Fox Tease A New Mountain Bike Helmet | GMBN Tech Show Ep. 58

Fox Tease A New Mountain Bike Helmet | GMBN Tech Show Ep. 58

– Hi, welcome to another
weekly GMBN Tech Show. Coming up on this week’s show, Niner Bikes launch a 27.5 inch wheel bike. We spotted a brand new
looking Fox open-face helmet. We’ve got some really cool retro tech and some amazing bike caves from you lot. (dramatic high tech beeping) Now first up in news, we check out the new NS bikes, downhill bikes. So this model is called The Fuzz and it’s previously existed
in 26 and 27.5 inch models. Although the previous models were clearly focused at free-riding. So the revised back end on there is slightly more linear to handle the way a downhill bike should. And of course this is
a 29 inch wheel model. So check this out on the screen right now. Think you’d agree, it’s
quite a neat looking bike. There’s a lot going on. I think it’s certainly
going to be very strong and reliable, given the history of making excellent
quality bike park bikes. Now there’s two sizes, there’s
a medium and there’s a large. And the medium, the reach is
4-4-8 and the large is 4-7-2. They’re also plus minus 8
millimeters of adjustment in them. I think they’re quite
generously sized bikes and I think it looks really good. And knowing NS Bikes, they’re
going to be great value too. Now next up is probably my favorite thing I’ve seen in the last few weeks. This is the new Niner bike. Now interestingly, and rather confusingly, it’s available in both 29 inch
wheels and 27.5 inch wheels. Very confusing for a
brand that’s basically made it’s name on being a
niner brand exclusively. Now Kirt Voreis has been riding with Niner bikes for some time now and being the type of rider her is, that he can literally do anything. Any skate park trick in the world, any dirt jump trick in the world. He’s out there just
doing it on trail bikes. So he’s a really, really good rider. Now doing this in 29 inch wheels has got to be a bit of a hindrance. You can see where he was
going with probably trying to convince them to
make this model in 27.5. So it’s a dedicated shacy, it’s not interchangeable wheel systems. So it is 27.5 and 29 inch wheel version, but the geometry remains
the same between ’em. So they want them to have
the same equivalent feel. Just offering a different characteristic depending if you want that
steam roller flat out 29er. Or if you want something that’s a bit more agile and playful. Now the launch video is hilarious. It’s got Kirt and Kirt in the video. One of them being the
high paid trail rider and the other one being the,
bit one like Blake I guess. Jump skids, wheelies, bar spins. I think this is the same sort of figure that Blake would actually make. It’s really funny, this
is it on screen now. And you get some great
clips of him shredding in the way that Kirt classically does. Now the bike itself, they’ve
got various different sizes. All the way up to, from
small up to size XL on there. So outback it’s got 140
millimeter of travel and they’ve run it with
150 mil fork up front. Like I said it’s available dedicated 29 and 27.5 inch wheel versions. It’s obviously a smart idea. Not sure how I feel about this given that Niner was so dedicated to producing 29 inch wheel bikes, but either way it looks
like a really good bike. I’d love to know what you
guys think of Niner bikes having the alternative
over 29 or 27.5 inch model. Personally, I find it quite confusing that they’re doing this. I love 29 inch wheel bikes. I’ve always liked what Niner
do, so I would pick the 29er. But what would you pick? 27.5 or 29? Let us know in those comments underneath. Now next up, I have
spotted a new Fox helmet that has not been announced yet. And I’m sure some of the eagle-eyed amongst you have also spotted this too. Now Fox released a
video, a coupla days ago. It’s been going around showing
off their new clothing line. And the clothing looks great, but if you look at the
helmets worn by the models on the more Enduro
focused range of clothing you will see that that,
if I’m not mistaken, is a new open-face helmet. It is not anything that
currently exists in their range. It doesn’t look like their
ventilated full-face helmet. It does look different, around ear design so it’s not a convertible
version of that helmet. It’s brand new helmet, I think. Now you can see, the
lady here is wearing one and it sort of looks like an army green sort of a khaki green and black. Looks really, really stylish. Definitely got Blake’s name all over it, I think in that color. And the other one looks a bit more race-y I think in the white and red. Bit more classic kind of Fox style. I think it looks really
good and knowing Fox, they do this sort of thing really well. Their full-face helmets are excellent. I have no doubt that this open-face helmet will be fantastic for those
wanting a bit more protection, but that don’t really like
