Famous Mystery Horse – He lets me ride!

hey welcome back to the axe family video
I hope you’re doing well with the smile on your face cuz it’s a
beautiful day today we’re going for a horse ride with our new friend Scott
this is Scott Scott is a longtime subscriber of our Channel and so we’re
super excited to be able to hang out with him and get to know him and he’s
got these three beautiful horses and he offered to take us for a horse ride so
of course we said yes you want to behold it like if you pull
it to your bellybutton then it’s not tight then you should probably take a
little slack out you want to have grip to be able to poet lesson I don’t know
maybe six inches stop the horse but not tight not tight enough got thank you so much for taking us for
a horse ride today was a blast I had a lot of fun hmm
I was wondering if you’d be willing to just tell us a little bit about your
horses sure so all three horses are ones that I
raced from foals and two of them are brother and sister to each other they’re
both crosses between a quarter horse and a Tennessee Walker okay and then the
youngest one is kind of a mystery baby caller my birthday surprise because she
came the day before my birthday and was totally unexpected I didn’t know my mare
was pregnant I hadn’t breader and my children came in from doing the
chores one morning and said dad there’s an extra horse in our barn and I said
why and I thought maybe one of the neighbors horses had come in and I I
went out there and here was his brand-new baby foal my horse was
pregnant and it had this baby and I was completely unaware and not watching for
it and just kind of came on its own but it’s been its best match and there’s a
chance he got loose and but I talked to the owners there and they said during
that time period he had never gotten out there’s no way it could’ve been him and
then there was another situation where another neighbor about a mile down the
road his horses got loose like seven or eight of them and they were just running
down the road and somebody who’s driving by and just to get him off the road just
pushed him into my pasture where these horses were and they were there for a
day or two until the owner of the horses realized they were gone and Cayman and
Cayman got him and so I talked to him and even thinking maybe there was a cult
or something he did not have any mail Colts or you
know his his older horses were either mayor geldings don’t have any idea and
I’ve raised each one of them from from foals and train them and broke them and
done everything on my own yeah that’s awesome and we were talking earlier and
when you’re able to do that you have a you know a bond with these horses that a
lot of people don’t get because they get them either already trained they’re a
little bit older but you have this connection and have you noticed that
when seeing other horses or absolutely you know you can accomplish more with a
horse in the first 48 hours than you can in the next two years and so I think
it’s really important to start when they’re a whole and just kind of bond
with them and in the very beginning and then it makes the rest of that process
so much easier all the way all the way through so there’s a cow elk just right over
there and we were able to stop and she was maybe I don’t know thirty yards or
so from us I’m just watching us and that was really
cool we heard her on our way up and decided to stay on the horses just to
keep that that hoof noise probably would be less disturbing for her than if we
were on our feet but this is just a really nice trail it’s kind of weaving
through the trees up here and super peaceful and Scott said that he sees
quite a bit of wildlife up here so we think there’s actually more elk back
there because we heard a bull bugle and then you could hurt here a few other cow
calls but we can only see one cow but it sounded like there were more of them in
the trees and so the horse that I’m writing is his
youngest a little jittery there’s a bunch of like little
grasshoppers that she’s kind of paying attention to and then as we go through
the trees it’s like a branch like brushes up against her anything she
spooks a little bit so as we go by branches I’ve just been grabbing them
and shaking them a little bit and every time she jumps a little bit by then the
more I’ve been doing it the less she’s jumping or all I grab a branch and kind
of bend it down and let it let it graze her as we walk by and she didn’t like
that at first but she’s getting more used to as we’re going this is kind of
fun to be able to ride a horse that is still still learning she’s a four year
old so she’s doing awesome I mean she’s an incredible horse still getting used
to everything and it just kind of keeps you on your toes this is the mom she’s
about 10 years old and then her older brother is Strider
and then youngest one she’s four years old and her name is Coco right I was
writing Coco today Taylor was writing Xena and Scott was writing strider yeah
so I thought it was really cool some other horses going up the trail and she
wants to go with them yeah so what I was gonna say was I thought it was really
cool how much wildlife we saw today on the trail we saw deer elk and we saw
hawk yeah we saw some tracks that maybe it was a raccoon it looked like I saw
some bear tracks as well yeah we I think we did see some bear tracks last year I
saw four bears on different trips while I was riding around these trails so
there are there are bears there you don’t see them a lot so if you guys saw
the video earlier the Nebo loop with Taylor and I driving over this pass this
is actually where we came back up to go riding and on our way here Scott was the
one that recommended that we take this road
it’s just a beautiful place but today we got to be able to take the horses back
into the brush and be able to see a lot more that’s up here I mean we’re still
in Utah and this geography and just the ecosystem the plants here is so much
different than like the salt flats that we’ve seen there’s just a wide variety
and Utah even the wild horses that we went to visit you know it’s been really
cool so again thanks for taking us out today
yeah it’s a good experience yeah yeah you’re welcome it was fun for me too
yeah it’s great thank you all right if you are near the channel go check out
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