(upbeat music) – Hey guys! It’s Brooklyn and Bailey, and today’s video we are
going to be going on an Oklahoma trip to see our
friends, Cameron and Kenny, and Kelly and Corey, and
they live in Oklahoma, and they’ve been begging us to come down. So, we decided to take a road trip. We’re gonna go up one day,
and leave the next day. – It’s our very first road trip, and so our parents are
kinda nervous about it, but- – It’s our first road trip without adults. – Without parents, yeah. (dance music) And so we’re going with me, Bailey, Kamri, Alyssa, and Parker, and we’re all gonna go down for two days, and we have tons of adventures planned, and we’re so excited. But before we get onto the
video, y’all be sure to download our third song
“What We’re Made Of” by clicking the link in
the description box below, or the “i” button right here. You guys definitely do that. Now, let’s get on to the video. – Let’s go! Ace is helping us pack the
car, where you going, Asa? – Uh, back home. – Back home. Who’s coming with
us, Kamri? On this road trip? – Parker and Alyssa. – And where are we going? – Oklahoma. – But who are we going to see? – Oh, Kenny and Cameron … – And Corwyn, and Kelly. – And we have two fun
days planned down there. – Chocolate covered pretzels. – We just stopped for a brief
fill-up at the gas station. And now, I think we’re
about to head on our way. (upbeat music) – Whoo! – We’re about maybe an
hour into the road trip. Kamri’s been watching
Glee this whole time. – No, we’re like at an hour. Oh just kidding, we’re 30
minutes in! Just kidding. Why does this feel like
the longest road trip ever? We have how much longer ’til we’re there? – Point eight miles. – Point eight miles. Kamri
just woke up from a nap. – Yes I did. – Like a two hour nap. – It was like an hour. – [Parker] You too. – I did. Well, I’m a
restless sleeper in the car. I just kind of go back
and forth. So, sort of? – We are here! Yee-yee! – Hey! We’re here. – [male] Hey, Alyssa. – [male] Hey, we’re here. – [female] Just unloading the car. Parker, wow! He’s toting
everything right now. – Welcome to Oklahoma,
Brooklyn, Bailey, Kamri, Parker, and Alyssa. It is in chalk paint. Look at how cute that is. (laughter) We’ll have to take a picture. – Okay, so we’re making Corwyn’s
special cookies right now. He made a bunch of bowls
of just cookie dough. And we have all these mix-ins. What are you putting in yours? Mint? – I’m putting chocolate
chips and caramel M&M’s. – I don’t wanna be
excessive on Reeses Pieces, but I want like, a lot of them in there. – Parker, what are you putting in yours? – Reeses Pieces. – Chocolate chips. – Kamri? – Andes mints. – That’s enough! Oh my
gosh! I think that’s enough. – Oh my gosh, Brooklyn! That’s not even cookie dough. – Eat it like cereal. – I haven’t mixed it yet, okay? – [Bailey] This is what
happens when Cory is the parent and the adult. What did you do? – It’s a van so we can all be together. – It’s a party bus. – Partying it up up in here. – This is Cory’s, Cory’s
a responsible adult. – We are taking a
picture in front of it… – How many seats, how many
people does this thing hold? Holy heck. (upbeat music) – We are headed to Robber’s Cave, which is apparently where
robbers used to hide out, in the mountains down here in Oklahoma. And I guess it is a national park. – It’s the state park, yeah. – It’s a state park and
they have like a lake, and all this kind of pond
thing and fun stuff you can do. So yeah it’ll be fun, we’ll find out! – [male] Watch out for the puddle. – [Female] Going in the caves. – Did y’all go in? – It’s actually not hard
to fit through all the way. – We have made a little progress climbing. And now we have just a
little bit more to go. Cave number two. There’s like so many places
you can go back here. This is the rewarding part. Check out that view. Beautiful. (birds chirping) Okay we’re going through. – You just have to bend. – It’s just water. – Yeah, there’s water. – Okay. – You got it, Bailey? See it’s not as narrow
as you expect it to be. – Sweet! Last time I went through one
of those I smacked my head. – Oh! – On the rock. – Well this time was a better experience. – Whoo! We made it! We made it successfully down the mountain. It only took about 45 minutes. I’m a little out of breath, but my adventurous side has
been satisfied for the day. Except for we have more adventures! We’re about to go eat dinner
and then we’re gonna go… – Swimming. – And? – Horseback riding. – Horseback riding. Alyssa’s afraid of horses,
so we’ll see how this goes. – You’re afraid of horses? – Yeah. – She said she had bad experiences. – We’ll see. We’re excited. (upbeat music) – We are super excited
to go horseback riding. I haven’t been in like four years. – Except Alyssa is not. – Alyssa is not, but I am. And I know everyone else is too. – She said she wants a pony. Ah! There’s a petting zoo. There’s a petting zoo, they have goats. – Little baby ones, hello babies! – Look at it, it’s up on the… (laughter) – Okay so I’m currently
chillin’ on my horse, his name is Camante
and he is a sweetheart. So we walked out while they
were paying for the trip. And I found him and he automatically snuggled right up to me. And I was like this is
the horse I’m gonna ride. – (Parker) How are you doing? You’re on a horse,
what’s your horse’s name? – Dock. – Dock? – Yeah. – (female) She’s scared of horses. – (Parker) Okay, calm
down. He shook his head. You’re okay. Now this is my horse. His name is Buddy. – They had to get a
bigger horse for Parker. – How’d everybody like it? – It was fun. – It was fun. – Her horse was slow and mine was fast. She was in front, I was behind. It didn’t go well. – (female) Oh no! – My horse was normal, my
horse followed the lead of his horse which was super slow. – Okay listen alright, Pokie
has an attitude problem. Alright and if I tried to
guide her in any direction or make her go a little
bit faster, she’d bite me. So if I squeezed my legs and