riding with a jaw guard on there. Also, just a little sneaky shot, just on the right hand side of the screen. When the sort of montages are changing between this clothing,
you can actually see a top view of the helmet and you can see the rider’s face so you’re fully aware of how back the actual ear piece is going. So, I think it’s pretty cool and I’m really interested
to see when this drops. Next up, Guy Martin is at it again with his Proper Cleaner range. This time it’s with Proper de-greaser. So the same format, 10 quid
gets you one of these pouches. Which is biodegradable in itself. It’s got two tablets on this inside. Which you dunk one of these tablets into the provided bottle, a 750 ml bottle. And it provides you with
750 ml of de-greaser. The actual pouch itself is biodegradable and you’re not paying to
have water shipped around. So you just fill up with
your regular tap water. Love what they’re doing,
nice simple system. I had a look on Guy Martin’s
website ’cause I wanted to find out a bit about
the range of products and I spotted a whole bunch
of other cool accessories. It’s got loads of hats
and random stuff on there. But check this out, so he’s doing a recycled belts, wallets and a wash bag. All made of inner tubes
which are quite cool. Obviously they’re using stuff that’s already been used on bikes. I love the fact that each
one is completely individual. It might have some tube patches on there. It might have some different
markings or branding on there. Whatever you buy, it’s going to be completely different to the next one. I think it’s a nice
little range of products and of course a bit more earth friendly, so what’s not to like? Now this is a bit of a strange story. And actually I think
it’s quite interesting ’cause you may well see some
more riders follow in suit. Marco Fontana’s been an XC
Elite racer for many years. He’s one of the most
stylish riders out there. Well known for being extremely aggressive and being able to ride the certainly, the rougher more technical
descents with absolute ease. Over a lot of the other riders. Now he used to ride for Bianchi Bikes. He’s a Red Bull athlete and he’s now hung up his XC racing wheels. And he’s turning over to E Bikes and he’s going to turn
into an E Bike ambassador and he’s going to be racing
the E Enduro World Series. And the Italian E Enduro
Series over there. Now bike wise, he’s going to be riding the Focus Sam E bikes, but
actually the thing that I wanted to look at,
was his choice of tires. Now I saw some pictures of him riding on the new Kinder E bikes specific tire. So that E bike casing
version of the Hellkat tires. Now I rode prototype
versions of the Hellkats ages ago when I was overseeing
some friends at Mondrake who were doing some testing
with them on a prototype bike. Now I actually didn’t
know about those tires, at all at the time and I couldn’t believe how grippy they were. This was several years
ago, so I can’t wait to hear about performance on these. Now this is them on the screen now. Now this version of their tires is slightly larger volume. They look just as aggressive, but look how they even out in casing on them. It’s a far tougher casing, of course you’re seeing this on a lot of
other E Bike specific tires. Does give the tread more stability. The carcass itself has
more in common, I guess, with a downhill tire than
it would with a trail tire. ‘Cause it’s got to have
that additional stability to put up with the weight and torque that goes through those wheels. I think the tires look fantastic and I’m really excited to see Kinder back on the groove again. They always did make some fantastic tires way back in the day. They kind of just, I
guess they just haven’t progressed the same rate
as everyone else has. So, it’s going to be
really interesting to see what comes up from them in a few years. Especially with people like
Marco Fontana helping ’em out. Our last thing in news this week. This is simply just a
bit of eye candy for you. So this is absolutely stunning. It came via Enve into my inbox and I just thought I’d have to share this with you
’cause it looks amazing. So this is the new Commencal Supreme DHV4 and it’s the team issue runs could be used by the World Cup Racer team, Amri Peerion and all
his team comrades there. I finished one, it’s absolute (cluck). So the frame, Commencal Supreme DH 4.3 up front it’s got the
Boxer World Cup debonair. And out back, a Super
Deluxe RC World Cup shock. Wheels are Enve M 9 30’s which do look, really really nice, don’t they? They’re kind of a trademark now for that brand to just have that styling. Handlebars are Enve M 9’s 30 mil rise with Chris King Iso hubs. Just, what a wheel set, can
you imagine how much they cost? So nice. Out back you’ve got an MVC post on there, SRAM XO1 drive trains, SRAM code brakes with two 20 mil rotors, the huge ones. But you’re going to need them to slow a beast like that down especially
