Feeding Horses in the Winter routine! // Versatile Horsemanship

Feeding Horses in the Winter routine! // Versatile Horsemanship

Welcome to the versatile
horsemanship YouTube channel I’m brandi this is my husband Jason and today we
have the rare occasion of feeding horses together and just us without the kids
and it’s a rare occurrence so we thought that it would be really fun to show you
our routine of how we feed the horses in winter so it is Easter April 1st today
and we got about 9 inches of snow yesterday so it’s definitely we’re still
in full swing winter right now so we have the we have to get it done so we
can go play all of our Easter eggs for our kids – yes right yes we have to go
in put a couple hundred Noah maybe 100 Easter eggs something like that I like
that we’re gonna hi and since we have 9 inches of snow plus what we already had
the feet we already had Easter last year didn’t have any snow so this year we’re
gonna be hiding the easter eggs all over the barn and are the three different
parts and let the kids go and search for him that way probably a few of us know
if it will be will be nice and so I think the interesting thing is is that
with with living up where we live you get the the best and the worst of all
the seasons and so or for us it’s April and in April you can either have
beautiful 80 degrees t-shirts t-shirts dry ground and
everyone’s just enjoying life yeah or you can have 9 inches of snow on April
1st or you could have a foot of mud okay and everybody’s miserable so Leslie
we don’t have that yet right and so this year is just that this is the the
abnormal year everything still frozen we had a little bit of the thaw but
unfortunately not enough and then we got a bunch of snow and so can’t we’re kind
of back and full-on winter mode again and what we do when we feed and a lot of
this is you know what Randy has kind of orchestrated over the years it’s really
to make our life in our barn as efficient as possible so no matter what
happens with the weather or the season we can adapt basically overnight because
I mean literally we had 50 degrees the day before and then area next day we had
nine inches of snow and so putting everything away and then having to take
it all out is an absolute nightmare not an option
so for us we we try and make things efficient and consistent and so no
matter what’s and mother nature is going to do we put an ad to write it we can
make it happen so hope that you guys enjoy it and please make sure that you
put your comments into if you have anything else that you want to know
about we’re happy to to answer that and to maybe even do another video
that is anything in particular that you see that you want to see more of or
anything that you can think of that you would like to see us do that we haven’t
done yet please be sure to let us know we go feet all right first thing I do is
get my water joints so I have my heated box okay
if you haven’t seen my video I put a water wheel it underneath my little
drawer gran my hos and go use me unfortunately we have to have the tub
heaters on still I was able to turn him off for about a week and had to plug him
back in because winter happened again this is our little where our water stick
it is we’ve got light bulbs inside here that would point directly F T at the
tank inside so it keeps it from freezing and then we get a little thermostat up
on the wall that shows at 66 degrees inside the box right now and it shows
that our outside temperature is 32 degrees so we keep a really close eye on
that because if the bulb should burn oh we want to make sure that we get those
change immediately because we don’t want the temperature to go down to the bottom
low degree but we’ll keep it from freezing with
just one ball parking so we do have the back yes there’s a timer inside to that
we used it for two so when we need it when we have really really bad touch
this is a pretty mild winter compared to previous years you know we’ve had two
years ago we have a fairly really bad so now that the water temps are filling it
takes about 45 minutes total for me to fill up the tub so this is when I go
over and I fill up our side-by-side cake and the first load up so let’s go today
this is the first that our kids love the most because I like them to fly them on
the hand if they’re obstacle course it’s pretty cool finally favorite part
thrown down so the if you this is just out there for
any hey guys gonna marry a horse woman so you’re gonna marry a horse woman this
is what you need you need one that’s not afraid to do a little bit of work I’m
also afraid to throw a hay bail on her husband to avoid it the benefits are
pretty good but you’re gonna marry a horse one when you better understand how
to throw head yes tactic just right laughter – just
so night after tomorrow No and knock down all these snails that are
right on the edge so when the kids clients come to rebut some fallen down
the want to be up here since it’s Spring Break they’re gonna be up there left there against your life all right Joe
so please say fails for the first load and a 3/4 bills for the second law to
pay out how much they’ve eaten since yesterday beep there’s a
well saying that there’s too tight Wow one has a half a tank of gas and several
