Freestyle Ice Skating: Circle Handflip Tutorial

Freestyle Ice Skating: Circle Handflip Tutorial

Hey guys
As I promised, here is a cool trick that you can combine with the oldschool donut. It only requires some basic stuff to know. This is the circle handflip tutorial. This year is pretty warm, there is no natural
ice now, but I want to show you good quality clips so I’ll use my older recordings. Fortunately this is not a technical trick,
everything will be easy to understand. On the ice you just need to be able to do
a basic donut as prerequisite. For further tips on that or other donut variations,
check out my last video. Additionally a cartwheel can help you, but
that is also a basic move so if you want, you can just go straight to the circle handflip. You start with the donut. In the beginning, it’s fine to start from
a low speed, it’s possible even without the donut. The donut just sets this up, it doesn’t have
to be perfect. You need the speed from it to transfer your
momentum into a cartwheel-like flip in a low position, without speed, the flip will be
slower or low. The most important part is when you’re switching
arms. So if you slip during the donut, it’s not
a problem, but the transfer has to be confident. Then: your arms should be under yourself,
aligned with the rotation. It’s much easier on a rough ice once again. On a slippery ice it requires very precise
arm placement. Which you still need on rough ice, but if
you fail to do so, it will only result in an off axis or low flip instead of a slam. What really makes this trick cool is when
you have enough momentum to actually leave the ground for a short time and this way do
a flip instead of a cartwheel. Your arms should drive the movement. Get a medium speed then your momentum will
be able to keep your legs up even in a low angle. As you discovered landing the cartwheel on
ice sideways doesn’t work. Both arms are on the ground so you need to
use your legs to twist into the correct position. At this point if you have the speed, it’s
possible to spring a little and leave the ground this way adding style to the circle
handflip. After landing you can continue doing the donut
or do something else. All in all this is a pretty impressive trick
comparing to the effort that it takes to learn. I recommend trying it out. In the meantime I’ll work on another stops
tutorial which will take a bit longer than expected. See you soon, have a nice icy day!

20 thoughts on “Freestyle Ice Skating: Circle Handflip Tutorial

  1. Dude, thanks for all your hard work! I will definitely learn this trick after I will master Doughnut:) still stuck on Spider-Man though, but slowly getting there

  2. Why it is sooo warm winter this year… 🙁
    You make amazing tutorials 😀
    Best regards from Poland!

  3. You’re having a warmer than usual winter and the southern US is having one of its coldest winters…

    Anyway, I’m appreciative to finally see this trick broken down. Happy 2018!

  4. Hi guys. Have one hint. Im doing similar trick like this and repeating it more times. This looks like it can be repeated too. My variation is based on the swipes trick from breakdance. Try it. Its great 😉. Regards from Slovakia.

  5. Hajdúszoboszlón is van egy jégpálya egy művelődési ház mögött. A legjobb szombat vasárnap 10 órakor nyitáskor, amikor max 15-en vannak a kb. 15x30méteres pályán. Egyszer átnézhetnétek…január végéig működik 😉

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