with those bigger wheels. A Schwalbe Magic Mary Addix
ultra soft tires on there. HD pedals, E 13 chain guide and of course, the Chris King buzz works
inset headset in there. Man, what a piece of kit. I think that is on of the nicest looking downhill bikes out there. In fact, actually, what do you think is the nicest downhill bike
on the scene at the moment? I’d love to know because maybe we can start doing some bike-offs. Throwing some bikes against each other. Just see what looks coolest. I’m going to say right now that that one is my favorite
looking downhill bike. What is yours? Let us know in the comments underneath. Okay, now it’s time for Bike Cave. You know the drill, this is
where you keep your bikes. You look ’em up at night,
you look after ’em, you wash them, you do all that nice stuff. More importantly, you display them for yourselves to look at. So, let’s look at some of your bike caves. If you wanna take some photos of your bike caves, we’d love to see them! The address is at the bottom of the screen there for our uploader. All you do is click on that link it’ll take you through to the uploader. You tell us your name, where you’re from. Tell us a bit about your bikes and your bike cave and
upload those pictures. Job done! Send ’em in, we’ll put
’em on the show next week. First up, its’ from Darren
this time in Plymouth. “You featured my bike cave
way back in episode four.” Dude, so you’ve been
watching from the beginning. Wicked, thank you! “This is the result and
some changes of room and bikes after some inspiration. I still have my NukeProof
Meg from the original cave.” Nice, alright, so you got all your helmets up on the wall there. So, I’m guessing there’s a
whole family of cyclists here. Looking by the amount of helmets and the size and design on some of those. With your Camelbacks on the wall as well. Course you got a clothes
rail and more importantly, you’ve got a Makita Site radio
down at the bottom there. Those things sound amazing for something so small and compact. And nice, look at your
actual little work station. This is wicked. So you’ve got a radiator underneath there. So you’ve built this over and around that. I guess you use that to put your shoes nearer and dry them out. Clock on the wall, so you can see how long you’ve been tweaking your bikes. You’ve got pipe cutter, very similar to the on
I’ve got by Syntase. Shelf there with all your lubes on. I like your shop towel holder. That is cool, kinda like
a giant toilet roll, but for shop towel which is way cooler. Yeah, like it dude, looking good. Decent. Oh hello, there we go. That’s the real action. So you’ve got a whole load of bike hooks screwed into a beam. I don’t know if that’s,
you’ve put that in. Especially for the hooks to be in. That’s what I’m gonna end up
having to do in my bike cave. Looking good mate, yes. So what you got? A NukeProof Mega, is that a white or I can’t see what after the blue bike. This might be a white
like the 604 or something. Nice, there’s a Cube in there too. Wicked, mate. Next up is Russel from Maryland. Cool, so out in the US, nice. “Been biking for about four years and finally got tired
of working on the floor. Your bike cave segment gave me the inspiration to build a work bench.” Get in, that’s the way to do it! “All of the materials are
recycled from old projects.” Even better! “It’s been great doing my winter
maintenance on the bench.” I bet, it does make such a difference when you’ve got something
to actually work on stuff. Than having to use the kitchen
side boards of whatever. Decent work stand, always good to see. I love that you’ve got a little stool. Little round one, very similar to what I’m sat on at the moment. And I like what you’ve done
with the shelving at the top there so you could put all
your pads at the top of it. It looks like they can
breathe there as well and you’ve got your helmets
hanging from underneath it. That’s really tidy, nice idea. And more bike hooks on the side there and more bikes by the front
door as well and carpet. Carpet is good actually. It does soak up oil and that, but that is also is why it makes it good. Just good stuff to have in there. It’s always good going
to the dump actually, and seeing if you could
get old segments of carpet to put underneath your work stand. Also makes it good when
you drop nuts and bolts because they don’t sort
of, roll under the fridge or anything else equally
annoying and immovable. Aw dude, this is stylish. Right, this is next level. So Aaron in Chattanooga. Ah wow! “Hey guys, I recently moved into a brand new house with
900 square foot garage. Decided to make it my dream shop. New paint, trim, finishd epoxy floors.” Oh, dude! “Cabinets, et cetera, hope you enjoy it.” Even that first picture, wow! So you got the 2018 Yeti SPC,
