Freestyle is the most popular swimming style and every swimmer from beginner to professional aim to swim freestyle with the best possible technique However, to achieve the proper technique professional knowledge is required On our YouTube channel SWIMMATE we will learn the correct technique for freestyle, starting with a basic freestyle overview To perform an efficient stroke It’s crucial to catch the water To do this, the swimmers should start the stroke grabbing the water with a high elbow position It’s achieved by starting the stroke only with the forearm and keeping the elbow facing upwards, as is shown in the video Performing the stroke with a high elbow position will allow the swimmer to catch the largest amount of water and achieve a highly efficient stroke When the swimmer has caught the water, the next step is to perform a stroke that is powerful from beginning to end The stroke should be as long as possible and must end near the leg, as the video shows The correct technique is when the hand continues the stroke until the whole arm is straight When the stroke in the water is done, the swimmer should raise the hand into the air returning it to the starting position while keeping the arm relaxed Kicking is obviously very important in freestyle it can help significantly if done correctly or it can create additional resistance if done poorly The kicks should not go beyond the diameter of the body to help the swimmer can imagine that they’re swimming in a tunnel If the kicks are extending above or below the swimmers body then resistance is created It’s crucial to perform narrow kicks to keep the resistance as low as possible Kicking should be performed with straight legs bending at the knee only in the last phase of the kick The kick starts with a hip movement up to down the shin follows the hip also performing a movement from up to down It’s important to return a straightened leg to the starting position by moving the leg upwards By moving the leg correctly upwards the swimmer will also gain additional power increasing their speed When swimming freestyle the swimmer needs to control their body position this has a large effect on swimming efficiency The whole body’s position should be straight and situated on the surface of the water It’s very important to remember that the body shouldn’t be deep in the water as the deeper the body is in the water the harder it is to swim Also, the hips and legs should be on the surface or close to it A high body position in the water will allow the swimmer to achieve the least amount of resistance possible increasing efficiency Another element crucial to freestyle swimming technique is breathing bad breathing technique can create unwanted disturbance and problems for the swimmer The swimmer is able to use different breathing rhythms Bilateral breathing to both sides of the body in a three to one rhythm Breathing every 3rd stroke, or in a five to one rhythm breathing on every 5th stroke It’s also possible to breathe only on one side of the body using a two-to-one or four to one breathing pattern The swimmer is free to choose the rhythm that they find most comfortable in freestyle swimming the head is in a neutral position With the chin positioned close enough to the chest that the swimmer looks down and slightly forward as the line shows in the video It’s important to not lift the head up and attempts to look forward For breathing, the swimmer starts turning the head to the side in the last phase of the stroke as shown in the video The reason for starting the head turn at this point is to prepare the breathing position of the head for when the arm stroke is done This positioning of the head allows the swimmer to start taking oxygen immediately when the arm rises from the water without wasting valuable time The intake of breath is done while the arm is being returned to the starting position The head should then be turned back into the water before the arm hits the water in its return to the starting position It’s worth mentioning that before starting a breath most of the air in the lungs should be expelled into the water So that while the head is in the breathing position the swimmer only takes in air not wasting time breathing out Let’s summarize the technical elements To perform a correct and efficient stroke the swimmer needs to grab the water with the elbow in a high position Continue the stroke all the way until the end Maintain a small diameter of kicking keeping the legs straight and performing the kicks from hip to foot The body should be high and on the surface of the water Breathing is done by turning the head to the side immediately after the arm stroke As always, if you have some questions leave them in the comments and we’ll be happy to answer you Stay tuned for our upcoming video covering in more detail at the technical elements of freestyle swimming Don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and of course Subscribe to the channel and 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