Full Suspension Vs Hardtail | What’s More Fun?

– Right, so we know
mountain biking is fun. – That’s why we’re out here in the woods. – And you can argue all day
about what’s the best bike. – Yeah, so I think, well
I’ve got a good bike. – Yeah, but do you need
all the flashy gear to have loads of fun? – No ’cause I think you
just need a hardtail to have as much fun as possible. – Come on, let’s go for a ride and see who has the
biggest smile at the end. – Right, okay. Have you got the trail in mind? – [Neil] Yeah. – [Blake] Yeah? Nice. – [Neil] I’m having more fun than you are. – [Blake] Nah! (mumbles) Are we goin’ up there? – [Neil] Yeah, it’s fun up there. (upbeat music) – Alright this is my
weapon of choice today to give me smiles for miles. I’ll be shredding all
these trails with Neil out here in Scotland. This my Nukeproof Scout
Comp 27.5 plus-sized bike. It’s an aggressive hardtail
and it costs 1,699 pounds. You don’t need to get
something premium like Neil. – And this is my Scott Genius 700 Tuned. This is a premium full-suspension bike. Carbon fiber everywhere,
one piece bar and stem, air suspension, it’s got everything. But it comes at a premium price. It’s 6,999 pounds. It’s a lot of money,
but called me spoiled, I love riding the top
mountain bikes nowadays. (upbeat music) (techno music) – While the trails are
in amazing condition, I think I’ve always struggled to not have fun on any bikes before. – Yeah, true.
– So good. – It is so good, but I found myself getting lost behind you
when you come into a turn. – [Neil] Yeah. – [Blake] You find more grip. I’m struggling with that. – Well, I enjoy riding as fast as I can, most of the time, not all the time, but this bike’s probably
perfect for this trail. So it’s a twenty-niner, 150 mil travel. It couldn’t be any better. – Tryin’ to keep up
with you at that speed. I’ve got a hardtail, I’ve got my tires quite
pumped up quite hard ’cause it’s quite rocky, and
I just can’t find enough grip. But, it does come into its element when a trail gets a little bit slower, and a bit tighter, and the
dirt’s a little bit more grippy. – Where do hardtails really excel? Like dirt jumps, it’s always gonna be bad. – Yep, on a trail where it’s quite smooth, and you’ve got small rollers and pumps, you can generate a lot more
speed out of a hardtail than you would on your, on a full sus. – [Neil] And we were talking about this on the way up, actually,
like if you were going on an adventure, gettin’ your camper van, chucking one bike in the van. – Oof.
– And you’re going off seeing cool places, but you wanna ride, a hardtail’s a pretty
good option for that. – I would 100% go with it. It’s super versatile,
there’s a lot less to, It’s super simple. A lot less to go wrong,
whereas a suspension, you’ve got bushes that might go, you know? – I’m spoiled, I do love nice bikes. Expensive bikes. And don’t get me wrong, it’s
a lot of money for this bike, but I do like having the
coolest and the techiest– – Well yeah, it is good. I like my hardtail. It’s super different. But I do, you know– – It’s all subjective. – It’s all subjective, exactly. (upbeat funk music) Oh my hell. – This is super rough, (groans) super fun, isn’t it, Blake? – Well I don’t think it’s fun, Neil. No, it’s pretty rough,
I’m all over the place. I buzzed a tree. – [Neil] It’s great. – [Blake] Yeah. I’m on the limit. (Neil laughs)
I am on the limit. – [Neil] I am fast. – [Blake] Yeah you can’t
keep in line when you’re, (upbeat funk music) – And so Blake, we rode some cool trails. – Oh, we rode some epic trails. We climbed up some cool fire roads, and dropped in on that last trail. Ooh that was a bit, it was scary. – So we’re in Fort William. There’s some amazing natural trails. They’re really rough.
– [Blake] Mm. – [Neil] Rid two of our roughest downhillers,
– [Blake] Yeah. – [Neil] and I was chuckling
to myself a little bit. (Blake laughs) Especially when I was following you, some of those bits
could’ve been ridden blind. I’ve ridden them before, actually. – [Blake] Yeah, I– – [Neil] And you’re bouncin’, But, it’s not to say
hardtails can’t deal with it. – Well they can, can’t they? – They kind of remind
of me like a Land Rover. They’ll do everything. Some stuff not quite as well
as full suspension bikes. – [Blake] That’s a good
example, I like it. – [Neil] But, you can’t say
one’s more fun than the other. – No, I had a lot more fun. I was on the limit,
constantly in front of you, trying to chase you down
’cause you’re goin’ extra fast, you’ve got 29 suspensions.
– [Neil] And that can be fun. – Yes, because I was actually
going a little bit fast and I was picking different lines. – And we know loads of our
viewers love hardtails. We get it all the time in
the comments, that’s cool. I don’t hate them at
all, I still love ’em, but I just ride my full
suspension bike more, probably. I do have a really cool
XC hardtail carbon bike. We saw a bike. – We did talk about bikes. We saw a really nice one. I was like oh wow. – Out on the trail, we
bumped into a friend who’s got a carbon
hardtail, skinwall tires. – It’s got a dropper post. – Really nice. – Aw it looked beautiful. It did look, I was a bit envious. – Also that girl in the pub last night– – We did– – has got like an
adventure bike track stash. Cool bikes, that sort
of thing, definitely. – Yeah, I love it. I love hardtails. It is fun. It’s different. I experience the trail a little
bit more than you, I think. – [Neil] We’ll do a
poll as well, I reckon. – [Blake] Oh, good idea. – I love to know what our viewers ride, so click up there, let us know
full suspension or hard tail. And in the comments, let us know why you like to ride those types of bikes. – Yeah, depending on if it’s
a full sus or a hardtail. If you want to see another rad video where I kinda push this bike to its limit, click just down here. – Give us a thumbs up
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