a Yeti poster on the wall. Your walls are like battleship gray. Dude, these look amazing. Look at that floor, that’s phenomenal! Epoxy floors, damn you’re about 20 steps ahead of me with that. That looks so cool. And even like where you’ve got the hooks on the wall on the gray. Dude, you’ve done the full color
coordination and I love it. Yeah, that looks amazing. That’s what everyone
dreams of really, innit? That’s like the equivalent
of having a double garage, but having a room dedicated
for bike stuff like yours. That looks so good. Oh kitchen cupboards on the wall, I guess. And you’ve got your tool chest with you Crank Brothers sticker on there. Oh man, look at it. I can’t believe, that
floor looks phenomenal! And you’ve got video too. Let’s check that out. (mellow music) Thanks for sending your
bike cave entries in. Keep ’em coming in guys. Absolutely loving ’em. (high tech beeping) And now it’s time for rewind. This is the retro section of the show where we get to check out
all the old school stuff. We’re lucky enough to be in sport that has actually got an
old school part of it. And I absolutely love it
because it always tells a lot of stories about
where the technology we’re riding today, came from. So if you’ve got anything old, whatsoever. Could be an old helemt, some
old retro Oakley glasses. A whole bikes, some images
of you in an early race or back when you were
younger riding bikes. Literally anything retro, send it into us. We’ve got a whole load and I might go to town next week’s show. But this week, I’ve actually
been having a look through an old hard drive and just found
some really cool old shots. So the first one is an Intense Tazer. Now this bike was designed
for slalom and 4 cross racing and this particular one
belongs to Darren Tap. Who’s a bit of a name on the
UK scene, many moons back. Now he’s pretty much addicted
to gravel bikes these days, but I know there’s a bit of
mountain biker about him still. But this old bike, this is just amazing. I actually saw this a few
years ago at Bike Park Wales. We were doing like an old legends day, so a load of people
who’ve been in the sport for a long time hooked up for the session. And Darren turned up on this,
just look at this thing! And I still think, even today these early Intense bikes are some of the nicest looking bikes around. It’s just absolutely stunning. They look like nothing else
when they first came out. But this particular
bike, looked at a glance, like the downhill bike, but actually was their short travel bike. So three and a half to
four and a half inches travel out back, for a FSR
style horse-linked rear end. So super active, super grippy for cornering hard and aggressively. Like slapping those
turns on a slalom course. And a fairly slack head angle for a bike that really was used for jumping and stuff primarily. In those days, where they’re pushing 70 degrees on some bikes and extremely steep on some of the dedicated jump bikes. Responsive, great looking bike. Got that sort of Monocoque style. Front end, but they make it in two pieces and then just weld it down the middle. Just beautiful and that head tube badge. I still think that is the best head tube badge in the business. Correct me if I’m wrong. If you think there’s a cooler head tube badge out there,
send us some photos. But I think that iconic Intense
one is still the best one. I think it’s just so cool. Cycle works intense racing USA. Very cool. And now the stem on there
is a weld forcus zike, for some of you at home. Now they did two, they
did the Azonic shorty and then they did the weld force which was the later
changed name for the brand. Still got the Azonic bars on there, but I see these are
branded with the O’Neal. So this is the newest set of the bars rather than the early ones
when they did the doubles walls and the pyramids and
various other issue bars. This shot, just looking down
the front of the frame there. Just look at the shapes and the colors. It looks more like a motocross
bike than a mountain bike. Just so ahead of their time. The shock on there has got a
bit of a cool story actually. So that shock used to belong
to a racer called, Will Longden who now runs the Saracen downhill team. Now it’s custom found for him to run an extremely high pressure. I think the bike he had it
on was either an old Scot or it might have been an
Intense, when he was on MBUK. Way back. Now he gave me that shock,
’cause I was struggling with the shock on a particular bike because I couldn’t put
enough pressure in it. Now this shock later
went on to Darren’s bike because Darren had the same problem when he was building this and I still had it going as a spare. So that shock’s done it’s rounds and I see it’s got a TF tuned stick on it so they’ve obviously
given it a bit of lovin. Good to see it back on the bike. And it says Fox Factory
prototype on there. So very cool. Bit of paint missing around the bottom bracket yolk area there. But you’ve got the USA stamp in the frame. It’s just cool isn’t it? It’s an Intense after all. Chris King NoThreadSet on the top there. There’s a head tube badge again. Super, super nice. Now earlier on in the
