Flosstube 21 Banana Pants Purdy Salt Water Taffy Terry Cross Stitch Pattern Releases Ardith Design w

Flosstube 21 Banana Pants Purdy Salt Water Taffy Terry Cross Stitch Pattern Releases Ardith Design w

hi friends it’s Amanda Mae withArdith Design. welcome back to my channel I love all things counted cross stitch and I’m
a digital artist and designer and I hope to be one of the connecting threads that
connects historic needlework to contemporary needle art I’m very excited
to be here today I have to pattern releases to show you that I’m just so
excited about. I want to do mail call. I have a Christmas card that I got in the
mail and a little bit of goodies I want to show you what I’m working on.
when I finished and then we’ll wrap up the show with a little little crafting
or will do the craft at some point and we will finish out the show with our with
our – our – two giveaway winners. so let’s get started. I want to tell you well a
little bit about my week it’s been a comedy of errors
and it’s like tragic at this point. and I was joking that I feel like I’ve kind of
won bingo like four corner bingo over the last month. November 8th the camp
fire destroyed my mom’s home and with it all my art and memories you know stuff
that that you know moms and parents hold on to like your year books and your baby
pictures that haven’t been digitized yet and in my case all my college art.
and because I was a glass artist at one point. I’ve done a lot of a lot of stuff.
but so all of that is is gone so I kind of went through a grieving period with
that. and then I you know I’ve had a death in the family and then the day
after Thanksgiving on Black Friday I got a flat tire with the kids in the car. we
had to get new tires. and let me tell you tire places do not offer Black Friday
specials! no you know picking up the car in a rainstorm with children
then things were going well and I’ve been working really hard on my you know
notebooks and getting stuff published. and then my my um my little Raji pug
passed away on the eighth. so it’s been it’s been a long month. my little pug I’m
no longer a “little pug lady.” he crossed the Rainbow Bridge on the 8th and we
spent the whole weekend just crying and talking about him and talking to little
ones about death and grief. so it’s been a long a long emotional month. but I am
just so happy to be here I’m happy to be alive I mean 2019 is around the corner.
there’s so many you know new beginnings new things to be thankful for and
grateful for and I’m grateful that you’re all here. on that note that this
floss Tube community is so lovely I for mail call I was so excited to get in the
mail my very own merry mail call Christmas. Pam and Steph of Just keep
stitchin’ ended up sending me a card which I feel very grateful and honored
to be officially on their mailing list I had created my banana pants purdy
pattern in their honor and I mean if you’re new to my channel
everyone I’m a big fan. I am a big big fan of Pam and Steph. I truthfully I
really I’m knocked over a goodie I wanted to show you I I’m a fan of
although the mother-daughter floss tubers so far that I found there’s Pam
and Steph, there’s Keph and Debbie of Snug Harbor crafts, and then Blue horse yellow
cow, she Linda she had her guest appearance of
her daughter Sarah and they were delightful. very I don’t know I just felt
elegant like I needed to be drinking wine with them or their artisanal beer.
excuse me. artisanal beer with them and I you know
just I’m just I’m grateful theirs who else I know I’m watching another mother
and daughter and of course it’s escapes me because I didn’t I didn’t write my
notes down. I’ve been watching country stitchers there’s new there’s a couple
new Flosstubers. I’m sorry I’m blanking anyway. Pam and Steph just keep stitchin.
their banana pants Purdy pattern that I had created for them and I created this
in the the first in my small and sweet sampler series and the banana pants and
people have been kind of doing little origin stories about “banana pants” and just fun just fun little stories. and I
was cracking up because I got a gift from my husband and I had to share it
with all of you. apparently “banana pants” is a thing. and it’s been a
thing since the 1940s at least. I got are you ready? they are little salt and pepper shakers
and they are anthropomorphic fruit salt and pepper shakers from the 1940s with
little blue pants and that the cork is inside. and I thought maybe something was damaged with them because one banana is a different color than the other banana.
they’re not glazed, so I was wondering if they were damaged and so I went on to
the the internet and I started looking up the anthropomorphic bananas to see
about getting another set of them. well apparently this is the glaze this
is is the way they all came. I found a
couple sets on eBay and well they were out of my price range to say the least.
but I am so excited! I officially have little anthropomorphic fruit to go with
my banana pants purty along with my fake bananas, and my fake fruit, and all the
things. and then look at this. look at what one of my kids found me. it’s a
kid’s necklace! it’s on one of those little like stretchy things, but look at
this little kitty cat! a kid my kid one of my kids found this for me!
right? like like paid money and got me this. how cool is that? so these are my
two gifts so amongst the sadness comes joy and thoughts of new things. new
things there are. I have a new pattern to show. you doo doo doo de doo doo de doo. I
wanted to have like something to shake and rattle and roll but I don’t want to
be too obnoxious. I know I’m already I’m already a little obnoxious. okay so we’ll
do that from here it is this is oh. there he is.
here is the second in my small and sweet sampler series. this is Terry. and he is
pulling saltwater taffy on the boardwalk in his 1920s bathing suit and then he
has his little helpers here. there’s the Maryland blue crab then the iconic you
know red crab little orange crab. I love it and here are saltwater taffy
flanking the sides of mr. Terry. he is adorned with little small it’s very thin
rickrack hand-dyed and he is on an R & R reproductions linen. and I love
him right here I don’t know if you can see he’s holding a milk glass candy
container because the little crabs are feeding up the taffy and then they’re
