FASHION Exhibition “Hunting and Horse Racing” by Aleksandr Vassiljev | Модный аллюр: охота и скачки

FASHION Exhibition “Hunting and Horse Racing” by Aleksandr Vassiljev | Модный аллюр: охота и скачки

“Hunting and horse racing” fashion exhibition by Aleksandr Vassiljev foundation at Keila-Joa’s castle Schloss Fall. Hunting was the main activity of man since he left the cave, but the fashion for hunting costumes was born much later, when in the Middle Ages, hunting became the favorite entertainment of the Western European aristocracy. The costumes of huntsmen, foresters, hunters, ladies’ saddles, women’s long dresses for riding, called “Amazons”, specially created for this, inspired the court couturiers. Colors close to woods, leather and fur trim made these costumes attractive not only for painters, but also for collectors. The collection of the Aleksandr Vassiljev’s Foundation contains many items on the subject of the influence of hunting on the development of fashion. These are things decorated with feathers of forest birds, wood trim, furry edges, leather belts and bags. The horse racing was considered to be another important entertainment of the old Europe, which in ancient times was popular among the pharaohs, the kings of ancient Greece and the emperors of ancient Rome. But a bright fashion for horse racing nevertheless came from France in the era of Napoleon III, when the hippodromes began to open one after the other in big French cities from Paris to Marseille, where the secular public was going out in spectacular dresses to amaze their fans and arouse envy among competitors. An entire exhibition dedicated to the horse racing was organized by the Aleksandr Vassiljev Foundation at the Fashion Museum in the Borély Castle near Marseille in 2014. The new exhibition, which opened in the Fall castle, will tell visitors about the horse’s role in human life, namely, in two major aristocratic forms of entertainment, such as hunting and horse racing, thanks to the unique exhibits from the collection of the Aleksandr Vassiljev Foundation. The exhibition will be available 09.02 – 30.06.2019. Please support LIVEst channel – like our video, subscribe to the channel or leave a comment.

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