hHey guys it’sa me Tiago the french Inline Skater and
today I’m going to compare fitness skates to freestyle skate before we start I’d
like to tell that I’m not currently in France I’m in Angola so there are many
types of inline skates recreational speed aggressive free ride freestyle and
a few others beginners usually start in free creational slash Fitness Cape and I
know some people ask themselves what’s the difference between recreational
skates and other categories in this case we’ll compare them to frist escape
recreational skates have been built for people who want to discover inline
skating who want to know what it feels to have two wheels under your feet I
know you know what I’m talking about you know that feeling of freedom where you
forget all your problems so good so these kids are built when you have the
smoothest pleasing experience so for brands make sure these skates are
comfortable for the skater perfect they make white wide liners flexible cuffs
soft wheels we’ll get to that in a moment
but they have a huge lacking performance on the other hand free study landscapes
have been built for performance this is where you’ll start to hear things such
as power transfer stiffness carbon fiber customization this type of skate has
been made to be the most precise possible so we generally have much
cheaper boots and frames and they’re super close to your feet so when you’re
scaling your feet are perfectly locked into place no slippage they are mostly
used by intermediate to pro skaters just like ego from Seba with his signature
skate man they look so dope I’d love to answer now let’s take a closer look at
both of these case I’ll compare we feel a master wave with my main skate we see
a high light carbon butoh vasila has a soft boot with a
plastic base and free locking options because buckle 45 degree strap and
standard laces it also has a super flexible plastic scoffs that’s not
removable and receiver has a semi soft boot with multi-layer carbon fiber base
before locking options we metal cuff buckle
before the presbytery micro ratchet buckle or
powerstrap a tow strap that’s amazingly helpful when doing willings and standard
lessons that i replaced with elastic laces because I’m a lazy to it who
doesn’t like Christmas caves and for the cuff you have a very rigid plastic one
inspired by the carbon cup from the top-of-the-line eager escapes hmm I’d
love to compare the egos to the high light carbon for V ventilation vasila is
very well ventilated you can see the vents almost everywhere on the boot to
keep your feet dry again like I said with Fitness skates the brand’s want to
make super comfortable skate and for visa which is made for performance I’m
happy to find several ventilation spots on these skates
like the two iconic white vents on the toe you can easily recognize the height
category by these two vents on the front you also have additional vents on the
positive and negative part of the boot as well in terms of protection vasila
has a few plastic parts on the front of this case to prevent damaging them they
are super small and non-replaceable but at least we are here be freestyle skates
take it to another level you have the brace pass on both sides of your foot
and even over front yes on the front you can rarely find freestyle ski super
brigh passes the front and the most useful abrasive pad on these skates are
replaceable you can even customize them with different colors and same thing for
the cuff and power strap for them this is where you’ll see the biggest
differences between these two type of skates the fitness keys aren’t really
meant to be tuned or customized so you’re stuck with what you’re good some
Fitness skates come with plastic or metal frames that are not really meant
to be removed whereas free soft case on the other hand are fully customizable
you can pair them with any frame you want even with different brands just
make sure it’s the good mountain and you can also tune the position of the frames
for example with my skates or almost all of the skis from Sarah you have several
mounting slots so you can have the perfect position when skinning or doing
tricks free stuff kids usually have super steep prints and the combination
of stiff boot and give frames makes you have an incredibly high power transfer
removing and mounting the wheels is also much easier and faster and freestyle
skate because you only have one axle per wheel compared to the two axles per will
usually find on Fitness games so I spoke a lot about the stiffness and
performance of crystal skates so much in fact that they don’t seem to be
comfortable at all right if you ask me this question a few years ago I would
say freestyle skates are not comfortable but nowadays things have changed we
managed to associate comfort to performance so there is another reason
to choose freestyle skates over Fitness skates now comes another question our
Fitness skates actually good for beginners I’ll give you my honest
opinion in another video so stay tuned for that I hope you enjoyed this episode
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  1. i wouldnt recommend fitness skates to a beginner because even though fitness and recreational skates are very similar, the little differences can throw off a beginner. for starters the cuff on some fitness skates is angles forward to make it impossible for you to stand up straight without bend in your knees while a recreational cuff isnt angle so you can stand up straight. fitness skates are designed for larger wheels to skate longer distances alot faster where a beginner would not do much of and might have a harder time with.