going there snipping it and it’s falling into the bowl so they can get wrapped
for everyone to enjoy. I love him! he is the same exact stitch
count as banana pants. he is 79 by 87. and of course real life I start dropping
things. they it uses basically the same collar palette I did use different
course it’s I’m having a hard time as you see the camera is having a hard time
adjusting to the difference in light I did use different cloth a different
linen and I think that’s a huge learning experience for me because knowing that I
was making and developing a sampler series I was making a series I should
have had it be uniform. they’re uniform in size and pretty much uniform in color
palette except for the linens are different. so they I do think they look a
little disjointed in a sense that you don’t see the color cohesion of the
linen but please bear with me. I am a new designer, but I’m really enthusiastic and
I really hope that you like them! and Terry here is pulling taffy on the
boardwalk for everyone to enjoy and I thought well what could I do to decorate
him the way I decorated banana pants Purdy. She has the 1950s fruit salad
medley accoutrement well where’s my taffy? so I was searching and
I couldn’t find anything that really jumped out at me. and then while I want to
“make all the things” and be an enthusiastic crafter polymer clay is not
my forte and I sat down and I tried to make little taffy with polymer clay I
watched the YouTube tutorials the miniatures I mean I gave it a I gave it
a good solid effort mm I’m not good with polymer clay. but I figured out a really
good idea to how to finish this using sustainable materials and it’s okay if
it looks a little wabi-sabi. so are you ready to see what I made? okay okay all
right so in my milk glass scissor frog I decided to put I do have real saltwater
taffy okay. New Jersey saltwater taffy not Maryland saltwater taffy not that
there’s anything wrong with Ocean City’s saltwater taffy I’m not but this just
happens to have been made in New Jersey. but I wanted to make little I wanted to
make a little bouquet of saltwater taffy stuff but you know ants, small children,
and until last week an animal, a dog, I I didn’t want to have just candy laying
around especially because as you know you don’t want to have food around your
stitching because it attracts bugs and and and nibblers and things that you
don’t want near your fabric. so I decided to think about something and I made these! and the backing has a lot to be left to be desired, but I wanted to show
you what I made using I’m gonna make a bouquet mind you so here’s just the
start of it using caps from soda containers.
Oh twine! so I literally went into a store and just bought a yard of twine. she printed out a receipt she gave me a
bag I felt like her her store materials cost more than the twine that I
purchased. anyway I’m gonna use the twine and we make a little bouquet a little
pick I’m gonna try to “Priscillafy” it. you know how she puts all the cute
little pics and stuff so in order to make these little fake saltwater taffy
all you need is some wax paper store-brand doesn’t have to be fancy
schmancy and then your bottle caps. I have two different kinds to show you.
these are the fruit pouches and them baby food pouches the lids. I’ve had
these. and then look at this lid! how fancy is that? I think that came on some
like arts isn’t all orange juice I’m not gonna cover that up because I like that
one that’s gonna stay in my stash. yes I have a stash. do you see this? craft with
all the things! all right so just to make the little taffy all you do I the wax
paper that’s gonna crinkle a little bit and I just folded it over and then you
just did a little I just did a little Foldy- fold. and then there is my
saltwater taffy .how cool is that? I did wash the bottle caps
ahead of time so there’s no food residue. so here’s the real here’s the fake not
too shabby. I will say that with wax paper if you
use hot glue remember hot wax hot glue did to do but if you want to use E6000 or
something to stick it, or I mean if you’re really feeling like burning your
tips of your fingers I mean if you really want the hot glue experience,
then I highly suggest you do hot glue. yeah.
I wasn’t I wasn’t thinking that one through. I hot-glued I did hey I did not
glue hit this to the back okay that is kind of a little idea on sustainability
is crafting sustainably. I had a little bottle cap collection. I mean I’ve got
like milk jug caps. I’ve got a bunch of different caps. I mean they come in all
shapes and sizes and in little fun things to craft with so there’s that. oh
my goodness! I forgot another mail call thing. okay as I told you all last week I
dove deep like deep deep I dove headfirst into looking at all of the Danish
advent calendars the Julkalendars. I’m not sure if I’m saying that correctly
from from Europe which other everything Danish handcraft guild I love I love all
the things. so I had made this vintage advent calendar style because I couldn’t
find anything online. well I had bid on a bunch of stuff and I didn’t win any of
it because well it just wasn’t meant to be.
right? I didn’t win any of the advent calendars, however I did in my impulse
adventure I did I did win happy enough this amazing gem. I love it. it is a
Permin of Copenhagen counted cross stitch kit. and when I saw it it had two
images the front picture here and the back picture with all the stuffs it came
with a white linen and DMC threads the needle everything and I saw this and I
couldn’t focus I was trying to see what this was an image of I saw the Badger.
hello! Badgers. I love Badgers. that’s our family
animal. okay pugs and badgers honey badger don’t care alright. anywho. I saw
the Badger I had to have I looked all over Pinterest all over the
internet trying to research this kit number which is 70-5300 and I
could not find any information on this kit and I was having a hard time like
seeing close-up what it looked like because this was a picture of a picture
right. well I win the auction. it comes to me I open it up in a fever like trying
to figure out what it is. it’s a birth record! and so I got this so I’m think
I’m gonna stitch this and put my kid’s information or I’m thinking I might just
