did you look pretty
no I do I need to get my cap get the cap get pretty before we filmed this I look
really Olá Youtube my name is Ricardo lino and we are we are wheel addicts we’re in Frankfurt Germany and usually I
don’t film with this thing basically I’m using a stabilizer and we’re gonna just
cruise around the city and let’s see what it’s going to happen is the thing I’m trying some new skates
they are the power slide art coryville Trinities it’s my first day on these
skates and I’m trying to go one size down compared to the ones that I had
before before I had the forty force on the non Trinity
these ones are Trinity they are 43 and I put some extra insole and I think they
feel a little bit too tight but I’m gonna try to break them in so you’re
gonna get good okay let’s try to begin while I do my
name is Ricardo lino and not forget all the stuff all the time that’s true
and he’s too not strong enough to close car doors properly big brother situation
right here we’re starting to clash okay so basically I didn’t even know where my
GoPro was so now we’re back on track with a GoPro I’ll be showing my new skates now as the
close up how many kids do you know that he can
speak 100 millimeters without being tight but right now the couplet little
loose and they feel supported the first go to that thing you need to slide that
don’t try to avoid it he’s trying to avoid it he wants me to
break my leg at the first spot of the day you remember what happened probably
in the z2 10 seconds ago there was someone saying that it didn’t want to
break his leg like it’s common for me on his first day of skating now check
this go watch this check what he just learned and that’s it someone doesn’t
want to break his leg and that’s how we learn how to slide into minutes don’t
leave me hanging that’s amazing there’s only one thing
that they’re doing wrong in my opinion you’re getting you still think too much
aggressive into it like you do the whole thing perfect the beginning but then you
jump from the top like if you’re coming out of a rail by the way check this
shirt remember the company that I told you about the bag this if you don’t
remember this you can he just wants to show his biceps just like mine so wait
check this we were just kidding around I check what we found huh all right hyper wheeled dealer it’s
mainly figure skating hello how you doing they speak English
are you doing I’m good I’m just looking it rapidly we left what we did yesterday
do you know the company powerslide yes okay so we left Benoit yesterday and
we’re just going all the way to hold on just making videos and skating around
and we found you guys just out of nowhere so for how long have you guys
have you guys been doing been here for how long have you guys been here 23
years really and it did Maine mainly just figure skating or mainly do you
know those inline artistic skates with the three wheels Reese port as you have
them so it’s not inline its mmm it’s yes I’m circa like a nice plate yeah we call
it a natural rocker it because there’s never the three wheels touching correct
the system is kind of like a Trinity system that’s amazing huh and the third
stop is the same as the roller skater how much would this cost it’s complete
240 245 it is amazing I’ve never seen I’ve never seen those before you can
make yes because you use the I call the front
part on the ice-skating the data fake because pick on that or you or you call
it to stop okay so that was cool nice meeting you
Ricardo again absolutely you see you next time man good luck with everything
thank you Cheers we went round of luck I thought we were
so far stupid tree too the real never gonna see now was my
first real ever with a fixed-gear bike first Street rail Chittagong my German
is so much better now he’s getting there wait Basti when was the last time that
is there right and – 12 years ago okay let’s this first try
I see we almost died don’t put that in the video by the way
if you notice this really good filming skills basta used to own a video
magazine called a dude did you guys sold in the USA
no boom shame on you USA Australia but sorry USA you guys never saw it but that
was a video magazine from Europe called a dude and boskie was a dude when I first got here I saw this trick
let me show you instant slide in society next spot famous European skate shop
that I used to be sponsored by for a few years so we’re about to it I can tell
you you’ll see in a second and we’re here we’re at this skate shop that I
just came here to personally say thank you for the support so let me show you
this Sketchup so grind us for a long for a long time they were the biggest skate
shop in Europe and for a few years I was on grindhouse pro team
so since we were just driving by on our way to Holland
we thought of say hi they have the best drink eyesight Kell ice time ice time
water it’s good kids drink water let’s see oh shit Torsten is one minute later
now we’re alone at the shop we’re gonna steal everything I wouldn’t trust these
guys as the Portuguese guy with a big beard any German rollerblades I haven’t
seen those ones yet long tree wait that’s my ufs no that’s not 165 is it that’s crazy
it’s not totally new it’s like tonight the kid skates have this system but I
understand why they do it so they can make a lower scale which is cool I like
it so from what I know these logo will disappear but these one will stay yeah
they will change the name of the company right
I know but do you already have an idea went no no I think it’s go says over
several months maybe one year or something like this okay so you heard it
here yeah yeah whereas we’re addressing north so I came to say thank you I came
to say thank you for supporting me but I’ve never been in I know you were a
team member yeah few years ago yeah but I’ve never
been to the shop so for how long is grindhouse going since 1995 that’s 23
let’s is it yeah right yeah that’s great a few years yeah
that’s how you’re gonna make this video guide use our date back god I can tell you the truth we just came
here to get something because the aggressive skates no but still you want
to learn how to slide proper oh that’s why we came here
the nightmare wags called to good homes ended and was all skate shops in Germany always the one in the back thank you
very much thank you thank you thank you so much please tell Thorin thank you so
much I will do definitely from both of us we I do om you guys everything
everything everything’s true yeah I do okay so that’s it we’re sorted we’re
living next stop Amsterdam what gas station okay gas station
and food please food food food hey you got em on your ass two hours later check where are we we’re in the Netherlands yeah this is the complete opposite of
home in Cape Town here there’s water everywhere I think I’m gonna take I’m
Minuten I think I’m gonna take advantage of this and I’m gonna take those longer
showers yeah we’re we’re filming this thing like are you doing with a good
trail long but good and next thing you know we’re off to the skate park
yeah no we renovating for eight or nine years that’s cool yeah a lot of people
skating here we had like six bursaries and a lot and he’s like the the most
active of them let me near em to ya it doesn’t play real too who the clump like Colburn he holds this particle that’s the one I’ll get it I’ll get it I’ll get it okay
one day it’s on us he’s no better you’re not bad at all complete I think I got a trick can you do a flip
over the spine check this I’ll do one row do I look
like Romina brought to you and I do this maybe I’ll be learning this one
sometimes I do it the Roman one check and sometimes I even do the other one okay so now mr. Bostic is going to make
a full section again come on good we’re gonna film a full section just there
just there it’s just a full full ledge section get it again you can do the back
room just almost see I can do back foot flat although they got that shit man come on
come on come on cool let’s see
everything you’re doing that ticket dad no it’s sick
now I got something special for you to finish this and that’s it that was another day
without one with vasty and now we got a new one for the next two days or
whatever a few more a few more days we got a new one and this one jumps over me
so it’s hope you guys enjoyed this one if you did enjoy this one do not forget
to subscribe to the channel give me some thumbs up if you liked it if you didn’t
like it well thumbs down but more important than anything just
don’t forget why we all started skating because it’s fun

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