88 thoughts on “FREE ICE-SKATING in PRAGUE (Honest Guide)

  1. 他媽的你我想他媽的殺了你
    If your Chinese tell me what this is (I’m not Chinese I’m from Ireland)

  2. I'm coming there on 21 Dec.. Would be there till 2nd Jan.. Any chance of meeting u guys???????? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaasssseeee

  3. The other day Roxy (best club in Prague) had a pop-up club event at that first ice rink with a DJ and stuff. People skating around while bopping away to deep house 😀

  4. Great i like it this video and by the way I'll come there in 2019 and I'll call you 👌🖒👏🏃

  5. I think ill be taking a skate in a few weeks if you see an English man in a bright yellow coat falling over a lot that will be me lol

  6. Ahoj, plánuješ v nějakém díle ukázat podniky typu AdAstra? Myslím, že zrovna jim by turisté mohli hodně pomoci.

  7. does anyone want to go ice skating with me when i’m in Prague on my own in the beginning of February? ^_^ (pls someone i want to make some friends)

  8. Hi guys still wondering when you will organize a meeting. Cant find it on fb or insta. I will only be in Prague till the end of march so we need to hurry 🙂

  9. Hi Honest Guide! I’m studying abroad in Prague from January-May! I was wondering if you could do another student experience video (Charles University)? Would you say Prague is generally diverse in terms of ethnicities? Are Czech people open to other people of different races and nationalities?

  10. Měli byste udělat jednotlivé guides na každou část prahy (P 1, P 7, P 10…)a zmínit vše důležíté, od piva po jídlo 🙂

  11. Not sure if you've done it already, but it'd be cool to see some more Christmas/winter attractions in Prague as well! 😀

  12. Dit is hier in Praag normaal en zeer goed verzorgd en ontzettend goed bezocht, dit vindt je in Nederland niet. Men heeft hier ook de grote Winterkermis met vele Nederlandse kermis-mensen en mooie atracties.

  13. Big thanks for all your videos!
    I ve been to prague this weekend, and your dos and donts and all the nice hints for good places helped to make this a great trip!
    i really like the way you present your city.
    unfortunately i didnt manage to do all the 50 things i should have done, but i invented my own 100 things 😍
    I am really in love with prague and surely come back!

  14. I have been to Prague 4 times and I finally found out where to skate… Christmas Prague…this Christmas… Switzerland. 🇨🇦

  15. Ahoj, how about a video about the skateparks in prague? I'm moving to Prague soon and it would be great to see them described by you.

  16. ello sur please helpe me next year i come to study in orague plaese helpe me about accommodation what ur opinion accomodation private or accomodation in university and how much one month please give me your advice thanks

  17. je nějaká možnost, že bys navštívil Ústí nad Labem? Vím že to asi nebude úplně vyhledávaná lokalita, ale na pivko jsi zvaný společně s kameramanem 🙂

  18. Janek and Honza Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for the great videos this year. Have you got a Christmas special video planned? Keep up the good work next year. I will be back in Prague in July- August and will enjoy every day as always and with thanks to info from your videos. Lionel, the Polish Kangaroo from Australia.

  19. Ty nie si normálny čo tu ukazujes. Pod sa pozrieť ako sa žije v rakusku, v každej dedine máš to čo ty ukazujes idiot

  20. Currently in Prague!
    Awesome moment when the hotel staff told me to watch your videos n I already know that from last 1 year! 😃
    Wish I could meet you ?!
    Respect from Ireland

  21. 2:22 aby si pražák pletl chrám sv. Víta s pražským hradem, to je celkem epic fail… vím že se to často zaměňuje, lidi vidí katedrálu a tvrdí že je to pražský hrad, ale průvodce po Praze by si to teda plýst nemusel…

  22. Its sad that he risk his life for exposing scam but he has not reached 1million subscriber yet!!!!and stupid channels get more views…

  23. Bylo by fajn, kdybyste udělali honest díl na náplavku (courání podél řeky, přívoz + muzeum říční plavby ve staré celnici – dnes je to zepředu hospoda, zezadu muzeum). Například simulátor řízení voru (co mají v muzeu říční plavby) je něco, co jednoznačně nikde jinde cizinci nezkusí a je to překvapivě docela těžké a taky zábavné.

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