Far and Away (7/9) Movie CLIP – The Oklahoma Land Rush (1992) HD

Far and Away (7/9) Movie CLIP – The Oklahoma Land Rush (1992) HD

Fire! Get up! That way! l have no wish to fight you.

55 thoughts on “Far and Away (7/9) Movie CLIP – The Oklahoma Land Rush (1992) HD

  1. Now….. question. Did these people really need to take their entire families on the land race? Could they not have left the women and children in the wagons while they claimed land on horseback?

  2. Sometimes, I just need to watch this scene… or the whole movie really, but this scene has a special place. Chills me to my marrow.

  3. Eh, I always feel a bit sad for the Natives in this scene. Technically, this was their land, and to watch the white man take it, must have been hard. But, it is an epic scene.

  4. I've been looking for this scene ever since my fourth grade history class. God bless the Internet…

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  6. They were given the East side of Okla for a reservation. The land is greener more lush than the prairie, more rivers hunting. And now the Indians have sole concession to gambling. I love the Native peoples but they shouldn't wast time being a victim.

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  8. Oh the good old days when you go out and steak your claim and land nowadays you have to pay money in a fortune for a piece of good land

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  10. Can you imagine how much fun it must have been to be part of this scene, or just to be present when they filmed it?! Just think what the real thing must have been like!
    …then add a John Williams score – perfection.

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