stitch the center motif because it’s so precious and it’s got the little badger
and the little stroller I just love it. I love it so much. so I got the complete
kit so now I have a big project to start. I’ve never I’ve never done a big project.
I’ve only done smalls like I don’t know if it’s a fear of commitment I don’t
know what it is I have I literally I’m not I can’t I cannot stress this enough
I was so excited for the frosted pumpkin stitchery stitch along last year when
they announced it into the jungle that I bought all the things I bought the
fabric the needle minder the floss organizer the pin I have my cross stitch
pin I have all the stops right I I don’t really like surprises and the whole
point of this stitch along it was like a mystery every month they released a new
animal can you stitch along well I I didn’t know what animal was gonna come
next and they got me they got me on the sloth because that was there that was
their hook okay I love sloths I have that year-long
sloth calendar sloth sloth sloth so they hooked me with the sloth I haven’t
stitched one stitch on it because I wanted to wait till December when they
released the final animal and then I could see it in its entirety and all of
its glory and then I could start stitching it that’s why I could never do
Steoch-along, which by the way was fantastic thank you all so much I had so
much fun following everybody on Instagram and your floss tubes
holy smokes the ladies the owners of Steoch are brilliant it’s not
my style because I don’t like surprises however I loved living vicariously
through all of you that did that did do it it was awesome all right so that was
mail call I was so so excited to show you my new pattern I forgot to show you
everything else. speaking of new patterns I’m gonna just keep holding this pug I
hope you don’t mind. I like I said I’m I’m having a really hard time. oh yeah
all right my my new pattern is mourning plaque and not the plaque on your teeth
and not morning like wake up in the morning like morning I’m sad. I started
drafting this pattern a couple months ago and I was watching season two of
stranger things I had just binged watched the first season of strangers things
again cuz I’d seen it I’d already seen the entire season once before and then I
watched it again leading up to season two and I started charting the mornings
are the sheriff says you know mornings are for coffee and contemplation is what
he says meaning you know don’t talk to me I haven’t had my coffee yet I want to
sit in silence drink my coffee hello life goals right so I really liked that
mornings are for coffee and contemplation and I thought about it as
a mother and an artist like I don’t really have time to like sit and
contemplate I mean I’m like running around and making sure kids are are okay
or not falling down the stairs which oh so my my disaster or bingo by the way
you know my how did I get this to the be ing oh I fell down the stairs last week
like legit fell down the stairs like not like a little trip no no no not my kid I
went to open up the baby gate and my kid lunged at the at the stairs I lunged
trying to keep the kid away from the stairs push my kid out of the way just
in time for my feet to fly underneath me and I slammed in the
entire flight of stairs so last week I could barely move like
went to the doctor went to the chiropractor nothing is broken nothing
is broken so I am so grateful for that okay but I had a chance to work on this
and it’s again things happen everything happens for a
reason okay this is my new pattern it has two colors it’s the stitch count is
150 wide by 90 tall or high and if you do it on like an 18 count that they
counted to be on 8 by 5 inches and I just think it’s so fun because I don’t
know about all of you but when I go to a funeral or when I think about sad times
or grief you know a lot of times that icebreaker is food and I’m think I was
thinking comfort food like you have the casseroles people you know make
casseroles around the death of someone or you had the coffee and the cake of
the coffee and the doughnuts where you come together in loving memory of the
person or the animal or the loss of a community and one of the things the
conversation starter usually is you know you talk about the weather but you also
eat food together and that’s what caught that’s what inspired me stranger things
and comfort eating sci-fi and food speaking of food I am drinking about to
drink mmm I made my own soda last month I took a artisanal soda ginger make your
own ginger soda class and learned how to do it’s called a wild culture the bottom there that’s cranberry remnant.
I made a ginger clementine cranberry soda. I think they came out with this
checklist on BuzzFeed or something about you know you’re a hipster when or you
know you’re a millennial when and one of things that checklist things was you
know you’re a hipster millennial when you start brewing your own kombucha. I think I read that article the same day
I’m like making a ginger bug to make my artisanal soda which is one step away
from kombucha by the way. all right. What else am I working on? you saw my two new
patterns oh so I am working on my paradise stitching for the town of
paradise and I got a little bit further here’s the paradise sign– the flowers
and then I am gonna I decided I’m gonna put some strawberries and then I think I
told all of you that I was debating about adding a Phoenix you know feat
phoenix rising from the ashes at the town and then you know I you guys and
gals and stitching friends you gave me such meaningful feedback about don’t
clutter it don’t you know Amanda we like your ideas but kind of pare it back you
don’t you don’t need to put on all the things right so I thought about putting
a Phoenix on it and then it was really it’s very serendipitous I still thinking
do I put the Phoenix do I don’t put the Phoenix someone tags me on Facebook for
this project and it is the key tribute project and I hope you all don’t mind
I’m gonna read it to you. the key tribute project a tribute for camps fire
survivors and the artist Jess Mercer is wanting to create an art piece
constructed out of the survivors keys into the statue of a Phoenix that will
be given to the town of Paradise as a gift and a reminder for all of us to
unlock our possibilities after this tragedy. I contacted the artist and I
