2 thoughts on “Ferrel Miller Trains Puppies From Horseback

  1. Very well put together training video!
    It is good to see how people whom have been around the All-Age championships preparer the young prospects.
    Real, for the most part, it seems genetics play a big % of success of the Miller line…!
    Either way the Man / Dogs or the combination plus a good horse made standard of English pointer at field trial, to my view.
    Since late eighties, before i came to the States, i was intrigue by these line of dogs.
    So, for those of whom don't know the basics …., how we contact the kennel ?

  2. Hello mr. Paul I have been following you in every medium that you're available for many years now and I would like to meet you in the field one day is there some type of a event that you would be at or some way we could come out and meet you and your lovely wife and your watch the dogs work what field trials did you go to all those type things like that I really like to meet you and learn from you I have learned from you I've learned the most most of what I know from reading your articles and looking at your videos through the years in magazines and in books and TV let's not forget TV from your friend and admirer Charlie Jackson

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