show, I was talking about that Fox helmet that was spotted. Assuming that it is a Fox
helmet, pretty sure it is. The open face design. Now way back in the day,
Troy Lee were making these. This is called the Edge. So it was an open faced helmet, but it had a bolt on jaw guard. So that is really bang in
alignment with Giro Swithcblade and many other Enduro focused helmets. Now look on screen now and you’re going to see some really cool shots. They’re actually taken for me by Stickman. So Stickman, his name is Craig Glaspell he was a World Cup
mechanic and now he’s the global marketing guy for Troy Lee Designs. And he’s got all these helmets
over at Troy Lee Designs headquarters in Laguna Beach California. Now this first one is Yeti painted up. It’s a Myles Rockwell helmet. Man, look at that thing. It’s got Yeti on it and
everyone thinks about Yeti. Just looks great, but it’s got that etto logo on it which
is quite interesting. At the time, etto was
the sponsor of team Yeti. Except they didn’t make a helmet suitable with a jaw guard for the downhill racing that Myles is doing so he’s got a Troy Lee helmet badged up as an etto. That sort of stuff is quite
common back in the day. In fact, the Intense N1SL was one of the most commonly raced
frames by a number of teams. Including Giant, Mongoose,
there’s a whole number out there. Even the Athertons rode them as muddy Fox bikes at one point. Now just see another side there so it’s yellow on one side
and blue on the other. Man, that’s a really nice,
but simple looking helmet. Okay, next one of the screen belonged to Dave Cullinan, a.k.a Cully. Got Cully written on the jaw guard there. I think he was on team
Diamondback at the time, looking at the color of
this particular helmet. I mean it’s just cool as anything. Such iconic looking helmets. I mean would love them to
bring back a model of the age. So it wouldn’t have to
do with the jaw guard, just the upper helmet like
a modernized version of it. I mean I know that I’ve got the A1 and A2 helmets which are cool, but just the styling of that, looks more like a motorcycle trials helmet crossed with a mountain bike helmet. And then this one is one
of Brian Lukes’ helmets it’s when he was on Mongoose racing. Same thing, all the pros
used to use those helmets, but the one that made them
really famous is this last one. This belonged to Greg Herbold, who was the world’s first
downhill world champion and he did it wearing this helmet. That is the iconic Troy Lee, well this is Shoei helmet originally
before it was Troy Lee. Troy Lee bought basically the
rights to use that helmet. And then they turned it
into the edge helmet later. It’s got the Shoei TL comp to start with. Then it became the h later when they put the jaw guard on as an additional piece. But great piece of history actually. It’s a really stylish looking helmet. I think it’s so old now that it actually looks pretty new, to be fair. I reckon you can get away
with wearing one of those now. I reckon it’d look mega. Alright, now it’s time for top mods. This is all about the modifications that you do to your bikes to make them different from your mates
and more importantly, than the other ones in the shops. Any modifications you’ve
made to your bikes, take some photos or better still, take a video on your phone and send it to us using our uploader service. There’s the link and the
bottom of the screen there. Super simple to use, just make sure you fill in the basic
details like your name, where you’re from and
all that sort of stuff. Now first up this week is from Andrew. He says location is in the warmth for now. I’m guessing you’re
probably in the UK then judging by the plug
socket in the background and the fact that you’re scared of going outside in the horrible conditions. Don’t blame me, especially
with a bike like that. So it’s a 2005 DMR Sidekick,
a jump bike of course. “I’ve owned this bike for nearly 15 years. Now I’m looking to use it properly, so I’ve added a few modern touches like Schwalbe table top tires.” Loving those in the tan wheel by the way. It’s super stylish and
it looks great on there. “The Milesonkey Z 1 band forks are still as squishy and smooth as ever.” I love the fact that you’ve
got that fork on there. So old, it actually looks like
it’s a new limited edition. Dude, they look so good. I used to have a pair of those. The ones I had were the all original ones. The all orange, original ones even. The ones that came out immediately
after the early z ones. And of course, the internals were basically the same as yours. “It still runs the DMR Chieftain cranks.” I had some of those, as well. So I had a DMR frame, I didn’t
have the Sidekick though I had the Trailstyle
which was the other one. Now I actually got mine sprayed army green ’cause it got driven over at some point and down tube had a big dent in it. So, all the point came off. So, got it resprayed by a
