Friends Solve Clues in the Toy Master Escape Room

(writing on chalkboard) – [Squeaky Voice] Tic Tac Toy! (upbeat music) – I love glazed! – So good! – I want a glazed! – I know, chocolate is so good! – Addy and Maya, I’m so glad you came out of town to come visit us! – We are too, trust me, we needed to get out of town for a couple days. – Really, why? – The Toymaster has been driving us crazy! He keeps stealing all of our toys! – And making us play all these
ridiculous games with him. – Really? Like what kind of games? – Escape room games. – What are escape room games? – Well, he basically locks us in a room, and we can’t get out until we solve all these clues and find an escape button. – Oh my gosh, that sounds terrible! – It is, but we should be safe here. (phone rings) – Oh, I’ll go get it. – So what should we do first,
watch a movie, play a game? – I vote for a game. – Me too! – Me too! – You gotta be kidding me, can’t you leave us alone for a few days? I guess I have no choice. Girls, you gotta come over here now. – What’s the problem? – What’s wrong? – The Toymaster was on the phone, and he wants us all in the living room. – Oh no! – We have to have a seat
over on the sofa, girls. – What is he going to do? – Are we gonna be okay? – I’m scared. – Sophia, can you turn on the TV? I’m sorry guys, but you’re all
about to meet the Toymaster. – Okay, here goes nothing. (beep) – Nice to see you, Addy and Maya. – The feeling is not mutual. – And it’s nice to meet you, Avery, Stella, Charlotte, and Sophia. – How does he know our names? – Since I know how much Addy and Maya have come to enjoy our
escape room challenges, I thought it would be even more fun to have you all join in too. I like to keep things interesting though, so I’m going to break you
into two separate teams. And here’s the fun part, only one team will be able to escape. – What, that’s not fair! – Fair? Have I ever
cared about being fair? – Well, you can’t just
keep us here forever. – Hmm, we’ll see about that. Would you like to know your teams? – I’m getting out of here! It won’t open! – It’s no use, we’re locked in here until we can find the escape button. – Moving on, the first team will consist of Avery, Charlotte, and Addy. – You’re separating me from my sister? – The second team will consist
of Maya, Stela, and Sophia. – We’ve got to win here, we
can’t be stuck in here forever. – None of us can be stuck in here forever. – We’re smart girls, we
can find a way around this. I know we can. – She’s right, I’m not leaving
unless we’re all leaving. – Now for the rules,
the first team will work in the bedroom. The second team will work in the kitchen. The door connecting the
rooms will be locked. Each team works through a series of clues that will lead to an escape button. The team presses the escape
button first will be released. The other team, they’ll be
forced to stay behind, forever. – Oh no! – Don’t panic girls, we’re
not gonna let that happen. – So I’d say your
goodbyes and make your way to your separate rooms,
because the game begins now. – Guys, we can do this! – We can do this! – We will all be together. – Don’t worry Maya, we’ll be fine. – Okay, Addy, I believe you. (suspensful music) lock clicking – Okay, we’re in here, but
I don’t know where to start. He usually tells us where
to find our first clue. – Well girls, let’s
just look for something out of the ordinary that doesn’t
really belong in a bedroom. – All right. – Nothing here. – Hey, check these out girls! They’re Nashville postcards. – Let me come check it out! Why would there be Nashville postcards if they’re at a hotel here in Phoenix? – That is super odd, let me look at them. (electronic dance music) Check out the back of this one. There’s a bunch of words here! These are some odd words, know, the, four, when, key, you, candy? – Next, you, it’s, box? – [Addy] None of those make sense at all. – Do you think we need to unscramble the words to make a sentence? – I’m not sure, it’s a lot
of words to unscramble. – Is there anything on the
back of the other postcards? Not on this one, or this one, not– Wait, what’s this? – I don’t know, what are
all of those in the paper? They’re shaped like rectangles. – I know. – Let me try something. I wonder what would happen if we put this on top of all the words? – Might as well give it a try. (electronic dance music) – Check it out, the boxes are highlighting some few selected words now! What does it say? – “Solve this riddle for the next clue. You see me in the morning and in the…” – Why did it just stop,
where’s the rest of the clue? – I don’t know, and the
other postcards are blank. – “You see me in the morning,
and in the…” in the what? – There’s gotta be something
we’re missing here. – But what? (jazzy music) – Hey guys, look! There’s a lockbox and a calculator. – Do you think it’s our first clue? – I’m guessing the first