  2. Hey Tiago,

    Are you going to compare trimount to the frame mounting systen of seba.

    eg. Powersilde vs Seba

    Thanks for a new video


  3. Very informative video, thank you for that. And I have a question – is it reasonable for me to buy a freestyle skates if I'm kind of a beginner (been skating only few months) ? Really need your advice here 🙂 (sorry for mistakes, greetings from Russia)

  4. hey hey hey, i've got quite a low budget and am more of the freerider and have these two in option. i don't want agressive skates. could you tell me the advantages and disadvantages of a hardboot?
    and maybe if these look more promising

  5. Haha i just got my first pair of skates and they are freestyle 😀 Im a little concern that they are without brakes but ill manage somehow … maybe 😀

  6. Oh, by the way, that thing you thought was a shock absorber in the heel of the FILA Masterwave, fell and got stuck between the sole of the liner and the lower shell, on one of mine. I managed to put it back in place, and now I can tell you it's only one square inch of plastic and it's flat. So, it's purely decorative. 🙂

  7. Hey Tiago! Thanks for all the tutorials. I've been using many of them as primers for my own return to skating (that and rewatching Air Gear again cus….well It seems to fit together). As much as I don't use freestyle skates, I really do respect Seba for all their customization. It's absolutely mind boggling. I was wondering, do you have any "weird" skate habits? Such as my own L (yes L) stop as u described it in your tutorial and the fact I powerslide on the reverse.

  8. I bought a freestyle skates with a default rockered setup and it works for me as a beginner. A little tip: if one of you​ wanted to try rockered setup, choose a smaller wheels or a 2mm size difference between the inner and outer wheels. Ex: I'd recommend a 76 and 78mm sized wheels.

  9. 0:16 oh that's my skate the F7! 😀

    I'm curious, you mention there's a lot of mounting holes on some skates like your own, but why would you want to use any other frame mounting than in the middle? 🙂

  10. Can we get a longer flow skate soon? I know informational videos are important for attracting new skaters…but I just want to see you ROLL

  11. Ive got the freeride something i bought from Lazada im filipino so you guys wont know what that means unless you have Lazada at Us or angola i forgot anyways i started skating when i saw my classmate was skating

  12. Hey, what's the worst decision of your life? I got notified of your upload but then it said it was deleted. Is everything okay?

  13. du coup j'ai une question ! ma petite amie s'est décidé de faire du roller avec moi (j'ai des fr2) et est novice (elle sait toit juste tenir debout pour l'instant) vaut mieux des fitness (rollerblade macroblade 90 par exemple) ou de freeride ? je me demande si c'est pas mieux pour débuter 😜

  14. Oh, this is very interesting. 😮 I originally thought fitness skates were different to recreational skates (a step up from them) designed for beginners who are going on to intermediate and want more top end speeds. They called them fitness skates because skaters have to work slighty harder for that speed since acceleration is slightly more difficult to get with bigger 90mm – 110mm wheels, as opposed to the standard recreational 72mm – 80mm wheels. Also, they require a bit more getting used to, balance, form and stability wise because of their wheel size and shape (usually more thin, streamline, elliptical wheels). However, you're one of my favourite YouTube inline skaters so I trust you; I learn something new every day! 🙂 – Whatever Rec/Fitness skates are, it was great comparison to freestyle skates nevertheless.

  15. Very entertaining as always, my friend. I'm new to the inline skating world, but I love it! You can find a few videos of me skating in Kyiv, Ukraine on my channel. I would love to have a new subscriber. 🙂

  16. Hello great video, very informative! You seem to be very knowledgeable so I was wanting to know your recommendation on a freestyle skate that is priced between £100-£200 . Thank you very much 😄

  17. I have recreational skates.
    And I've been skating on them since I was 1.5 years old,so pretty much my whole life.

  18. Thank you for this Tiago, it is unbelievably helpful! I stumbled across your video by chance but have been trying to decide whether or not to get my daughter Fila or Seba skates. She's only young (9) but already a pretty good slalom skater. Her current rec skates are starting to fall apart so we needed to get her some new ones and have been offered some Fila's but I didn't know much about them. At the same time I've been looking at freestyle skates and liked the look of the Seba's – either the FR Juniors or she would fit the FRX 80's (and these are not stupidly expensive for growing feet!). This video has helped us decide now to go for the Seba's. She is certainly ready for them and they will help her progress far better than the Fila's I think.

