Freestyle Ice Skating: 540 Kick Tutorial

Freestyle Ice Skating: 540 Kick Tutorial

Hey guys. Time has come for a 540 kick tutorial. I’ll show how to learn it on ground, the key
points, some variations around the key parts, then on ice. So that’s the trick from the intro scene. Yes! And it is a bit advanced, it is advised that
you have good jumping skills on ice, and you need a lot of training on ground. So that’s why we are here, at the old ice
rink, we start the training here on ground. In this tutorial we will be covering the 540
kick technique, drills, so how to build up from zero, key points, variations, and the
technique on ice. So let’s not waste any more time, let’s start
with the most important part, the technique. Most people spin left. Me too. In this case, the right leg is the jumping
leg, also the kicking and the landing leg. The other leg I call pulling leg, that pulls
you up in the air. If you spin the opposite side, just mirror
all I say. Also there are more builds. I start from a perpendicular position to the
actual jump. On the ice, it’s just straight. So leg’s first: I’ll put my hands on the back. Focus on my legs! This is my kicking leg, I start stepping with
my right leg. I step next to my pulling leg, at least next
to. You can step a bit over, but you should step
at least next to. Don’t step a short one like this, because
it will be very hard to draw this leg around. It has to travel a long distance. So if you step at least next to it, it will
be just more natural to lift this up. Okay, once you put this down, like that, at
the exact same time you start lifting up the pulling leg and initiate the jump. The same first step now using arms. Obviously you need to generate a lot of momentum
with you arms. Swing them as hard as you can. So it will be looking something like this.. There. For maximum height, make sure to punch, pull
and jump at the same time. Practice the timing. So the next step will be the most important
part of this tutorial. At this point what you need to be doing is
to (obviously jump) and twist your hips, rotate into a 90° position, like that. What you just saw is a tornado kick. If you reach this point, that’s very good. Practice it until you get confidence. Because if you’re good at it, you should feel
that there is time for an extra 180. To land a 540 instead of a 360 use your full
power. Spin faster. And: Get your pulling leg out of the way. It can travel sideways or in a scoop motion,
like a hook kick. But when you twist your hips, you need to
tuck it, and speed up the motion a bit. It’s exactly the same that you do with your
arms in case of an another kind of spin, but now with your leg. Drills, so how to learn this from zero. First one was the tornado, we already talked
about it. The second one is an interesting one, it’s
like jumping up from your kicking leg, and (i hope I won’t loose my phone during this),
and try to land on the same leg. Like that. If you put this one and the tornado kick together,
you’ll get there. First ones will be obviously low, but progression later.
Now: the KEY points. What makes this trick work…If you don’t
want to spend a half year training on dead ends like me, then keep watching. 1 Hip rotation – I mentioned this one already. When you jump, turn it sideways as soon as
possible. Otherwise you can get stuck. If it helps, imagine that you need to throw
your shoulder over. And make sure the pulling leg doesn’t get
in the way. 2 Angle-, No, NOT the horizontalness. The angle where you face at the jump, so how
much you spin on ground before the jump. If you jump early, you need to spin more in
the air, and faster because you have limited time up there. And injury is the result, this is a real clip
of some pain I experienced. And of course you lean back a bit. But being too much horizontal is just hard,
make it around 45 degrees or how you feel. 3 Shoot for height – as much as you can. By reaching a perfect synch at the jump. If you watch my upper body is a bit ahead
of the jump which kills some height, but I saw other people making this mistake too. Small mistakes can be compensated with an
overall good technique. 4 Travel or not? Again, if you travel a lot, that kills the
height. Plus on the ice, there is no possibility to
jump forward much. But a minimal travel can be helpful if you
don’t understand how to turn your hips. And that leads to the next one:
5 Continuity: The whole jump is continuous without brakes, especially the build. It’s possible to slow down the upper body’s
rotation after the jump by opening your arms, but it’s still just one fluid motion. 6 Kick at the top. Your kicking leg can travel bent upwards. This also saves some energy. However on ice it’s just hard ’cause you naturally
travel with some speed so you lose it behind. You have to count on a slower spin there because
of that straight leg. 7 Step in the build. I’ve mentioned it, small mistakes can be tolerated
here. Now a few clips on my progression and mistakes. This was my first one.. well.. Not jumping up with hands, just spinning. Shoulder throwing overdone. Half year later it was pretty good, then a
stupid mistake led me into a dead end: This actually looks awesome, but it’s very inefficient,
hard and painful. On ice you can’t spin this much. I wanted to combat this with horizontalness:
Then I just figured out what the problem was and finally did this efficient one without
any build. If you get stuck, record yourself and try
to find the mistakes. You can download this sample from my website. Now on ice, then motivation. Not much to add here, except it’s even harder
because you go straight for it. If you practice a lot, you will feel when
it is efficient. You glide into the jumping position instead
of stepping. It’s hard but it makes it even more fluid
so just catch the momentum. Use tornados as warm-up. And consider landing on 2 legs, because these
are the landing marks, pretty knee killer. Motivation: Don’t expect to learn it too fast,
give yourself time. Enjoy the trainings. I’m not a super strong guy, I still could
learn it so you can too. Do long warm-ups and focus on the height from
the beginning. Watch for the key things I mentioned. Sometimes I just decided I give it a shot
with full power to see what happens. These were helpful, but you really have limited
tries of these. I wish you good trainings guys, and persistence! See you on the next video! Have a nice icy day!

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  1. Sziasztok!
    2t szeretnék kérdezni!
    Első: mi a különbség egy átlagos korcsolya és egy hoki korcsolya között?
    Mit tegyek ha olyan éles a korcsolyám ,hogy nem csúszik faroláskor?
    Légyszi válaszoljatok!!
    És nagyon ügyesek vagytok!!!😝👌👌

  2. I think sometimes people don't realize what's behind your videos like…all your effort and time and determination. Keep up with the awesome work!

    Ps: also, love your accent!

  3. And again a super detailed and usefull tutorial. Will definitely be training this stuff during next summer break. Are you familiar with some breakdancing stuff aswell? Let's say the windmill. I'm currently struggling with the shoulder rolling and getting into the second swing.

    Greetings from Freestyle Ice Skaters Eindhoven!

  4. Can i ask what is your foot size and what size are your skates because im struggling with hockey stops my blade gets stuck and i think its because my skates are too big

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