clue is in this box. – Can we open it? – The Toymaster won’t make it that easy. It looks like it’s locked. – Well there’s a combination lock on it. How do we figure out
what the combination is? – Should be try just
guessing some numbers? It’s only three digits. – I suppose so, let’s
try eight eight eight. (click click click) (dramatic music) – That didn’t work. – Let me give it a try. Today’s date is January 25th, or one 25. Let’s see if one 25 works. – Ooh, that’s a good thought. (dramatic music) – Oh bummer, it didn’t work. – Why do you think
there’s a calculator here? Are we supposed to use
this to open the box? It’s awfully random. – I have no idea. – Whoa, there’s a note on
the back of the calculator! “Laughing out loud.” – I’m so confused! – Me too. – Well laughing out loud
is the same as LOL right? – Yeah, you could write LOL for laughing out loud in text messages. – LOL is three letters, but we need three numbers to solve the combination. So how is that supposed to help us? – I feel like we have to
use this calculator somehow. I just don’t know how. – Okay so it says, “Solve
this riddle for the next clue. You see me in the morning and in the..” And then it just stops. – I don’t know if this means anything, but notice that there’s a number one up in the top left corner, see? – Oh yeah! – Why don’t you flip it over, Addy? – [Avery] There’s a number
two, what does it say now? – [Addy] “Evening too. And when you keep me clean
it’s a reflection of you! What am I? So what do we see every
morning and every night that we have to keep clean? – And what does the whole
reflection thing mean? – I don’t know. – Wait a minute, my friend taught me how to write hello on
the calculator one time! It’s really easy, watch! Zero seven seven three four, then you flip the calculator
over, then it says hello! – Wow, it does say hello! – That’s a good trick and
all, but how does that help us get that lockbox open? – Maybe there’s a way to
write LOL on the calculator! Remember, LOL stands
for laughing out loud. – Yeah, like the post-it said. – Since LOL is three letters, we need three numbers to write it. – And those three numbers
are the combination for the lockbox! – Exactly! – So what numbers, when read
upside down, look like LOL? – Well the O is probably a
zero, but what makes the Ls? – Well I’m thinking a seven. That can be an upside-down L, right? – Okay, try it Sophia. – Seven zero seven. – Flip it over now! – It worked! – Okay, let’s try seven zero
seven on the lockbox now. (jazzy music) It worked! – We did it! And there’s a note inside,
let’s see what it says. – “Unless you want to hear my growls, you better replace the paper towels.” – I don’t know about you, but I don’t wanna hear the Toymaster’s growls. – Me neither, let’s go
find the paper towels. – “Solve this riddle for the next clue. You see me in the morning,
and in evening too. And when you keep me clean,
it’s a reflection of you. What am I?” – Hmm, what could it be? – I think I got it, it’s a mirror! – Yeah, you see it every morning and every evening when
you brush your teeth. – Yeah, and when you keep it clean you see a reflection in it! – There’s a mirror in the
bathroom, let’s go quickly! (upbeat music) – Whoa, check it out! “Can you read this?” It looks like a bunch of gibberish to me. – No kidding, what does it mean? – I think it’s a backwards
message, I’ve seen this before. We just need to hold it up to
the mirror so we can read it. Now we can read it! – [Avery] “The bumble bee buzzed. – Tall flowers grow in the garden. – Pour water in the pail. – Did the boy catch the ball? – [Addy] The bird flew above the tree. The fish swam in the sea. – Close your eyes and make a wish. – I think the Toymaster
has officially lost it. – I agree, this doesn’t
make any sense whatsoever. – This night is really hard,
we have to figure it out. – Okay, you’re right, we’ve
gotta find this escape button. – So the paper towel
roll is empty, but it has this weird ribbon on it. – And it looks like there’s
letters on the ribbon, see? – Yeah, but should I take the ribbon off the paper towel roll so we can
look at the letters better? – I wouldn’t do that, it looks like it’s taped on there for a reason. – Well let’s see what
letters are on there, then. – [All] T-S-R-B-C-L-Y… – Wait, I have an idea! What do you think would happen if we wrap the ribbon around
the paper towel roll? – Here, why don’t you try it? (jazzy music) – I think it’s spelling something. (jazzy music) – I think you’re onto something! – [All] “Let’s play Scrabble!” – Scrabble like the board game? – Yeah, I saw it over there! (jazzy music) – Did you guys know that the second B in “bumble bee” is capitalized? – So is the A in “tall.” – It looks like there’s a
capital letter in every line. – This has to mean something. – I’ll read off the capital letters and you write them down Avery. – Okay, I’ll find something to write with. (upbeat music) – Lipstick will work, right? – Okay, first is B. – B. – Next is A. – L and then C. – O. – And then N. And the last one is Y. – It’s balcony! – [Charlotte] Let’s head there next! – Let’s go! (upbeat music) (jazzy music) – Wow, there’s a bunch of
