Family Guy – Peter joins the rodeo

Family Guy – Peter joins the rodeo

Good afternoon. I’m diane Simmons in traffic news. Heavy Gridlock on the 195 interchange We now go live to drunk Billy in the channel 5 Newscopter This just in Channel 5 Newscopter pilot drunk Billy passed away today In anticipation of this event we put together a clip package featuring some of Billy’s work for Channel 5 news I’m still hungry said the very hungry caterpillar, but you’ve already Drunk Billy will be missed but what you should visit the quahog rodeo coming to the Civic center this Friday? Tickets are on sale now and for those of you. Who are handy with a horse entry spots are still open? Oh, God that seems like the kind of thing peter- Too late brian, peter. You’re gonna enter the rodeo. That’s stupid You don’t know anything about horses? And you’re in terrible shape You know that’s the difference between you and me lois when life comes knocking at the door you go and hide in the kitchen I fling the door wide open and I say Peter griffin here What do you got and if that don’t convince? You look at this in this week’s TV guide? It says peter gets more than he bargained for when he joins the rodeo. Well, it’s in the guide Hey, can we make that a thing can we start calling TV guide? The guide? You know what I’m not even asking anymore? That’s what we’re doing. Who said I couldn’t be a rodeo star. I get more Cowboy brought in me than billy the kid Dad What are you doing? All right meg This is only gonna hurt for about three weeks What I hell. That there’s my steer griffin All right, Lois go ahead say it Chris. It’s time for supper Ho there ho there. Ho there. ho there. ho there Ho there All right, I am ready for the rodeo Mom Wendy injured I don’t know Chris But I think we should all pray for your father that he comes out of this uninjured Those horses stink and it’s too hot in here. I fell asleep in the car. So now I’m cranky This is a disgusting display. Oh, you can say that again. Nothing like a bunch of adult men teasing animals for fun It’s amazing that this is still legal The only reason I’m here is because my idiot friend is in the rodeo I only came because I’m writing a magazine article one of the competitors is a 13 year old female riding prodigy Apparently she got on the bull to miscarry and found out she had a talent for it Ladies and gentlemen given a different east Coast welcome to the North Pole Rider Peter the Kidd Know what I am back at the ranch. I’m a breeding bull What’s that? you gonna find out. Huh? Where you going fatty we gonna have a party So what magazine do you write for I’m the editor for teen people editor? Well gosh, you know I’m something of a writer myself. I I wrote for the new Yorker for a little while Wow, that’s impressive. Are you looking for work? Oh no? No no? Huh? I never had to look too far for that What do you what? Do you got? He got well we’re looking for someone to write a piece on the everyday activities of the average American teenage girl Oh, I love teenage girls. It’s all ahead of them. You know they haven’t turned into bitches yet. Oh, it’s true What happened to all of us. I got a house on the cape. Maybe you come visit. Mm-maybe? Maybe you call a few days in advance to give me time to get the house clean. okay?! Maybe you bring a blazer so we can go to a wider range of restaurants. I’ll bring a blazer

100 thoughts on “Family Guy – Peter joins the rodeo

  1. You know, that bull may have raped Peter, but at least he has the politeness to clean his house in advance for the next time Peter gets the two foot dong right up main street.


  3. Peter: Fights a humanoid chicken in fights more brutal than almost anything else in the show, often sustaining a significant amount of damage while also dishing it out

    Also Peter: Gets raped by a bull

  4. If I took you everywhere, then well, you wouldn't know how to walk
    If I spoke on your behalf, then well, you wouldn't know how to talk.

  5. Has anyone ever thought that the griffins are a fucked up human version of the Sinclair’s form the Dinosaur TV show? Or is that just me?

  6. Ugh. This is why I hate brian to the core. Everytime a good, really good joke comes up (and a chance to do subtle commentary) he has to bring up his stupid fucking liberal agenda (shoving the commentary down our throats) and ruining the joke.

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