I just probably fill up and pets I know my heart but I know that I can visit fresca very
couple more days on this year
now we go over to the borders texture the Nats are really sweet this one we’re
making new frame farms I’m not using the next
but before we get serious money it’s like the Pied Piper out here every year four thousand bales
so here we have to put all the bales up in the barn
every single day that is actually his horse and she left
him your spy Ryder I think I should just
like but he started her the bottle left over lucky so this is this is lucky this is
actually the horse that wouldn’t play very nice the other time that Brandi
tried to show a video the nice thing about lucky is if you look at them
everybody get a look here but lucky missing an eye and it’s really weird
because it’s a there’s actually a ball like a glass ball so it feels like he
has an eye under the skin it’s really weird and kids kids all love it they’d
like to touch it cuz it’s kind of weird but so he has a little disadvantage cuz
he can’t always see things I’m coming up on this side but he does he does really
really well with it he’s adapted super well he’s a sweet pony pony but he’s
like I want my hey but she doesn’t like him so he’s just gonna follow us to the
next box nobody usually I put thick-billed
let it get warm so to me are they working as much for a little while
but also the in particular bills our little heavier that was in the ones and the third thing with having to tie
my string what I’ve done then they don’t get lost
Oh every spring we find hundreds of
strengths from years past that we’re not from us
on this property so it is a big pet peeve of ours have strings and on the
ground cuz this is littering Blanc and garbage I always take care of the
strings off of your emails Oh something so I’m super excited my father-in-law
just put this in a couple years ago and this is for just loose salt and I have a
supplement in here as well but I’ve been wanting to put free-choice loose Souls
out for the horses for quite some time it’s just how do you do it in wet
weather so finally came up with a solution that
I think will work any of the wall feeder mount feeders that I found our plastic
and I figured they just break up this I found these little teeny tiny rubber
rubber feed pans and just mounted it to the wall it’s small enough for the
little ones to get into and they loved it the first first night it was out here
they almost don’t think so they have salt blocks available at all times but
it’s just good enough for them to have a block they’re not able to get enough of
it than they need so having this and super tray box of them so good for the
horses so I need for bale other pasture 12:3 affords me and how
much they’ve eaten and then I’m going to take whatever’s left up to the arena to
put in my he bags my hey chicks nets are hanging up in there I cannot tell you
how enjoyable it is to watching you work while I’m not it’s phenomenal
smart so now I’m going to switch my hose over to the other tub as long as it’s
full and notice that I’ve got currently half a year where the hoses are
connected and it’s sprayed all over the side of the fence here and there’s
little icicles hanging so this was not quite full yet and there was a little
kink in the end so it’s almost full but so now we get us when we turn the water
off we’ll figure out what’s going on the fat I think it’s just bench it’s
probably spin but now we’re going to grain borders horses
and while they’re eating their grain we will put hay out in there I have we have
nutria senior and you to bring a safe choice
I’m just the original that’s the two types of grain that we use and get
everybody’s grading ready supplements in these damp I like Jack a lot from Saul five all
right so now I just go down the line this is one part that my kids really
like to do and I just dump the grain on the floor and the corners it stalls we
do submit doing it the American just put a bucket
in the salt what happens is most of the parts you just pick them up flip them
over it and they end up wasting a lot of the grain or if I just dump them in the
clean corner on the concrete they’re able to clean up air ever a little bit
and I really like that they do it to itself that have large buckets but those
horses don’t flip them over and we don’t keep mass time to let horses in today
I’m lucky I’ve got help so Jason’s gonna go and open up the gate and I’m gonna
just shut all doors as they come in so the verse is pretty much finished all
they should go in we do have a couple that are new to coming in coming in two
stalls for their crane and not every course comes in four great but so then
ones that are a little bit newer they get a little too few sometimes so I just
make sure to either I just make sure to divert them as needed if I need to I
leave them in for a few days just so they can figure it out the most part
that gadgets down but occasionally mistakes are made that’s right all right now we’re going to go and put
a water filling up and then go into the great so in this pasture I use paychecks
netting over top of the frame that my dad custom-made to go with these boxes
that he also made this one obviously is still fall yesterday there was a little