said hey I actually have my keys from paradise
may I send them to you I’m not in paradise I don’t live there I haven’t
lived there in over a decade but may I send you my keys and she said yes I
thank you I’d love the participation and I said hey well what about can other
people send you keys that are not part of paradise or not part of the community
and she got back to me again and said yes absolutely just mark them separately
so that I know that this wasn’t a specific key from the town and I’m gonna
use the keys from the community at large as the base as the construction to
create the phoenix bird so yes send me me your keys so she gave me her address
her home was destroyed in the fire and she gave me her personal address so I
can send her my keys. I want to put it out there if anybody would like to send
keys you can contact me and maybe we can coordinate something you could send me a
key and then I could get all the keys together and then send them to her.
I mean comment below or you can message me I’ll put both below if anybody is
interested and what I thought I would do if if I don’t know if you’re new to my
channel a couple months ago when one of my family members passed away I created
a freebie pattern chart of “1-4-3” I love you and on the chart I put a key
like it’s charted with a key and I thought about making that
piece into a key fob and sending the keychain with my paradise keys to this
artist. just an idea. uh the artist she says that um, “I’m an artist and member of
the Paradise community I want to help heal I am in the works of creating a
piece for the town of Paradise the one time I was left speechless was when I
saw a key on my key chain that no longer had a door to open I will be using keys
to create a piece and I will move around Chico in honor of my community until the
town is rebuilt which I believe it will be rebuilt where I will have a permanent
home I need somewhere to place my grief and I would love to create a piece to
remind us all the key to moving forward is to unlock our possibilities.” a comment below or let me know or
message me if you’d like to participate if you’d like to send a key I’m gonna
wait she said she’s gonna she hasn’t started constructing her sculpture yet
she was gonna give it two months she’s she’s got key collection things all
around in Red Bluff Chico paradise I don’t know if she has anything in
Gridley I know like the frosted pumpkin stitchers they’re based out of that area
anyway but she gave me her address so I can I can mail keys to her so I’m gonna
I’m gonna wait until like the end of the year so January to send mine in if
anybody wants to piggyback. all right thank you.
great thank you for listening all right back to the stitching back to the
stitching. okay oh I have I do have a finish this week! I do I do so I I
started stitching heart in hand wee one Christmas Bird I have it finished and
because I have young kids I was not able to pull out the iron so I apologize
everything is wrinkled and disheveled. forgive me. real life. real life .here it is
here is my little birdie. I finished I did not add the term Christmas because I
wanted to enjoy him a little longer and the whole reason I chose to stitch this
was I was bawling my eyes out on Saturday and I didn’t want to work on
any of my other projects and I saw that this and my stash had seaweed gentle art
seaweed and I went yep I know exactly where that thread is and I have a red
let’s go and so my impulse started started this I started this on impulse
there was no planning there was no foresight nothing here we go
I did not have the little button for the present so I added a little heart in one
of my 40 plus shades of brown thank you DMC I added this the ornament I stitched
it with endive and then the present is and then the red I used farmhouse red
and I’m really happy I did not do the smyerna cross for the eye I ended up
doing a colonial knot and then I did white back stitching and I think it
turned out really cute so I just need to make it into an ornament
speaking of ornaments I have been remiss my little P. Buckley Moss is looking P
Buckley’s sad. I have not finished him so I get it a d-minus I failed I don’t
think I’m gonna have him ready for this Christmas so now I know what I’m doing
for 2019. I gotta stitch those Santas! I got a follow Priscilla and Chelsea’s stitching
schedule what is it Santa Sunday or Saturday Sunday Saturday Santa or Sunday
Santa stitching and I got this book in my haul “the spirit of Christmas” and I
wanted to show I was thinking you all inspire me so much I just can’t even
tell you look at this little look at that egg tree. hello!
adorbs! there’s no counted cross stitch but look at those little chicken stars
and the little baskets so precious and then this
I thought of Beth Twist and her 106 or 116 festive little fobs she showed her
art dowel and told us all or her story of like going through the airport and
they like made her check her bag because it looked like a dangerous weapon like
this whole big thing all over wooden dowels so I saw this I thought well
maybe we just need to turn her little dowels into some spoons make a cute lil’
spoon tree, so I love the little spoons and like I said they will inspire me so
much there is in this book white chocolate Oh
oh my gosh that looks so good anyway there’s like to cross stitch patterns on
this entire book but I still managed to get inspired all right thank you let’s
do giveaway giveaway giveaway all right Leanne Russell and Yankee
Creek Stitcher or my winners this week Leanne one for banana pants Purdy and
Yankee Creek one for the Snowman so let me know down below. Oh no my kids are coming…
congratulations to my giveaway winners for country spirits Santa snowman and
banana pants purty with the stuffs. thank you all so much for joining me this week.
thank you for inviting me into your stitching space into your into your
lives it means a lot to me the cross stitch community has really helped me
and I appreciate all of you more than I can say you I feel welcomed I feel loved
I feel I feel joyous and I feel the need to create and you inspire me and I hope
to inspire some of you in some small way you know a bottle cap and some wax paper here we go
have a great week I’ll see you next Wednesday [photo of Raji Pug 2005-2018]