friend and it looked mint and I had those DMR cranks on there. Had a a Profile chainery on mine though. So basically wanted, everyone
that had those cranks they wanted Profile on them really. I’m sure you wanted Profile cranks too, but we couldn’t afford them
so we got DMR cranks instead. Which were still flippin
expensive, I’ve got to say. And then you’ve got the bomb proof Atomlab train pimp wheels. Super cool. “Just shows, even though she’s an old girl she can still keep up with
the modern jump bikes.” Dude, it doesn’t look dated, at all. So, you know, you’ve put retro looking tires on which ironically, make it look really modern with what everyone’s doing. Looks wicked. Really nice and so cool to
see the forks still going. And nice Odyssey pedals by the way. I used to have those as well. Yeah, looking good. Okay, next up’s from Michael in Ohio, USA. “I use these pieces of
left over vintage DO8 speed past the Turner single
speed into a five speed.” Nice, awesome, a little five speed set up that fits in the same space as the single speed on a single speed bike. Brilliant. You’ve hacked the rear derailleur
to get on there as well. Nice, good work. Next up is from Neil
in Bristol, in the UK. Now I would not fancy ride in
this myself, I’ve got to say. “With the snow approaching the southwest, I knew I had to make a snow tire. Found an old tire, grew
out the screws from the inside out then covered the heads with gorilla tape to prevent punctures. Took it out in the snow
and it worked perfectly. Just wish I had one for the front.” Aw dude, fail. You should put it on the front and let the back end be your party time. Be like a mullet, wouldn’t it? Business out front, party out back. I’ll tell you what, fair play, that must of taken you
quite a while to do that. It’s a brave move to do
one of those on the back because if that catches
you’re under carriage, you’re going to know about it. In fact, I know someone, friend of mine called Rob Jarman who
used to be a stuntman and he used to be a pro-downhill
racer and all sorts. He tried to set a speed record when I was working at
MBUK magazine, way back and he sat Santa Cruz V10 and
he did the tires likes that and he was going so fast and one point. There was like a road gap
jump and as he landed, I can’t remember if he hung
it up or over jumped it, but he got a big tire buzz. You can kinda work out
what happened, can’t you. Let’s just say, it didn’t go too well for him and he’s okay now. So tech of the week, this week, bit of a controversial one actually. We’ve got some hand guards here. Now I was looking at Sam Hill’s bike, in fact you can see a few
shots of it on screen, at a bike show recently and
he had hand guards on there. And he also had a really cool custom, it was basically a mud
hugger front mud guard with a big lump of plastic cut out of it for the drive train. And wedged in on the back of his bike to basically stop the
suspension pivots in there getting gunked up, in race conditions. And he’s got loads of
sponsor’s grpahics on it. It looked really, really moto and I think if anyone else
did it, it wouldn’t look cool. It looked cool, in my
opinion, because it was Sam. The same with the hand guards. I think they are so cool looking. I don’t think I could ever
get away with running them. However, I do think they
have some serious benefits. If you live somewhere where you get a lot of overgrown bushes and stuff, they’re going to be really good for not snagging your brake levers. If you like to run bare
hands, they’re really good for not getting thorns and
stuff in your knuckles. I’ll definitely be trying them, but they are definitely a marmite product. Which is why I think they’re cool. What do you guys think of hand guards? What do you guys think of making your bike look like a motocross bike? Do you think it’s a good thing? Should we be doing it? Should we not be doing it? I’d love to hear what you think. And also, let us know what
you think of Sam Hill’s bike. This one here, just again, coupla shots of it on the screen for you. Let us know in those comments below. Let us know what you think of hand guards. Okay, so that’s the end of
another weekly GMBN Tech show. Hopefully, you enjoyed the show. Let us know what you think of
the content that was on there. What was your favorite bit of tech? What was your worst bit of tech? And more importantly, let us know about what you think about the hand guards and all the moto styled stuff. Personally, I think it looks amazing. I don’t think I could pull it off though. Get involved in the comments below. If you want to see another cool video, have a look at my Pandora’s
box of weird stuff that I think you should all be considering having in your tool box. Have a look at that, down there. And as always, give us a
huge thumbs up if you like GMBN Tech and don’t forget
to share and subscribe.

