Figure Skating Jumps – FLIP JUMP Tutorial

Figure Skating Jumps – FLIP JUMP Tutorial

hey guys welcome back to my channel
my name is Mary and today we’re going to master the flip jump hope you
all are ready for this one. for the flip jump we can either start off with a 3
turn or a mohawk I think it’s easiest for beginners to do free turn with their leg
right next to each other for more advanced versions you can stretch out the
free leg I’ll show you two different entrances to the flip jump for beginners
and if you’re a little more advanced the alternate entrance for the flip jump is
a mohawk jump for the flip jump I just want to review our arms I am going
to switch my arms before rotating my 3 turn that will make checking a whole lot easier. after rotating the 3 turn we’re gonna start off with a half flip
prepares our bodies for the takeoff but we are only rotating one half the time in the for our flip jump we’re going to be
slightly over our right side our arms I think of holding a basketball so we’re
not over here in the air we’re not dropping out shoulders we’re right over
the right shoulder hold the landing and smile for at least 3 seconds another common mistake is to start
rotating too much on the ice remember the flip jump is one full
revelation in the air we don’t want to cheat on the ice when we’re taking off
we are taking off going backwards master and pretty soon you will be doing doubles
in no time thanks so much for watching guys hope
you love the flip tutorial we’ll be sure to LIKE subscribe and save see you guys next
time for the lutz tutorial

6 thoughts on “Figure Skating Jumps – FLIP JUMP Tutorial

  1. LUTZ JUMP coming soon! Subscribe and hit the BELL for notifications! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Great video, loved it! Since I am a beginner skater, I have a really stupid question: what is the difference between a flip and a toeloop? they look the same to me :<

  3. Really helpful videos! Iโ€™d love to see one on back spins i dont know how to do them :_) Greetings from Spain !

  4. Good video!! Thank you so much! I have a question. What's the problem of 'swinging 3 turn' ?? Why is this mistake? I have been doing that way ๐Ÿ˜ญ

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