Florida Travel: McCulley Farms: Hamilton County on Horseback

Florida Travel: McCulley Farms: Hamilton County on Horseback

(uplifting piano music) – [Susan] The river is quiet. It’s serene. It’s peaceful. – [Connie] It is a special relationship between horses and their riders and the people that care for them. – To get on a horse and
ride back into the woods, you kinda transport yourself back in time. This big, old majestic
animal that carries you through the woods in a
way like no other way. You can’t walk through it. You can’t drive through it
and get that same experience. This is a multigenerational farm, and when you come here, you
become part of our family. – We come twice a year
here to McCulley’s Farm because we just love it. It’s a great place to ride,
they have awesome trails, it’s beautiful, and we love
Richard and his family. – I’m currently a student at FSU, and I’m visiting here for
the weekend with my mom. It’s really a great
opportunity for me to step away from the busy life and the school and rejuvenate myself and my soul. – You can come here and horseback ride, but there’s a lot more to it than that. – Here in Hamilton County, the rivers are a big part of who we are. That’s part of our identity. – You sit out here and enjoy the sun going up and the sun going down. Awesome, it’s amazing. – [Liesa] And it’s just
you and the animal, and you’re around all
this beautiful scenery. – [Richard] Occasionally,
you’ll hear somebody talking, and they’ll be a couple
of kayakers paddling by and just having the time of their life out there on the rivers. You can ride down the ledge and
actually get into the river. There’s a little island,
Willow Island, we call it. You can cross the river
over to the island. When you come to McCulley
Farms, you’re going to get a little history lesson. They built a little cabin here in 1870s. The last family that
lived in it was in 1947. That was the Waters family. When we started having the rides, this was kinda the centerpiece, and we started restoration immediately when we started having the horse rides. – I just really want to invite anybody that’s really into nature
and especially into horses to come check out this whole area. – [Liesa] This is a place
in North Central Florida you really have to come check out. – [Susan] Whether you’re horseback riding, want a trail ride, visit the rivers, or just get in the cabin and relax and enjoy the beautiful setting here, it’s like its own world.

5 thoughts on “Florida Travel: McCulley Farms: Hamilton County on Horseback

  1. This farm is magical and has the best riding trails ever. The river is beautiful and there are many trails so you never get bored! The springs and the sinks are stunning.

  2. Amazing trail riding throughout the property and along the river. Stunning scenery. Truly, you feel like family with the McCulleys….they are so welcoming and make you feel at home. Also you get the opportunity to meet some really nice folks that live there and visit there long term. Can't wait to extend my time in 2017

  3. I absolutely Love this place!. Go every chance I get which is not enough. The Mculleys treat you like you are their family every single time. Doesn't matter if you go for a day or the entire weekend you will never be disappointed.

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