Freestyle Ice Skating: Eagle Tutorial

Freestyle Ice Skating: Eagle Tutorial

Hey guys! I’m remaking my first, oldest tutorial, and
dedicating a video for each of tricks, based on your responses. And this is the Eagle’s part now, let’s see
how to learn it! What happened to the name, is it eagle now? Let’s just go forward with these short, catchy names:
This is Eagle, and this is Gibbon. These are beginner tricks, but you guys keep telling me that you can’t turn out your legs like that. Watch this: that guy just told me the same. So we go to the barrier. Voilá, he can do it. So you can do it too! Play with the distance and the height. Find your optimal position. Bend your legs, straight legs are for professionals. Now that you know the feeling you need to
find the balance on the ice. If you keep your front foot gliding and place
the other to the back it feels more natural at first. At this point you might need some practice
to hold it straight. Many people just turn and do the mohawk instead. It’s cool, place your back foot to the correct
position again and continue. Lean back a little bit. Good thing you can do it slowly. If you’re not confident on all edges, it can
keep you back from progressing. Usually beginners have less experience on
the outer edges. Here are some exercises. This one, Ground touches, I just finished the remake for this tutorial, Outer edge stops, that is available on my channel, see the info button above. Once you put a little time into this, there
should be no problem going straight. Just keep the center of your weight above
the skates. But if you lean back even more, you will turn
with it, which is cool too. To keep your balance now, sit down lower,
open your legs wider. Since your momentum will prevent you from
falling on your butt, you need some speed for this version. Gibbon: when you keep pushing yourself without
losing momentum. For this, lean forward a bit, lift your front
foot up first and push yourself with the back foot. It’s as simple as that. Or not? Here is an exercise. Place your back foot into its position, but
right before actually putting it down, lift your front foot up, and notice that for a
short time you only glide on your back foot, which is a good training for this trick and
for your balance. And later on it’s up to you if you lift any
foot up at all. While we’re here. To stop using the eagle you just need to lean
back a bit more, depending on speed, and turn yourself into the correct position by swinging
your arms. I’ll get some more material for other funny
stops and make a video about these later. Thanks guys for checking out the remastered
eagle tutorial. There is still an oldschool trick that I haven’t
covered so far, so see you later! Have a nice icy day!

54 thoughts on “Freestyle Ice Skating: Eagle Tutorial

  1. Tegnap láttam valahol egy koripályás reklamot amiben bennevoltatok… jó volt nagyon 😉 Egy magyar fordítás majd jöhetne. Köszi

  2. Hehe, I started this trick by accident on Monday, tried to play with foots in both directions and wondered how to go straight.
    Still need plenty training, but I am on it~
    (Had your old video open, and now it went private – I guessed that you must have made a remake :D)
    Okay things to try: When turning, open legs wider. And ofc speeding up (that way) – didn't manage to do that yet.

  3. Sick i love your videos thanks for thi one ive been trying to learn this move for a long time. Also im interested in T-blades , do you think its worth buying tblade skates or should i buy the blades and take off my normal hocket blades? thanks

  4. Your videos are excellent, but not everyone can do this. It can take months or years of exercises. I’ve been trying for a year, and still I am nowhere near doing it. I regularly stretch my hip muscles, and I am getting more and more open. Yes I can do it against the boards. No I can’t do it on the ice. Not even when holding the boards. There is no way I can align my feet. A young friend learnt it in 30 minutes. Another friend has been trying for months, and is better at it than me.

  5. Hmmm,hogyha már magyarok vagytok,megtudnátok mondani,hogy érdemesebb-e befagyott tavon korcsolyázni mint a városi korcsolyapályán?

  6. i'm so glad i found your channel.. it has helped me so much ! your tutorials are so detailed and comprehensive, you're the best !

  7. These are awesome! does anyone know if it's possible to do these with figure skates or do the toe picks get in the way? I think the eagle can be done, I'm pretty comfortable with side stance but the gibbon kinda blew my mind, haha.

  8. When kids see us skating like that they start dreaming, you man make me dreaming i'm so impatient to practice this exercices and master the art of the eagle

  9. I honestly don’t understand how to get my feet straight. Yes if I go to the barrier and smash my feet open it happens, but I really really have to push and even then it feels like my knee is going to twist off. Is this just a stretching problem?

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