answer she went to the bed and drew back the cutting their labor laws with the cap pulled over his face wearing the grandmother spectacles and it’s strange what happened to her she looks strange today Oh grandmother what big ears you have hmm all the better to hear you with my darling grandmother what big eyes you have the better to see my child but her mother what large hands you have Oh to hug you my dear what a deep race you have all the better to greeting my sweet oh my grandmother what I gotta be big the better to eat you up with my darling and hardly at the wolf surfaced when elite ended one bound pounced on little / will devour you no you cannot Little Red Riding Hood Doge the world and shouted for him no one is here to help you even your grandmother shuttle for help but now she is in my stock sleeping peacefully in constant and goat her too in I’m through a hearty meal the 14 day slipped in to grab her in the meantime the hunt was passing by the cotton and heard the strange snow of the wolf what is that strange noise the hunter leaved inside he saw the wolf sleeping on grandma’s bed where’s the old woman the hunter looked around and became suspicious when he saw the wolves bonjou something’s fishy all these days you’ve been troubling others I was just looking for you you sly wealthy this time not escape from the he slowly entered the cottage and took his hunting let me gently cuddled in his stomach I sure hope I had saved the Quran be from power he cut open the stomach and saw the red hood oh my god Little Red Riding Hood this world s wanted her to first Red Riding Hood jumped out of the wolf’s tummy and next to her grandma they both were troubled by the deep dogs inside are you okey my child yeah but it was dark inside thank you kind Hondo thank you for saving me and my grandma you arrived just in time thanks for your help don’t mention it I have been looking out for this world for a long time now now go and bring some stones let’s fill up this chunk Red Riding Hood got some stones which the hunter got into the wolf’s stomach and I get an interlinear pred what we must register mer and that will teach it a lesson so the hunter stitched up the wolf’s stomach both woke up after a few seconds and then inside the hunter he tried to escape but could not run fast as the stomach was very heavy he still managed to escape and brand but after running for a little one he fell down dead but safe to go home now the big bad wolf is dead and gone and there is no danger of the pot still ski it Bolivian hugged her grandmother a wooden trend was right i forgot something what is it the happy to count the bouquet berries and cake and laid it on the table look grandma what delicious presence I brought for you oh how nice of you okay now I must leave no no let’s have the cake and bought it together all of them relished the delicious cake and butter Hunter eat out of the window soon it’ll be back outside my dear little child you must be at the same time in Little Red Riding Hood Scottish what happened she should have been back by now I hope she’s safe here you go look for her Little Red Riding Hood’s mother went in such a hot daughter she reached the cottage and when she found Little Red Riding Hood’s safe and sound she felt happy ol her fears disappeared mother Little Red Riding Hood narrated what happened and how the hunter save them you we are grateful to you thank you kind sir after thanking the hunter Lagoon Little Red Riding Hood and her mother sent off towards the word to their cottage didn’t I tell you not to talk to strangers and wander through the woods I’m sorry mother now I promise that I will never talk to strangers and wander alone in the woods I’m sure from now on she will listen to you okay mother take care of yourself we have to reach home before it gets dark can do let’s start goodbye dear goodbye grandma months rolled by one day Red Riding Hood take this cake and visit your grandmother it’s been a long time since you’ve met oh she sent a word through the hunter that she wants to see you okay mom as usual back her some cake ambato Castillo I will definitely do that this time Red Riding Hood was on her guard and went straight to her grand moms house this time I’m not going to pick the strawberries oil flies I’m going straight to my grandma’s house on the way same as before were riding hood metal wolf good morning my child good morning where are you going this time Red Riding Hood didn’t answer she kept walking ahead without turning back she reached her grandma’s place open the door grandma I’m Red Riding Hood welcome my dear grandma you know I’m a worse it wish me good morning but I didn’t answer his questions she was the right thing I’m sure I would have eaten me up if I had stayed and chatted I’m sure that willful definitely come here well we will shut the door and stay inside he cannot come in soon the wolf knocked on the door but they did not speak or open the door hmm i don’t think they will open the doll the wolf went round the cottage price I can’t find another way to get into the house hmm the wolf thought for some time I have an idea I was climb up on the roof and wait for Red Riding Hood to leave in the dark hello comes on her and have a faced same so it will climb up on the roof that is the roof grandma I hear some noise in the roof I know what the roof was up to he’s hiding underneath we have to think of something what are we going to do darling take the bail fill the water in the joke and let’s keep the sausages which I prepared yesterday okay grandma there was a big stone trough before the hogs Red Riding Hood carried the water and poured into it until the great craft was quite full now let me place these sausages next to it redline hood kept the sausages and went inside and again lock the door smell of the sausages which do you what a nice smell move sniffed and peeped down and at last stretched out his next so far that he could no longer keep his grip and slipped down from the move straight into the trough oh oh and was drowned our plan has worked the wolf is dead yes grandma now I can go home without fear goodbye dear I’m take it goodbye grandma we are here mom children it’s time for your dinner hmm that’s yummy soup today children listen your bedroom now you have to have your own house to live in your father has built this house strong and sturdy I want you to build another one the same way but how

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