Freestyle Ice Skating: B-twist tutorial

Freestyle Ice Skating: B-twist tutorial

Hey guys! B-twist is an awesome looking trick, it’s
scary to do, but you know what? Physically not hard. In this video I’ll guide you through the learning
process. B-twist stands for butterfly twist, and it
is advised to do butterflies confidently before moving forward. Good thing that you don’t need perfect butterflies,
if your leg is bent, that’s still OK for the b-twist. Just understand how the butterfly works. In case you need, I have a tutorial for that. B-twist is a relatively easy trick regarding
the physical strength, because it’s just a 360. You have enough time for this much rotation. However, it’s very awkward. First of all, your target is to be horizontal,
and then you may have noticed, you need to lift your front foot first to get the height. I’ll show you the technique step by step,
drills and how to overcome your fear, because that’s the biggest issue here. First, off ice. You have 2 options: run up and add a build,
this way you have more momentum. Or do it from standing, it’s less scary, but
much harder. The build on ice is a combination of these
two. Let’s go through each of these. First step is to obtain some crash mats and
start practice the spin itself. Don’t shoot for a fully horizontal position
yet. In fact, don’t even land, just get confident
with the spin. Then get used to this strange leg lifting
motion which gives the unique look of the btwist. Place your jumping leg facing forward, then
kick up with your other leg, and a little bit later add the twist by using your arms. You’re jumping from one leg now, which is
also physically exhausting so expect muscle soreness and spend a few weeks at this step. Now it’s time to add the build. It’s the same as the butterfly’s build so
you should know it already. Just to recap: turn around, hop a little,
land on the same leg, initiate the dip and the rotation. At the end however replace the butterfly jump
to the previously mentioned btwist motion. You should still keep the mats. It’s always hard to land on a specific spot,
so you need to practice that as well. I used to measure the distance where I was
starting my build when I was still using mats. When everything is together, it’s time to
focus on how to get technically better, because so far we were only training mentally and
physically. Key points are coming:
I told you your jumping leg is facing forward. Depending on your butterfly, everything can
be delayed a bit, meaning you might need to spin more on ground to reach the correct,
forward looking position. You should always focus on the height. The dip can be big during the build. You can start the dip when your jumping leg
is still travelling backwards. That will sure make it explosive. The kick needs to be strong at the jump. Let me emphasize what I told you in the second
step: when you shoot up in the air, you wait a little with the spin, this way getting more
height out of the jump. In fact the key to a good btwist is the balance
between the height and the spin. So far you were practicing only the spin,
from this step, focus on the height too. Quickly think about this. The twist part is 360. But overall your whole body rotates a 180
extra during the jump, just in another angle. If you cheat a little with the horizontalness
you can do a 540-ish looking vertical jump, which is much safer, but still has the characteristics
of the btwist. This cheat is a good drill, a safer way to
overcome your fear and a good way to warm up for btwists. Now that you know the important parts and
you’re quite confident, let’s forget about the mats and try it on grass. It’s actually easier… if you commit. It is because you can run up and do a more
powerful build. You can land anywhere you’re not restricted
to a small spot. But also it’s more scary now. If you do everything as before there should
be no problem landing on soft grass. Just make sure the grass is dry, so you don’t
slip. Focus on the key points, especially the height. Just do demonstrate how much easier it is
with a run up, check out this clip from me. Where was the dip? Kind of nowhere, I just shot for the spin
and it worked out. And as a last step try it from standing. I’m sure you’ll still learn a bit more about
timing, height and explosiveness. I believe this is the least scary variation
so maybe you can add this to your warmup. Also on ice thanks to the different build,
the actual jump resembles this version the most. Ice. The build is exactly the same same as the
butterfly’s build. If you need details, it’s in the video that
I mentioned earlier, check out the description. Quickly summarizing: I do 2 full 360s on ground
before jumping up, the second one is the dip. It’s not a must to follow this kind of build,
but it’s working great, while I saw other people having difficulties when they just
spin less before the jump.If you think btwist is scary on grass, try it on ice, it’s like
10 times scarier there. You really have to commit when you do it. You can use the cheat jump, meaning you don’t
really plan to be horizontal. But don’t be too much vertical because this
will happen If you go for it, do it with confidence. Probably the worst thing that will happen
is that it will simply be low. But in that case, you also fall from a low
height which is not that bad. To fix this mistake, you can do 2 thing:
First, add height to your butterflies as practice. It’s very natural to just switch legs, and
it feels harder to focus on shooting up, but that’s the way to go from now on. Second, don’t start the twist so early. Wait a little bit, shoot up with your leg
first. Another factor on ice is slippage. Your jumping leg should be under yourself
or it will slip. And that goes for the landing too. You can easily carry over your momentum at
the landing if your legs are apart, which is totally fine off ice. You also gain height with a better dip. Without dip, you just shoot sideways. This one isn’t that bad, but the dip is out
of sync, I don’t profit from it. My first one was the worst in this regard,
it worked out because it was my 20th try that day, but avoid doing this. Don’t rush. No need to rush neither the build, nor the
jump. Spend enough time at each phase. Also wait for the correct orientation before
the jump. This is not a big mistake, but you’ll land
90 degrees earlier if you start it too early. And that means you can’t continue gliding. The two most important tips on the whole btwist
topic is that you need to improve progressively from smaller steps and you should focus on
the height all the time. I know it’s scary and hard, but in the end
it’s a hell crazy looking jump. I wish you good luck guys, safety first, don’t
rush anything. And: Have a nice icy day!

21 thoughts on “Freestyle Ice Skating: B-twist tutorial

  1. Trick and tutorial great as always but this one is really hard :/
    ps i love this part when you wish everyone nice and icy day 😀

  2. As always when Come The Time of ice skating i search your channel to make my ice skating skills better 🙂 i can only 360 now but i want to learn butterfly, sry for bad english, nice videos, like 😀

  3. your skills are lit af, and you also explain it so well that makes us mere mortals feel like we can actually learn from listening to you. As a developing hockey player have found certain skills phenomenal to improve the skating aspect of my game, keep up the great work!

  4. I wonder if it is possible to jump this in a way to land with only one foot. like keeping the left leg a bit longer in air, land with the right one while the left one swings backwards. (ya know like the landings of all of these figure skating jumps, axel toeloop etc.)

  5. 5:32 if you try use figure skates then you will never have this kind of fall, because the toe pick at the front of the blade grips into the ice at the landing part, so your foot will be glued to the ice as your body keeps moving at the direction you were going, that per auto straighten out your body so u have the balance again.

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