  19. Bonjour Tiago comment allez vous ? Vous avez l 'air de vous éclater en roller de la marque Seba je comprends j'en ai plusieurs également ils sont merveilleux Ma question le quel vous préférez de ceux que vous avez le SX le IGOR ou le high light carbon Bonne continuation ! Dom

  20. Can i still use free style skates if i'm a beginner? I used to skate as a kid so i know how to skate well just don't know how to stop yet and i'm planning to learn some trick as well. I bought a free style skate yesterday 🙂

  21. just wondering, since you can remove the frame, can you put on irons to skate on ice? or is that a big no, cause tbh im looking for a good combination in either being able to freestyle a bit on ice or to freestyle on the streets, tho, i suck but hey, everyone started from 0 :p

  22. Je reprends le roller depuis un long moment grace à toi…j'ai spammer tout mes contacts avec tes videos ^^ j'espère vraiment que le roller inline devienne populaire, en tout cas j'adore tes vidéoset encore merci 😀 !

  23. I hadn't bought new skates till recently had 2006 k2 Radical 100s and 2007 Rollerblade Twister. I skate with a group in the city between 7 and 20 miles and wanted something in between the two liked the radical 100s for smoothness over rough roads and liked the twisters for maneuverability I ended up going with FR1 325s currently 3 F. (- 16 C.) with 6 in. 15(cm) of snow so I've only gotten to mess with them on an indoor rink.

  24. Bonjour Tiago , J'adore vos vidéos !
    Vous avez des bon patins le Seba igor et le High Light Carbon !
    Justement j'hésite entre les deux, pour mon futur achat !
    Vous pourriez peut-être me parler de votre ressenti sur le confort le poids du roller si les mousses a l'intérieurs son mieux placé sur un des deux rollers , Est ce que les deux patins chaussent de la même façon ? Le Igor serait-il plus large que le High light Carbon ?
    Tiago je tiens a vous remercier pour toutes vos vidéos cela m'aide vraiment a progressé et encore MERCI Bon Week end !

  25. New to Rollerblades and I didn't realize there were different kinds. I got recreational but I want to be cool and do tricks so now I want freestyle! Dx

  26. hii bro, thanx for this video, i was looking for it from last year , so finally i got ans, can u guide me how i can buy free style skates in india ???

  27. Yay, I'm about to buy my first Seba frx skates instead of new pair of fitness skates because of this video (even they are not available in stores in my country : ) I saw you wear size 38, what foot size does that fit? My foot is 235mm and I'm not sure if I should go with 37 or 38 when I look at their sizing chart tables. Merciiii x

  28. "That feeling of freedom, when you forget all your problems?…"

    Different minds I guess.

  29. Personally I feel like this comparison isn’t fair, You are using the cheapest option of fitness skates and very high end freestyle skates. I feel like the comparison would be more fair if you’ve used fitness skates like the powerslide swell skates which are very nice fitness skates. Overall though I love this video and I love your channel 🙂

  30. I have honestly only used Hockey Inlines, may get some freestyle… but I don't think I want a huge buckle on my ankles.

  31. I'm really new to this, i never knew there were different types.I wanna try freestyle it looks and sounds like so much fun.

  32. Folks, it you're new to skating, it might help for you to know that slalom freestyle skates (and roller hockey skates) often use a rockered (banana-like / curved / hi-lo) setup, I think. Tiago talks about this in another video: You can use different-sized wheels to rocker a flat frame.

    I think Tiago probably does have a point about using freeride skates instead of fitness for slalom and tricks; but can you do tricks on recreational* skates? I think so. I first started skate jamming and crossover slaloms on recreational longer-framed skates with a heel brake. The trick is to use a wider scissor stance.

    I don't yet have freestyle or freeride skates, just recreational and aggressive.

    Now that I have been skating, I would prefer a freeskate of some type for freestyle, due to the shorter frames. I can definitely notice the difference now that I have an aggressive pair, which also relies on shorter frames. But, my recreational skates still serve me well when I need some speed. The rounder recreational wheels are also MUCH easier to maneuver for carving. So, Tiago may be onto something with the recommendation of starting on freerides for progression to freestyle.

    Because the aggressive skate UFS mount only uses two mounting points – and for safety and maybe precision – I will probably add a freestyle or freeride skate when I get the money. For now, I'm practicing static versions of grinds. ; )

    *Recreational skates are like fitness skates – they both tend to have longer frames, and (removable) heel brakes, I think – but recreationals have slower bearings and smaller wheels, I think – in my case, 80mm 82A wheels and slower, ABEC 5-equivalent bearings.

  33. What is faster?
    freestyle Zealot misfit or
    Freestyle Oxelo mf500

    zealot misfit

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