bit of hay left in it and I added a whole Bale to it and there’s still lots
in here so I’m just gonna leave I clearly don’t need do anything with this
one so I’m gonna leave that one and then we’ll just put a any other three boxes
if yes so Carol don’t see my hey chicks net and
frame and I’ll just make sure that the head
hey that’s lastest thank senator flat we’ve lived here for eight years and
women moved in these little pruning shears or get left in the barn and I
have run these over I have lost them they really have been broken they’ve you
know but I use them every single day when I put hay out and I refuse to
replace them because I just like them and my husband thinks I’m completely
crazy but it’s what works for me tonight so my frame just goes over top my net
and make sure not to cut my name and I pull my hay strings out by the knot and now what I really like about these
is it makes it so the horses it really regulates how much or how fast
they eat so those that are a little bit of human keepers kind of slow down and
those ones that are a little harder to keep you’re able to see at the same pace
as the other horses and I really like them and my the waist is minimal as you
can see there’s really not much on the ground here so I love them it works
great and then the horses have hay all the time they never run out of hay in
these boxes would be stuff like this so I’m such a fan of this this hey
chicks netting that I became an authorized dealer for it and that way
you know I replaced my Nets every every so often and really why so much of it
and then it’s the predicate I really firmly believe it
and so I can help others come up with the same sort of solutions for their
feeding me but I use these net everywhere I have them all over in the
in the barn I use them in the stalls I use them on my tie wall I use them in
hay bags and the trailer everything so I just feel really great and they get a
lot of different products but this that I have in the net in the boxes is the
5×5 for self-pity and I just attacked and it works out really well I’m very
pleased my other pasture I’ll be doing this – this is a new a newer frame
compared to what I used to use the one that I used to use wasn’t as efficient
or as lightweight disease so we’re in the process of redoing them and all the
all of the hay boxes but boy what a way to save I’m Kate it really makes a big
difference and the thing is that I like to visit the horses you’re never really
bickering with each other they are never come into their crates like that they
just are kind of calm all the time and I mean they play and run around and stuff
but these horses here really don’t have to have any marks on each other their
marks on them from fighting each other nothing like that see they do really
really well with them signe busy they have to think about maybe think oh
they’re hitting some shit Oh Bailey not very nice when they pull bales out
of the backside water comes artful before I let the
other forces in and they’ll be in eating their grain while I put some pants in
the other barn I have to do this I don’t want my boys did not there’s water in it you’d like to see more of an elaboration
on how a water and I have a horse that has yes FM so I’m
really careful but what I see first Freeman it doesn’t know yes F M stands
for polysaccharide storage myopathy and it’s a genetic muscle to beat Susie
so a few now special diet and show you what she gets when I get to her so those those who know miss kitty she
only gets that much grain and she stays in plumpest she is on that she’s my
senior horse she’s 25 years old so she’s on grain um just keep her in good
condition along the quirky side but she’s one that I use the most in the
summer for less in the spring and summer so I want to make sure that she’s got
good weight now so my PFS tempura is Petra she gets super eat and she gets a
super this once a day vitamin E and then she also gained its brand and then I get her equi shine subject so
that’s what Petra get and now they’re my daughter’s pony she again we think he
may may have kids who started copying a lot this this winter and it’s um it’s
not cold or anything he just has a little cup when there’s any Gustav ball
so we’ve done it and that fancy work you really early off so he gives us a little
bit of great a minute and then get this cock free and has an interesting smell
to it but he really likes it Capri this stuff works really great our
horses that have a cock if they’ll eat it so it’s gonna taste that a lot of
them don’t like but if they’ll eat it it works okay and I add a little bit of
water to this and just stir it up real good and then all the the medicine gets
attached to the Train if you got material alright so something about
trigger the course that goes miss stall now is he’s got a little bit of a little
claustrophobic when it comes to mean an assault not a big deal but he just comes
in poops once or twice runs around it makes a mess and really it was more of
an inconvenience than anything because they had to clean up after a tee time so
anyway what I started doing is this has a back of it I just I just opened up
this door and he comes in and he’s green and maybe you know when he’s done but he
