Freestyle Ice Skating: Ground Touch Tutorial

Freestyle Ice Skating: Ground Touch Tutorial

Hey guys. You know I’m remaking my oldest tutorial-
which featured a few tricks in one video, including the ground touches, and this video
is dedicated to them. Some other people may call it spiral too,
but I found out that name is taken in figure skating for something else. This is again a good trick for beginners,
as there is no risk in it. It’s pretty easy and you can learn to control
your balance on your outside edges, which is important for a lot of tricks. In the beginning there is no need to support
yourself with your arm. So how do you keep your balance without putting
weight on on your arms? The angular momentum does that for you. The faster you go, the easier it is to revert
back to the normal standing position. So just try it from normal speed first, don’t
go slowly. Your outer leg will stabilize you. Start lifting it up a little after you start
leaning in. You can’t really mess up the forwards version, but this can be the reason why the
backwards ground touch feels harder. The same applies here as in the head down,
if you chamber it close to your body too fast, it will speed up the rotation and you can
lose your balance. But a minute later about that. Another thing you need is the correct position. You may think I’m totally leaning to the side,
but that’s not true. I lean forward. And that’s the reason why the momentum wants
me to stand up. When I tried it with full speed, it was almost
hard to lean in. It’s nice that the momentum helps, but you also need sharp blades, otherwise you’ll just slip. Frequently asked question: How do I spray
that much. The heel is the answer when doing the forwards
version. Nose when the backwards. So backwards:
The concept is the same, except the balance is different. Your upper body is heavier than your leg and
it’s on the back now, which means it can easily spin you around… Instead of tilting you to a standing position. You can do 2 things to combat this: put more
weight on your arm, and experiment with your leg, try to find the balance. As it is a basic move you can add a lot of
variations: You can try grabbing your skates, finish with a 180 out, transfer from forwards to backwards, stopping or whatever this is, chain them up, kick the cameraman, contacting the ice continuously, jumping into your own track. I tried to do a 540 transfer once. Just be creative. Freestyle is still new and we have the honor
to be the first to invent these moves. Next week a pretty interesting video comes
about a couple of tips that will make you a better freestyle ice skater. And then finally the last part of that old
tutorial, the spread eagle! See you guys, have a nice icy day!

31 thoughts on “Freestyle Ice Skating: Ground Touch Tutorial

  1. I remember someone did this at the rink when I was little and put too much weight on his ankle and everyone heard a loud crack. Made me scared to go skating for a while after that.

  2. Nice nice 👌🏼👍🏼 mach bitte mal wieder ein Video ohne Tutorial. Einfach eins wo man einfach nur Leute beim Schlittschuhlaufen sieht. Die sind immer schön anzuschauen 👌🏼

  3. thank you for your support ! respect and greetings from Romania
    keep it up !! and don t forget about my request for "cross stop" with both crossed legs

  4. Still the best tutorials! Would absolutely live to see a breakdown of (sorry, don’t know what it’s called.) It was like an inverted swipe, or perhaps a one-hand handspring. I saw you do it in slow-mo on Instagram; super sick trick!

    What I like best about freestyle on ice or inline is the opportunity to really look deep down inside yourself and knowing there are no limits to styles and tricks. For those starting out or have some skills under their belt… freestyle is like anything else… It’s countless hours of dedication, experience and even calculated experimentation that makes us better skaters.

    Keep up the fantastic work… cheers and here’s to another great winter!

  5. Nice video, man. I have to say that i really appreciate your work and the effort you put in realising these videos. You helped me a lot throughout my progress in freestyle ice skating. Also, can you please give some tips on stopping on the inside edge?

  6. 300th like 😀 i have a very nice groundtouch 540 Transfer here /0:32/

  7. I`m learing backward ground touch right now. I was trying different hand placement on ice (more forward or back compared to the rest of the body). Conclusion is that you shouldn't put your hand too much forward (direction of movement). In case of slipping the first thing to hit the ice will be your head. I didn`t think of it beforehand, gotta say not a pleasant experience. This is pretty much the only dangerous accident that can happen when trying this trick out.

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