Figure Skating Fashion & Beauty Look: Outdoor ice skating Style

Figure Skating Fashion & Beauty Look: Outdoor ice skating Style

11 thoughts on “Figure Skating Fashion & Beauty Look: Outdoor ice skating Style

  1. wow! I had no idea that you could skate so well! Absolutely love the look! I've been looking for a safe eco lash glue, what kind are u using?(I did not see it in the info box, but I could have missed it) Have fun in Finland! Hugs♥

  2. Thanks!! My moves are totally rusty by now (I used to be competitive figure skater:-), but i think I'll start taking classes again! The lashes and adhesive are by Winks by Georgie Beauty. I love them. I'm doing a tutorial on all their lashes soon! Hugs:-)

  3. I did!! Thanks:-) I actually did it all on my own! i had a mirror right next to the camera, so I could glance if I got it right. Luckily I did. But it's definitely challenging filming lining your eyes on camera!

  4. Those skating clips of you look really good. Really cute makeup and skating outfit! Nothing prettier than showing off your gracefulness on an outdoor rink! ^_^ BTW what brand of skates do you have? Just curious.

  5. Thanks! And good question: I actually can't remember as they are the same skates I competed with when I was 14, before I quit! I have to check when I get back home to New York.

  6. 🙂 We almost got thrown away from the ice for our two-foot spins! Central Park ice skating rink didn't allow figure-skaters! They said if you do any tricks, even skate backwards, you have to leave immediately. So we did secret two-foot spins on the sidelines which maybe quite didn't qualify as a trick:-)

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