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  1. Handgards look nice, when i change my RM altitude for a ebike, i will put one of those… when the kgs are not a probleme 🤣🤣🤣

  2. As mentioned in a previous video I use AVS hand guards. My hand guards use the older style mounts. I have no problems with them. I also use mudhugger mudguards. I use the larger front and the 29er rear even though my bike has 27.5 inch wheels. I like Sam's bike. I would use Different brakes and transmission. The transmission would be either Shimano, Box Components or maybe Sunrace 12 speed. The brake would either be Hope or Shimano. I currently use Hope. I did try to bleed the original Avid Elixir 1 brake that came with my bike. After a week of trying to bleed those ***king brakes. I put the Hope on. Hell of a lot easier to bleed. I would use the Crank Brother Highline dropper as well. Plus the benefit of not having to drill a hole in the frame to fit it.

  3. As someone who was spat over the bars once firing down a steep narrow shoot when my front brake lever got tangled in thick overgrown brambles, taking a big lump out of my knee in the process, (caught the exposure light bracket on the way over and it frikkin hurt!) I would seriously consider running a set of these SH hand guards…

  4. Sitting here with a fractuted 5th metacarpal competing a tree punch list week. They're are no hand guards that would fix THAT.

  5. Handguards doesnt make sense until they are connected in one place. They will just bend not matter how well they are made.

  6. Hi doddy, I have a problem with bike. My front wheel is not sitting centre in forks. What do you think could be the problem? The axle is 15mm boost there is no visible damage and the bike is only 7 months old 👍 #askgmbntech

  7. Love the new generation YT Tues. A really clean design with having the shock pretty much laid into the frame, and also having all the pivots accessible on the non drive side cleans up the linkage too.

  8. Hey #askGMBNTech, What do you think of the updated Felt Edict with a 120 fork on the front. I am currently on an OG Ripley (120 F/R).. and looking to upgrade. With the 120 fork the Edict is about 1 deg slacker, but still and aggressive XC platform. Most of my riding is XC or trail/marathon in Washington USA. Thanks for the sweet videos!

  9. 29 or 27.5 for Niner. Which one would I choose? 29er for mid/short travel 130mm and under. 27.5 for longer 150/160mm and up. Both based on what I’ve owned or demoed taking into account my 6’ proportions.

  10. 25:09 clearly a benefit, there are no riding gloves that will protect against high speed impacts, mine protect knuckles against brackens but not much more.
    but I am sure the hand guards would help to not get scraped up fingers, if hitting a rock wall, a tree, or blasting trough bushes.

  11. handguards look cool, and according to Sam Hill, they have nothing to do with bushes, sure, they might come in handy in that kind of situations (no pun intended) but they are really for protecting your fingers and brake leavers when crashing, they might help not hitting the brakes too hard when crashing against a tree or floor. In the tree scenario, thinking you are not going too fast to break the handguard, it actually makes a lot of sense and i think they can definitively help you stay in control of your bike in that kind of situations. Cheers!

  12. E-bikes with knobby tires and hand guards? When are you guys just going to suck it up and admit what you really want is a motorcycle.

  13. Why hasn’t all the GMBN Subs, subbed Doddy’s TECH channel? 🤨 The are no brainers and then there is this…..COME ON DO IT FOR THE DODZ! 🤘🏻

  14. Grew up racing BMX with an open face Bell, so that new Fox fits right in to my taste. I'd buy one for sure as long as it's not stupid expensive. So I'm excited to see the 29" YT Tues compete this season, can't deny the awesome V10, but really want to see what Gwin does on that Intense!

  15. Best looking DH bike I saw was Eddie Masters' Pivot Phoenix from the 2018 Lenzerheide DH World Champs if only frame considered… Or Adam Brayton's Hope Blue/Red theme SCOTT Gambler
    from the same event
    Handguards would be useless for me, but I can clearly see the use of it, and on big bikes I think they look good too (would be odd on a xc bike tho 😀 )

  16. Elliott Heap did a bike review of his Nukeproof Mega over on Vital MTB and said they run the hand guards to protect the brake levers from breaking during a crash more than brush and trees.

