FENRIZ of Darkthrone hiking in Norway on TV (English subtitles)

FENRIZ of Darkthrone hiking in Norway on TV (English subtitles)

I’m a Swedish guy who made this upload and sub. Excuse me if I did not get both languages correct. //Herr Tompa Here you go. Philosophical I say, if you take your children to the forest. Even if they like it or not. You have showed them an “extra room” in life. And when you are in your twenties and you begin to settle down a bit. Those kids that been in the forest when they where little. Has that room in their lives. They know about it and can search themself to that room. Those who didn’t got to go in the forest with their parents. They do not naturally go into nature. Unlike us that where there as young.. I have to say. Thank you to my mother and father. That you bothered to bring a child who: (whines) “Are we there yet?”. But it works, you’ll see the result after 20 years. That goes for many. It’s not just me who was like that. Plays Black Metal in the band Darkthrone.

Outspoken outdoors man.

Writes about tenting in Aftonposten. When Gylve “Fenriz” Nagell does not play what he calls: “Black and evil 80s Metal”. He’s often out hiking, preferably with a tent in Marka (forest surrounding Oslo). We’re going to the Eastern part of Marka. The trip starts as it usually does with Gylve a bus. We take the bus to Lillestrom and gets off at Rælingen. Now we’re walking the easiest way, it’s really “plankekjøring” ˜ (a piece of cake). Anybody can do this? Yes everyone can do this. Everybody at least make it to Åmotdammen. We’re on a smaller hike. “Ut i Nærturen” (the TV-show ˜ Out in the Nature) is doing the Norwegian tradition. Take a walk outside in the nature. Come on now, don’t be negative in the begining. It’s what it is. Have you experienced it as well? The best thing I have experienced? It’s when I’m on a tent hike, when the weather is unstable. And I feel like the biggest mole in the universe. It usually goes like this. The weather begins to clear up at evening and there are some beautiful sunsets. You feel like you’ve won the highest prize in the lottery. Everytime it happens, it does not get better than that. What kind of hike are you taking us today? Today we’re going to Blåtjern in the nature reserve of Ramstadslottet. In Østmarka? Yes northeast in Østmarka. The roof of Østmarka’s the nature reserve of Ramstadslottet is our goal today. With a few detours. We first walk towards Åmotdammen on a forest road. And will make a detour down to Blåtjern. Where “the local guide” Gylve knows about a special fir tree. After that we will be going up towards todays goal Ramstadslottet. The big question is how or why is the hike gonna be like. Are there many like you that hike around in Oslo Marka? By percent I think that many are like me to begin with. There are many that looks like me that are out to fish. You say? Long hair is not an issue to go out hiking. Ha ha ha. Ha ha. It might be an advantage out in nature? Not really, when it’s cold in the tent and sleepingbag. I do what can be called “metalpunk”. And do songs about metal punks as I remember it, like (the song) “Hiking Metal Punks”. H-h-h “Hiking Metal Punks”? Yeah. Hiker culture. Most artists sound “prettier” and brighter than AC/DC did in the 1970s. It’s sad. Because it should sound more evil than from the 70s? It should sound as evil at least, make your hair stand up straight. You know we should be going now? That’s what we’re going for. (Fenriz makes a joke, sounds funnier in Norwegian) What’s on your mind when your hiking? Those that wander alone and walk for a long while, for example a whole pilgrimage route. It’s then you meet yourself with each step But on a small hike like this? Well.. I can think on what I’ll be eating at dinner tonight. But the “mantra” for hiking is that you’re gonna solve microscopic tasks. Like the next step across the next stream. Find the right way. And not to step in that horse shit? That’s only.. It’s a very microscopic problem as well. Isn’t it? Yeah sure on that level some worries and hardship disappear. But of course there’s no bonds on what you should be thinking in the forrest. This is something to do when out in nature, eat raspberries. It reminds me of school start. To me it reminds there is gonna take 5 minutes extra to reach camp. Ha ha ha. Ok but there are many that like camp like DNT young for example. You don’t have to walk that far to find nice places. And you don’t have to walk far to find desolate places. You can spend 3 hours on church, but not find your destiny there. When you instead can walk 50 minutes to where there is no one. That’s a good feeling. And if you can combine that with a hike that’s about 2-3 hours where there’s none. You’ll get that little wilderness feeling. That’s my view after hundreds of hikes. What’s so important with this “wilderness feeling”? It’s only to impress. Ha ha ha. Do you hike regardless of the wheather? At the moment/season being in a tent is the big thing. It sucks when it rains The only good thing with rain when you’ve been on a tent hike, is the feeling you get when you get back wet. Is that the feeling of having to been on a trip is that much stronger. You have been worn a bit. Yeah that’s right. We’ll walk around that twig pile on the other side, then on the path right there. Black Metal has made people aware of (Theodor) Kittelsen again. There is many in the Norwegian metal scene that use Theodor Kittelsens (Norwegian painter) work. Is there? Yes. Do you get inspired here? For your music? No not really. But the other guy (Nocturno Culto?) says that now when his children is older he’ll try to be outside for a longer period. Then he will think about riffs, guitar riffs for songs that we play and more guitar riffs, guitar riffs.. That’s the thing that’s important for us. Riff, riff, riff. I like it when I discover that it’s right here, on this path, is where I should be. I have walked these paths before. And the local guide posts. Doing that for a long time, the tent gave me a new dimension to hiking. Can you find out where the cottages are? Maybe when I’m older, when I’m more.. (??).. Then it would be nice to “hyttehoppe” (cottage jump??). And here’s something more about the cottages here. There are many DNT cottages in Marka to check into. In Akershus Fylke there’s Sæteren Gård that had most with 1700 guests. In Oslo (??) and (??) are the most visited with 1500 guests each. This path you like to walk? Yes it’s the main network for Marka wanderers. In Oslo Marka there is the Blåsti network. Oslo tourist agency began to mark that out for many years ago, certainly 100 years ago. It’s really extensive. It’s simple there is blue marks on the trees here. Yes and those are included on the maps. It’s not harder than (??) Norwegian tourist agency. Only that the Blåsti have a much more denser forest than the mountains. Now we’re at a mark in the path. Blåstien contiues down to Østby (??) church. But over there is not the Blåsti path? No it’s not Blåsti. And it’s there we will walk? And you know we will walk to Blåtjern? Yes that’s the whole point, walk besides the path and find gems. But I say that there is so few in the forest that there should be more Blåstier. Some more marks on the paths? Yes there should be. About being a “(??) man” can you explain a bit what that is? Because you’re a so called “(??) man” i Marka. We do “(??) man posts”, we take a lot of “(??) man posts”. We are the Freemasons of Marka. Ha ha ha. Tell something about that. Well you buy a small booklet. That has become more stylish and expensive through the years. And with that you can get a lot of knowledge about the Marka forest. And it’s about (here Fenriz says a lot of places in the Marka forest that I’m not gonna include right now). And there you’ll find “(??) mans poster”? Yes And then you check/cross off these “(??) mans poster” and you become a “(??) man”? Yes we do that. Here’s one. It can be a post on a abnorm tree, a mutation. Or it could be a culture memorial in Marka. Or as simple as we nature folk say it’s a beautiful area that not many find. If we get enough people to such to such beautiful areas they will not destroy it. To get people into hiking is the best thing for nature. This is a stamp/seal? That gives a huge motivation to get out to Marka at least for us that have walked these parts many times before. You think should I walk these paths again, but you take a look in the booklet and see I can take me there. Yeah that’s true. We will continue. And you have promised me a special fir tree. Yeah I fortunately to have an old local post guide a extensive fir tree. And we are going there on our way to Ramstadslottet. It’s real cool. Is it easy to find? Not for those who does not know about it. There’s not many people there without reason. Here it is. Yeah there. A huge one. So you have been here when it was a local guide post with a seal. Yeah I wouldn’t have been here if it weren’t because of that. Yes, do you think we’ll reach around it? Let’s try. Both of us? No. I walk up in advance. Let’s see how thick it is. How thick is this, do you know? It’s at least more than 3 meters I think. I think it is a fixed height limit.. (??).. But it’s far to the other side Yes and it’s at least 40 meters in height. I can say that this was the first time I tried to do that reach around thing. Have you never done that? No it’s not a metal kind of thing. We’ll cut that out, so we don’t ruin your image. I can stand in the distance and admire it. Then proceed to walk. There are some cool stones here. Their huge with trees growing on them. And there’s 70 billion mosquitoes. So we have to get higher up on Blåstien. We have to walk a little faster even if it’s beautiful and bewildering here. 4 kilometers per hour and straight up. Blåstien? Typical Blåstien. This is the soundtrack to Marka hiking. Soundtrack to the eyes. Can you tell some viewpoints. Lillestrøm is down there. That’s Lillestrøm we see there? Yes and where we came from. The church down there. Right over there is Ski and Follo. And here we see Østmarka, Østmarka, Østmarka.. What do you have in your backpack? Me? Clothes, food and water. Water is most important isn’t it? But here are some basic tips for things to have in your backpack. If it works in rainy whether. Not really.. Ha ha ha.. I think that’s great. Now I’m so wet it does not matter anymore. I think especially to go out in to the forest with a camera when it rains. Most known nature pictures just have “hello sunshine” Right now it would be nice with “Over the Mountain” by Ozzy Osbourne. That would be great! Then we toast to the hike and “Over The Mountain”.

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