tiles in this Scrabble game. So many letters! – Yeah, but where’s the clue in all this? – Let’s get the board open,
there might be a clue there. (jazzy music) – [Sophia gasps] This is interesting! – What is it? – Let me see too! Okay, there’s a bunch of pictures here and a bunch of squares down below it. – [Sophia] So there’s a flower, a raccoon, an elephant, an egg, a zipper,
an envelope, and a ring. It’s a lot of pictures. – What does that have to do with Scrabble? And what do you think
those empty squares mean? – Well the first picture is
a flower, that begins with the letter F, so maybe we’ll
put an F tile below the flower. (jazzy music) – And a raccoon’s next,
and that starts with a R. (jazzy music) – Let’s keep going girls, and
let’s see what this spells! (upbeat music) (construction racket) – What is all this? – [Avery] A lockbox, these
M&Ms, and some words in chalk. – It’s so loud out here,
let’s take it inside. (construction racket) – Okay, so it’s a
lockbox, but it looks like we have to know the
combination to open it. It’s definitely locked. – And that was weird that those
words were written in chalk. What did it say? Oh, red, yellow, and green! – What could’ve that meant? – I don’t know, do you think that has anything to do with the
lockbox, or was it just a coincidence that those
words were out there? – And what’s up with this candy bowl too? It’s a lot of M&Ms. – Ooh, I love M&Ms, and
I could use a snack. – Wait, you can’t eat those Avery! Those could be part of the clue. – That’s right Avery, there’s
red, yellow, and green M&Ms. Maybe they’re connected
to the words in chalk. – Maybe so, but how does that figure out the combination to the lockbox? – Yeah, I’m not exactly sure yet. (upbeat music) – We just need a Z for zipper girls. – Let’s try to find one. I found it! Z for zipper. – It spells freezer! – Quick, let’s head to the
freezer for our next clue. (upbeat music) – [All] It’s the escape button! We found it! – Quick, press it, we
need to get out of here! – No, we can’t do that,
what about the other girls? If we press it we get out, and then they’re stuck in there forever! – Well I don’t want them
to beat us, because then we’ll be stuck in here forever. – Addy wouldn’t let that happen,
she wouldn’t leave me here. I have an idea, follow me. – Addy, can you hear me? Addy? – Do you guys hear Maya? – I think so. – I’ll be back, keep
working on the clues, girls. Maya, is that you? – It is, we found our escape button! Have you found yours? – Not yet, but I think
we’re getting close. And whatever you do, don’t push it. – I won’t, I’m thinking
once you find yours, we could try and press ours
at the exact same time. – It’ll be tricky to get the
timing perfectly the same, but I think it’s the best shot we have of all of us getting out of here. – Okay, go find your escape
button, and we’ll wait for you. – Did you guys figure anything out? – Yeah, we have an idea Addy! – Yeah, we’re gonna count the number of the red, green, and yellow M&Ms. Then we’re gonna try those
numbers on the lockbox! – That has to be it, good work girls! – I’m getting all the M&Ms out first. – I’ll do the red! – I’ll do the yellow. – And I’ll do the green. – [Addy] One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven. Seven red M&Ms. – [Avery] One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight. Eight yellow M&Ms! – [Charlotte] I have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Nine green M&Ms! – Okay, but what order were
the colors written in in chalk? Because that’s probably the
order for the combination. – I remember it was red,
yellow, and then green. – Perfect! So then the combination
must be seven eight nine! – Quick Avery, put the numbers in! – [Avery] Seven, eight, nine! Okay girls, let’s hope this works. (click) I think it worked! – [All] The escape button! Quick, let’s tell the other girls! – Okay, I’m gonna count to three, and you have to hit the
button at the exact same time. – We can do this, Maya. – I know we can, we’ve got this. – One, two, three! (boing) – I hope it worked. – Did we do it, did it work? – We’ve gotta get out, guys! – It worked! (excited squealing) – I hope we hit the
buttons at the same time! – The game is now over. – Everybody be quiet, it’s the Toymaster. (upbeat music) – Both teams found the escape buttons, and the team that pressed
their button first was… I can’t believe this,
but it was an exact tie! – We did it! We did it! – Which means you are all able to escape. – I don’t know about you, but I can’t get out of here quick enough! – Yeah! Yes! (door slams) – You may have won this
time, but you will pay for this soon. You all will. (dramatic music)

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