try to make her go faster, she’d bite and stay at the same speed. – My horse was perfect, an angel. And I was in the very front. – My horse was really good. I mean he ate a few things along the way, but we finally learned to stay on. We kept our balance. – Mine was just fast, like too fast. Like he deserves to be on a track. While hers deserves to not be. – (male) I genuinely don’t think Pokie has ever liked a rider, ever. (laughter) – (Bailey) Okay, so
what are we about to do? – Swim. – Swim, in what? – The lake. – The lake! And look how pretty this is up here. Parker is paddling me… (laughter) – Chauffer. – Around in the kayak. (laughter) Technically I can paddle too, but he doesn’t want to let me paddle. But I will. – Wait, what do I do? – You don’t want to let me paddle. Hey, stop rocking it. – Oh sorry, yeah. – I feel like I’m gonna drop the camera, and that will be so bad. But we’re gonna just paddle around. Look at the view. It’s so gorgeous. – (male) So what you
think about the puppy? – We cannot leave without one. (laughter) – Oh you are scratching me! – [male] You think Ash and
Brady would like another friend? – I think Minnie would
love another friend. – [Male] You think your
mother would shoot us all? – I love big dogs. – Minnie would love another friend. – Minnie would love another friend. – She needs one so bad. We are gone all the time. – Minnie needs another friend. – See, yes she does! – And it’s free. – Free! – [Male] Well the price was right. (upbeat music) (laughter) – Whoo! – Whoo! – [Male] Alright, what are y’all playing? – We’re playing marco polo in the pool. – [Male] What’s your strategy? You’ve not been in yet,
how are you doing it? – Um, I just go where they aren’t. (laughter) And Parker hides me sometimes. – [Male] This is the set up we got here. The whole back yard, a
lovely tree by the way, it’s in our way. (laughter) A cute little back
yard, nice little house. And then back to the view. – Hey guys, so we just
finished eating dinner. And now we’re about to watch a movie. And we all picked a scary
movie I think so we’re trying to find one. And this is the crew. Say hello, Cameron! – Hey. – Oh, where’s Parker? – Where’s Alyssa? – We’re missing the other half. – And Alyssa’s downstairs dead asleep. So yeah, we’re about to watch a movie, and I’m like exhausted. Cause we’ve done so much today. It’s been one of those
like fulfilling days, where you’re just so tired because you’ve been doing so many fun things. So I’ll probably fall asleep
while watching this movie. We’ll see. (laughs) I’m sure someone will grab
the camera and vlog if I do. Hey guys! We are about to head to bed. It’s been a super long and super fun day. If you’re wondering who
the body is right here, it is Alyssa. She is like already out,
it’s kind of really late. – I need to go to bed. – Yep. Bed time! – [Male] Alyssa, can you
explain what you’re doing to us? – So me being the tired person I am, I took lots of naps yesterday. I woke up with like 40
bug bites everywhere. So, I’m jogging to take
my mind off itching. And Brooklyn gave me some benadryl, but it hasn’t kicked in yet. – [female] Did you take
a big drink of water? – Yeah, I drank half my water bottle. – We’re stopping for breakfast
at a local coffee shop. And it’s where Cameron used to work. So he’s going to go behind the counter and make us all some of these… why do I look crazy with my hair? So I think I’m gonna get a
like a four berry smoothie, and I know Parker’s gonna
get some Oreo crazy thing. Cameron are you gonna
show off your abilities to work behind the counter? – I am going to provide a public service. – There you go. – He’s a certified barista. – Probably. – He’s a certified barista. – Mmhmm. – Everybody ready for their breakfast? – Yes. – Okay, so look there
Brooklyn and Parker go. Four wheeling away. If he can get a hang of it. (engine revs) I think this is ours. Good luck to us. (upbeat music) – [female] Are you guys
enjoying yourselves? – Of course. _ Yeah. – Finally. – Alyssa over here, she has
bug bites all over her body. So she’s trying to not itch it
so we put oven mitts on her. Those are great. (laughter) To keep her from itching. And Haley over here,
take a look at her foot. Got bit by something and it’s all swollen. And her whole leg is swelling. Interesting stuff
happening over here guys. – [female] Show us your eye. That’s what happens when she goes outside. – Yep. And I ride four
wheelers in the dust. We’ve been so hungry all day. Finally have a yummy meal here. – [female] It’s super good. – [female] We’ve got burgers,
cheese, chips, piggin out. How hungry are we? Like hungry hungry? – Hungry. (laughs) – Saying goodbye. We are ready to start the drive back. And my allergies were killing me so I changed into my glasses. But we are ready to start the drive back. And it’s only gonna be
like two hours this time, because we already
drove a little bit to go to the grandparents house, so. Now, we’re ready to go home. – [Male] How did rolling
down the windows go for you? – Not well. (laughs) – I couldn’t even breathe the
air was coming at me so fast. – [Male] I bet they had fun though. – I was bumping. – [Male] Yeah, they were fine. (upbeat music) We’re in Texas. – Yeah! – Lys, we’re in Texas. – We’re home – yeah! – [Male] I was just walkin
in after this long road trip. Hey. We’re home. Home at last. – Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed watching
our adventure on our very first road trip alone with no parentals. So if you haven’t
subscribed to our channel and if you want to, click the button right over here to do that. If you haven’t downloaded our third song, “What We’re Made Of,” then you can do that by downloading it right up here, just click this button. And to watch more of our
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I love you guys so much. Bye! Muah!

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