has not pooped in his stall once since I’ve been doing that and even some days
I don’t do that like if the wind blowing or I just don’t feel like it it’s good
for him to just be in here without that being an option but it’s really helped
with his anxiety would be messed off so I’m very pleased about that so sometimes
you just have to look at what the horse need and see what you can do to make
them more comfortable and adjust to fit the situation okay now we’re gonna let these horses it
okay so now my horse is green come here beer exactly Haley had believed in him over there a
couple of times for him to figure that out
he’s so smart so now we’re gonna go up in shuts all doors and wait these guys
are really good about probably going and so one of the reasons why I feed my
horses last because I don’t always get the opportunity to feed grain the same
time that I’m doing hey sometimes they put the hay out and I feed grain later
just depends on my schedule for that day so then I don’t like when everybody’s
standing at the gate it gets difficult to let the horses in so I like to let
them all be out eating their K and then I’ll actually call them up to the gate
when I’m ready to feed them so or sometimes like today they all just
automatically came up to the gate so but it’s thank you because if I ever need
them to come up I could call them and they all come running so it’s pretty
nice so but rat race here waiting now so I’m gonna let her up so she can eat her
grain she eats hers outside right now easiest thing for us she’ll just go ahead and demonstrate how
they just dumped it over and then eat it off the trout anyway so I typically ride
this for so almost daily so usually when I do give her a grain I bring her in and
she’s in because I’m riding her and I do in her stall but if if I happen to be
feeding on a day where I’m not riding her if she eats her grain free her she’s one of my favorite horses right so now a few of the other ones have
meandered up for a drink of water and so when I open the gates with these guys I
was a ball wandered oh no big deal I’ll just send them all out when I left there
Oh okay so now we’re all done feed versus
that took us um it takes me between an hour and an hour and a half each day to
do the whole routine and I only feed once a day so it makes it much easier to
having kids and the schedule that I have to just have to do that once a day and
the horses have adapted to that extremely well so they do just fine with
it and I hope you enjoyed coming along with us and seeing what we do in a day
and would you like to add anything mr. rolling no I think I think that the the
only thing I would add is that you know used to we used to feed twice a day but
with the efficiencies and especially the hey chicks netting in Stefan and making
those hay available 24 hours a day to those horses has changed our lifestyle
significantly and it’s really cut it down from what used to be a two-hour job
every or twice a day yeah day two an hour and a half a day yeah and then for
us I mean when you’ve got kids and you’ve got a horse ranch and then I’ve
got a job outside of here and I’ve got army and then you’ve got running around
and a million other things plus all your training and riding and maybe a little
bit of enjoyment for yourself though two hours a day is a huge deal and so for us
the lifestyle has to be efficient and it’s got to work and for us being able
to cut down and and make things a little bit quicker each time is is really kind
of a goal and it also is nice because we can really show what we do for somebody
else if we want to go and we want to leave on a vacation and it doesn’t have
to be an overwhelming task to teach someone what we’re doing and in since
the horses have hey available pretty much all the time we can kind of change
what time of day that so it’s not always the exact same time
and the horses never get reliant on us feeding at the exact same time every day
so that’s nice and none of them get enough grain where it really makes a
huge impact on them at all in the past I’ve had an older horse where I did have
to feed him a couple of times a day and that’s fine we worked through that but
everybody else they do really great I’m a little bit that they get and
everybody’s in really good weight if not overweight and they’re happy happy happy
horses and we’re happy because we don’t have to spend all day feeding them
absolutely so if if you like what you see please send us some comments we like
to hear those tell us what you want to see that’s important for us too and
we’ll try and put the videos together that we we can to answer those types of
things please subscribe share it let everyone know we would like to make this
your daily stop if we can so and be sure to hit the like button too thank you so
much have a great day Happy Easter mark get set go clean house look okay guys come here
come here stand over here no you found them all do you like it you get this
cleaned house let me see it let me see your your loot you lose you see your
lutes already show me your loot good job Jeb buddy buddy buddy mama what do you
think I think you think say bye guys that’s a wrap good help is hard to find

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