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  1. Sorry for your loss. Also sorry you lost things in the fire. How old was your pug? So sorry to hear this. You have had quite a month.
    I got my stitching journal from your etsy shop. Love it!!!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your pug. I have a key I'd like to send. I think it would be great if you sent her something using your grief pattern. I think the spoon tree is a great idea. And I love you fake salt water taffy.

  3. Hi Amanda Mae I'm so sorry to hear about Raji pug 🙁 I know you loved him very much. My dog is getting up there in age and I just can't imagine living without him. I wish I could give you a physical hug but know I send my virtual ones. I recently lost my last living grandparent, my grandma, and I grieve with you. Perhaps they are both in heaven together eating treats and dancing. Congratulations on your new pattern release I love the taffy making idea and how you depicted the process. I have always loved the saltwater taffy from Frankenmuth, MI. I love how you got creative with your resources to create an idea that is sustainable. I have done my fair share of collecting bottlecaps. 10 jars later and I'm still not quite sure what to do with them lol but it's a part of the process and I know when the inspiration arrives I'll be ready 😉 I'd love to see some of your glass art. Do you have any photos? Glass blowing has always really fascinated me. Hugs, Tifa

  4. I would like to give you a big hug… I’m truly sorry for the loss of your beautiful fur baby. The Phoenix Project is such a marvellous idea. Your new pattern is super cute, in particular the little crabs 🦀 Your creativity is really inspiring.