  17. #ASKGMBNTECH First off let me start by saying I've been watching and a subscriber from the first GMBN Tech episode, I love this stuff. My question is, I'm looking for a set of 8 speed Shimano shifters to replace some old Gripshift shifters, my drivetrain is all XT, and was wondering if you thought the new Acera or Altus shifters would work as well as the old XT's, taking into account the whole trickle down theory or would you happen to have any other suggestions?

  18. Hand guards or bikes looking moto doesn’t matter at all. Are you riding and having fun? That’s all there is to it!

    Keep up the great content, Doddy!

  19. Nicest DH bikes on the scene are…. Commencal supreme 29, Norco Aurum 29, Intense m29, the new Atherton DH bike 29, Canyon Sender and the Trek session 29.

  20. I think the hand gaurds are great. Mainly because you dont have to wear gloves in cold weather. Think things like that help to get people into cycling because they are more comfortable on the bike. Cant be a bad thing.

  21. those rear mudguards that attach to your seat tube and now hand guards . no ta ( agreed, only Sam Hill could get away with hand guards )

  22. High-performance, off-road bicycles have always been designed and built to emulate the motorized experience, so certainly, it is fair play for riders to make their bikes look and ride like motorcycles, whether through stickers on fenders or shocks in frames. And awhile back, Fox had a print advertisement which paid homage to its origin as Moto-X Fox as an after-market supplier of motorcycle parts in the Seventies. And even now, decades from my youth in California, my commute on a 26" Diamondback in rural Pennsylvania can seem like Baja. Or Saddleback. And I always ride WFO, but that was just my imagination, once again.

  23. Many people have strong preferences for wheel size. I think manufacturers are throwing away half their potential market by not offering both sizes. It seems brands like Specialized with the Stumpjumper and now Niner (among others) are really smart to make both and allow consumers to select which they prefer. Get the bike you want AND pick your wheelsize.

  24. Never new Niner bikes were only 29ers…obvious when u say, but doubt many realise, so maybe niner decided to drop this unknown link with their name…same way Trek makes bikes other than for long treks!

  25. Here in Blighty (UK) wet n muddy enough from Nov to Apr to flick enough muck on to your bearings (headset, rear suspension and BB), dropper and face to make guards worth the poorer aesthetics. I run both front and rear mudhuggers on the rear of my Jeffsy and an RRP max on the front. May not look as pretty but saves me endless time (and money) in maintenance and I can see all the way to the bottom of a run without tear offs. Back in the day (70’s n 80’s) would never dream of staring a MX race with no mud guards.

    Those with no fear get the gear, put everyone to their rear and drink winning beer.

  26. The MX look…ugly as sin, mud guards, hand guards the only way to pull that off is if you are Sam Hill. Having said that if I rode where mud was an issue I would ugly up my bike in second, function over fashion but best if servers both 😎

  27. I think I like these handguards, maybe because I have a motocross background, but landing on them with your forearm after a failed jump might hurt a lot

  28. Even with FD, Ifind I don't need a rear mudguard. Some kind of beak in the front would help with vision.29r with coils and geometry. Most of time prefer having same spares front/rear, but may be obsolete.

  29. Thanks for the shout out on my old Intense Tazer Doddy. I think I need to send you my new project Yeti Lawwill photos of your rewind segment.

  30. What are your thoughts on the new Hydra Line of Industry 9 hubs and wheels. 690 points of engagements.Besides a cool sound how much better is it? Maybe you can enlighten us.

  31. Hey Doddy, I don't know, if you seen or talked about this bike, but Chromag released absolute ripper of a bike. ! It is 29er(or 27.5+) hardtail with 180mm fork. It has 62° headtube angle and 77° seattube angle and Sram gx/n01 Eagle drivetrain. It just looks amazing enduro hardtail!

  32. Hi Doddy, are you guys gonna talk about the new Guerrilla bikes? this seems like one of the biggest news in MTB in the last years (

  33. I think hand guards look bad,(not when Sam Hill has them). But with wide bars they would saved me from all the nettle stings thorn cut I have had riding in the summer.

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