  5. Sorry to hear of all your sad news. You are amazing☺. How you keep smiling with all that you have been through and lost I don't know. You are sew strong ☺.Wondering if you'd thought of 381 which indicates three words, eight letters one meaning? Sending my love and you are in my thoughts at this time x

  6. Oh Amanda Mae, I lost My doggy Oreo, Saturday, the 8th. She was 13 yrs. old also. It really does hurt. I praise You for saving Your young one's life, even though You ended up taking the bumps of the stairs. How You can smile on, God only knows. Love Terry the Kitty! Keep going on Your "Paradise" pattern. I know it will come together beautifully!

  7. Oh Amanda Mae! My heart is hurting! I know all too well about the pain in losing such a special friend. Just heartbreaking. But, they make our house a home and enrich our lives so very much. Thinking of you as you pass through this tumultuous time. Hugs and prayers for comfort and peace.

  8. So sorry for the stressful time for you and your family. You have a great attitude to get through it all. Your patterns are just wonderful!!!!!!

  9. This necklace is so cute, that's such a sweet gift! <3
    Amanda, I don't comment every time but I really enjoy watching all your videos. Your enthusiasm and positivity are really infective and I've loved seeing you grow and learn and make more and more cute patterns. I'm definitely want to stitch at least one of them in 2019! 😉
    I'm glad that you're keeping your smile despite everything that has been going on in your life recently. I'm sorry for you losses, and I hope that you can take some time for yourself. It's ok to stop and rest for a while if you need to. Much love <3

  10. That calendar in background is amazing! Love it. Where did you get it?Oh my goodness, bless you and all of the trials you have had. There is always a rainbow after the storm and wishing you many blessings. Thank you for an awesome video. Merry Christmas

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